Family & Relationships Being A Mum With Parkinson’s Isn’t Easy – But I Won’t Let Other People’s Attitudes Get Me Down

16:31  11 april  2018
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A Menopausal Moment? No, It's Parkinson's!

  A Menopausal Moment? No, It's Parkinson's! So, I’m in my 50s! I’ve gone through the menopause – so all those aches, pains, and names escaping me are just one of those things that happen.Time after time there would be a joke made about forgetting a name! I read articles written by others on how to overcome this annoying problem. That’s how I thought of it, only temporary, something that would rectify itself once those dratted hormones settled down. I bowed to those with far more experience and knowledge about memory problems than myself.

Dad' s Parkinson ' s drove him to suicide, but I won ' t let mine destroy my life. As dopamine levels drop, so does your mood; that' s why 40 per cent of people with Parkinson ' s get depressed. It feels good to be seizing these chances. I 'm inspired by others with Parkinson ' s - Amir Khan' s old trainer

I got my big brother, who lives close to her, to go round. I 'm so grateful he did that. It was never going to be an easy conversation, it' s like history repeating itself - except I want to make it through Actually, it was a bad day with my Parkinson ' s . These, too, are good reasons for letting people know.

a person talking on a cell phone: skynesher via Getty Images © Provided by AOL Inc. skynesher via Getty Images Nobody in our family expected Parkinson’s to pull up a chair and take a seat at our kitchen table. My son Dominic was just a toddler when I was diagnosed aged 43 and telling my then 14-year-old daughter Emily without frightening her was one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do.

Being a mum with Parkinson’s isn’t easy and sometimes when I’m tired and my body isn’t working properly I get frustrated and think – why me? But this is my life and I’ve got to get on with it.

When I’m on my medication I have about a two-hour window when I can hide my symptoms and nobody would have a clue that I have Parkinson’s unless you are familiar with the condition. It has been really hard accepting that I’ll never again have a day in my life where I won’t be taking medication again, and trying to keep up a constant veneer of normal is exhausting. I take up to eight tablets and use one transdermal skin patch a day.

*This* Is How Many Selfies Women Take Before They Actually Like One

  *This* Is How Many Selfies Women Take Before They Actually Like One But I'm callin' bullsh*t.But if you've ever wondered how your selfie habits stack up in comparison to other humans, well, boy, oh, BOY, have we got you covered. Because according to a survey conducted by The Florida House Experience, a health treatment center in Florida, the average number of selfies people take before they know they've 'got a winner' hovers around the two-to-five range for 48 percent of men and women, whereas 28 percent of women admit to taking at least six to ten selfies.

That was my first unpleasant taste of the ignorance and prejudice I would face over the next few years. Although I felt angry about the doorman' s attitude , I wasn' t surprised other people couldn' t accept I had Parkinson ' s , because, deep down , I couldn' t accept it myself.

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Parkinson's Disease is caused due to loss of brain cells that produce dopamine © Getty Parkinson's Disease is caused due to loss of brain cells that produce dopamine Parkinson’s gets worse over time and alongside my tremor, rigidity and other non-motor symptoms, over the last year I’ve now started to have ‘freezes’ too. That’s where your brain has trouble telling your legs to move, and you can get rooted to the spot.

I’m wary about going out alone too far away from home - I get anxious about the medication wearing off and being stuck somewhere.

Recently you might have read about man with Parkinson’s who froze in his local Halford’s and was then asked to leave by staff for ‘acting suspiciously’. He was left feeling humiliated.

And according to research from the charity Parkinson’s UK 1 in 4 people like me have had their Parkinson’s symptoms confused for drunkenness when out and about.

Easy ways to keep your nose from running

  Easy ways to keep your nose from running Some of these may surprise youThe good news is that there are several effective and simple home remedies to deal with a runny nose.

Let ' s just say, it didn’ t go over well for the few people I had gone on dates with. The conversations went something like this: “Hey. I ’ve had fun getting to know you, but at this point, I need to be honest. That includes other people ’ s children.

My 72 year old mother was diagnosed with Parkinson ' s 18 months ago after experiencing mobility issues and a fall. But he won ’ t sit still for more than ten minutes, up and down like a yoyo. You can let the daughter know that there may be other treatments to help her mother' s edema and weight

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That’s why I’m sharing my story to raise awareness of Parkinson’s symptoms, and asking people to back a new campaign from the charity that’s calling for shop staff to undertake awareness training so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen in the future.

Please add your name to Parkinson UK’s online letter to show your support. It’ll only take a minute and could make a huge difference.

Thank goodness I’ve never been asked to leave a shop. I’ve had situations where I’ve had some negative attitudes from people though. Like once when I ‘froze’ in a supermarket and a guy got annoyed with me for getting in the way of the freezer door. Or when I’m in a queue and I have a tremor or I’m moving more slowly I think that some people can assume that I’m drunk.

Mum drops from size 20 to size 10 and sheds nearly 9 stone for sister's wedding

  Mum drops from size 20 to size 10 and sheds nearly 9 stone for sister's wedding Jamie McDougall lost the staggering weight in just one year. The mum-of-two weighed in at 18st 7lbs and has now dropped to 9st stones 12lbs.And after losing 8st 9lbs it means Jamie’s dress size has plummeted from a size 20 to a 10.With her 30th birthday approaching – combined with her sister Wendy’s big day – she realised it was time to try and do something about her weight.Jamie said: “I joined Slimming World in February last year, as I didn’t want to be overweight for my birthday and my sister’s wedding.

So, I set out to speak to Public Health England, GPs, NHS staff and other mums and dads to see what they had to say. Who gets the jab and why? ● A flu vaccine injection is offered free of charge on the NHS for people Sadly, research does show it to be a prevailing attitude in relation to the flu vaccine.

They say that other parents are the same, but when I ask other kids of overprotective parents, they are I ’m getting very sick of being locked up in the house all day when school isn ’ t in session. My mum is being strict and cruel to me I always think about calling 999 to the police or live with my dad

Computer illustration of human nerve cells affected by Lewy bodies (small red spheres inside cytoplasm of neurons) in the brain of a patient with Parkinsons disease. © Getty Computer illustration of human nerve cells affected by Lewy bodies (small red spheres inside cytoplasm of neurons) in the brain of a patient with Parkinsons disease. And when I use a disabled parking space when my symptoms are calmer I get people shooting me funny looks.

To begin with all of this really bothered me, I’d get really self-conscious about people staring at me and the tension would build. But then after a while, I made up my mind that if people don’t want to look at me in a positive light then it’s their problem.

And if you have Parkinson’s please remember that people aren’t always horrible. When I froze in my local Sainsbury’s the staff were wonderful and brought me a chair and offered me a glass of water.

But we need to make sure that everyone with Parkinson’s gets that level of understanding because life can be hard enough without having to deal with other people’s rubbish responses to symptoms that you have absolutely no control over.

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