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Family & Relationships Scientists warn that we could catch flu from dogs

14:05  07 june  2018
14:05  07 june  2018 Source:

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It is not clear whether this virus to penetrate into the body of people – now scientists are trying to figure this out, conducting experiments on cultures of cells of human lung. On the other hand, we can already say that the flu virus « caught on» among dogs and that the next epidemic could be generated not

Veterinarians are warning pet owners to watch out as America experiences a serious dog flu outbreak. The dog flu , or canine influenza, has been identified in 46 states and even Canada While all dogs can catch the virus, senior dogs already living with heart or breathing conditions are the most at risk.

According to new scientific research, strains of dog flu, or canine influenza, could lead to the next human pandemic, similar to the swine flu outbreak.: Scientists warn that we could catch flu from dogs © Lisa Van Dyke - Getty Images Scientists warn that we could catch flu from dogs New research has found that it could be possible for humans to catch flu from our dogs and, seeing as it is possible for dogs to contract viruses from pigs, the spread from dog to human could result in a pandemic, similar to swine flu.

Now, we are not talking about common human or dog flu here. In fact, no humans have reportedly caught flu from their dogs as of yet. What's important is mutant strains that could potentailly make the leap from canines to humans.

The authors of the new study are warning governments to be prepared for the possible eventuality and want the study to act as a reminder of what flu-like symptoms we should look out for in our dogs and what actions we should take...

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Six of Strait's seven dogs caught the virus. Fox News. "It was the worst nightmare that could ever happen," she remembered. "I went to a dog show with my dogs and I almost killed them." Vets are warning owners to learn the signs of dog flu , and how to prevent your pet from catching it.

Scientists have warned that domestic dogs – anything from a loyal labrador to a precious pug – could be harbouring the virus that sparks the next big influenza pandemic. New flu viruses are incubated in animals before they jump to humans.

Symptoms of canine influenza

  • Persistent cough
  • Nasal discharge
  • Fever
  • Mucus-like eye discharge
  • Reduced appetite
  • Reduced activity and lethargy

If you notice your dog has these symptoms or has developed breathing problems, pay a visit to your vet.

The study...

Published in the mBio journal of the American Microbiological Society, scientists reported that the pattern of infection of canine flu is similar to the spread of swine flu, which last erupted in 2009.

After testing the genetics of 16 influenza viruses found in dogs in China, researchers discovered the flu virus is now capable of transferring from pigs to dogs, who could then infect humans. On top of this, it was discovered that there are now diverse strains of flu in dogs, posing more of a threat to human infection.

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In a new study, however, scientists warn that human infection via canine influenza is a dangerous possibility and one that could lead to an outright pandemic. On Tuesday in mBio a collaborative team of American and Chinese scientists explain that while dog flu hasn’t jumped from dogs to people yet

Scientists from the Icahn School of Medicine wrote a study showcasing the dangerous potential that the dog flu could be the next health epidemic. They found several different influenza strands in domestic dogs in China.

a person holding a dog: woman hugging puppy © Sally Anscombe - Getty Images woman hugging puppy “What we have found is another set of viruses that come from swine that are originally avian in origin, and now they are jumping into dogs and have been reassorted with other viruses in dogs,” said Professor Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, director of the Global Health and Emerging Pathogens Institute, The Independent reports.

“The diversity in dogs has increased so much now that the type of combinations of viruses that can be created in dogs represent potential risk for a virus to jump to a dog into a human.” 

These strains started in birds, were then transferred to pigs and now dogs. It will be dangerous if passed on to humans, as our immune systems have not dealt with it before.

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