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Family & Relationships 8 things your dog can sense that you didn’t know

08:42  13 november  2017
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If you feel scared, your dog will know about it in an instant. A dog ’s sensitive nose can pick up on subtle scents, such as adrenalin, that he associates with fear and danger. If you have a generally bigger dog , like a Rottweiler or German Shepard for instance

Being a dog owner is a wonderful thing but it is also frustrating that your best friend isn’ t able to speak to you . Without even knowing , dogs demonstrate character That is because dogs sense weather changes before humans can. With their keen ears, dogs can hear at higher and lower frequencies.

a woman petting a dog © Provided by Bauer Media Pty Ltd How do you even begging to talk about the wondrous marvel that is a dog?

They're man (and woman's) best friend for a reason. Our cuddly, faithful best friends who dish out nothing but unconditional puppy love. A bond like no other, it can seem like your dog knows you better than anyone. And there's a reason for that.

Thanks to their heightened senses dogs can detect things in humans that we may not even be aware of ourselves.

From pregnancy to changes in weather, a pet expert at Mad Paws, Melanie Griffiths shares with eight things our four-legged friends can detect before us.


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You probably know that your dog or cat has pretty keen senses . But you may not have realized that your furry companion can actually sense a lot of things that you wouldn’ t notice.

A dog ’s are able to detect chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). While humans can detect certain potent VOCs, our limited sense of smell is no match for what dogs can do.

Your dog can sense that you’re pregnant, even before you can. More than just an old wive's tale!

Their incredible sense of smell means they can smell the hormonal changes your body experiences in the very early stages of pregnancy.


Even more impressive, dogs can sense when you’re close to giving birth. If you’re near the end of your pregnancy and find that your dog is refusing to leave your side, it could be because he has sensed another change in hormones and knows that you will give birth soon. When you’re due, your pooch will feel the need to protect you and will keep as close to you as possible.


The saying “Don’t be afraid, dog’s can smell your fear” may sound like an old wive’s tale but, believe it or not, it’s true. Fear results in the release of adrenaline and pheromones which dogs can detect with their incredible sense of smell. But in comparison to their cousin, the wolf, you’re pup will probably drown you in cuddles and kisses if it senses that you’re afraid.

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We all know how clever animals can be and how much love and emotion they can convey, but do you know all the things they can sense ? If not, keep reading this AnimalWised article on the 8 things your dog knows about you to discover them.

You tip your masseuse, right? Well we are all of these things in one visit. Not to mention we brush your dogs teeth, comb out knots, get bit and keep going, deal with I know you may have paid a price tag as cute as the “breeds” name, but sadly Sparky is considered a mutt. Let me break it down even easier.

When you’re sad

Dog owner or not, we’ve probably all experienced this once. Your dog just appears to know when you’re feeling down and comes to gently place his head on your lap as if to comfort you. Dogs can read your emotions even without you saying or doing anything and when you’re feeling the blues they will do everything in their power to try to make you feel better!

Changes in the weather

Apart from their remarkable noses, dogs have very finely tuned hearing and can sense a storm long before it arrives in your area. If your dog seems agitated during bad weather, it could well be because a storm is on the way. In fact, they can even sense the static in the air, which can feed into making them nervous and unsettled.

When you’re nearly home

Ever wondered why your dog is already at the window when you arrive outside your house? Before he could possibly have seen you? The explanation to this supernatural behaviour all comes down to his powerful sniffer again. Your fur baby can smell you approaching and can hear your footsteps or car long before you think he can.

Failure To Identify These Common Smells Could Lead To Dementia

  Failure To Identify These Common Smells Could Lead To Dementia People who fail to identify common smells could be at risk for dementia, study says.People who fail to recognize common odors could be at risk for dementia, researchers from the University of Chicago found.

If you think you know your dog , think again. Check out these 25 things you didn ' t know about your dogs to know more. Dog owners know the blessings that dogs can be. Their intelligent antics and goofy sense of humor can brighten anybody’s life.

Dogs can do a lot more than tricks, they can also smell some pretty amazing things , and I'm sure some pretty foul things . Considering that when a dog goes into sexy time mode (ovulation) dogs from miles around are able to smell her, it makes sense that most female humans have had the


For many years, dogs have been trained as medical assistance dogs to alert their humans of when they need to take medication for low blood sugar or need to get to a safe place before a seizure starts. Dogs wizard abilities allow them to sense diseases to protect and aware their humans. Trials are even being conducted into using dogs to detect certain types of cancers and diseases.


Undetected by humans, there are changes in hormones when someone is close to death. Just as dogs can sense when a life is about to come into the world when giving birth, on the other side of the coin, they can also smell the changes of hormones in the human body when death is approaching.

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