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What is demisexuality? 5 signs you might be demisexual

Tuesday  20:16,   26 december 2017
Hello Giggles

With so many dating apps currently at our fingertips, quickly swiping right for a potential relationship or hookup has never been easier….For those who don’t know, demisexuality falls under the asexuality umbrella, and basically means you aren’t[...]

This is how the Queen proved that Meghan Markle received warm royal family welcome

Tuesday  16:06,   26 december 2017

Meghan Markle is set to tie the knot with Prince Harry in May, and now the Queen has proved just how warmly Meghan was welcomed into the family. The American actress has been making waves with her controversial fashion choices and the couple’s PDAs[...]

Victoria Beckham shares rare photo of all her children at Christmas!

Tuesday  16:05,   26 december 2017

Victoria Beckham uploads a festive photograph on her popular Instagram account of her four children together at Christmas, complete with a dazzling snow effect!The former Spice Girls singer shared the rare photograph of her delightful brood all[...]

Xmas SOS: Who should you see over Christmas if you're unwell?

Monday  10:56,   25 december 2017
Netdoctor (UK)

A&E? 111? A pharmacist?It is always worth trying to prevent issues before they arise. Think ahead when it comes to your medication and ensure you have requested your prescription and pick up your regular medication from the pharmacist in[...]

This is what happens to your body after all the heavy drinking at Christmas

Monday  07:54,   25 december 2017
Prima (UK)

It's more than just a hangover going on in thereWith Christmas parties coming out of your ears all throughout December, a fair few drinks to wash down your turkey dinner on the day itself (plus all the alcohol you need to deal with the[...]

7 important things you should know about keeping the elderly warm this winter

Wednesday  08:37,   20 december 2017
Netdoctor (UK)

These simple steps could help save a lifeGrainne McCarthy, Clinical Lead at Elder, an online platform providing high quality live-in care across the UK, provides her best[...]

Dementia Can't Be Prevented With Exercise, Brain-Training Or Vitamins, Study Concludes

Tuesday  11:11,   19 december 2017
Huffington Post UK

There’s no proven method for preventing dementia in later life, a review of multiple studies has found. Researchers wanted to determine whether physical activity, prescription medications, brain training or over-the-counter vitamins and supplements[...]

Doctors diagnosed me with IBS — but it was stage 4 bowel cancer

Monday  10:53,   18 december 2017
Prima (UK)

One woman with stage 4 bowel cancer is warning others to keep pushing for an answer if their gut feeling is that something's wrong'Six months prior to my diagnosis, I was passing blood in my stools and going to the toilet up to eight times a[...]

What's keeping you awake over Christmas?

Monday  07:36,   18 december 2017
Netdoctor (UK)

A sleep guru explains all about festive sleep disruptionHere, Christine explains the issues keeping you awake - and how to solve[...]

Princes William and Harry announce sculptor for Princess Diana statue

Sunday  16:20,   10 december 2017

Prince William and Prince Harry have revealed the artist chosen to create a statue of their late mother Princess Diana – find out moreThe royal brothers have chosen renowned artist Ian Rank-Broadley for the piece, known for his portrait of the Queen [...]

What a GP wants you to know about staying healthy in winter

Wednesday  16:40,   06 december 2017
Netdoctor (UK)

Limit your chances of feeling unwellVitamin D is important to keep our bones and muscles healthy and is primarily made by a reaction in our skin to sunlight. However during the winter months (October-March) in the UK, sunlight doesn't contain enough [...]

Marijuana may cause this mysterious illness

Wednesday  06:36,   06 december 2017

People in regions where marijuana is now legal may want to pause and think before indulging.  Heavy marijuana use has been linked with a rare, chronic vomiting condition.Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome​ - which causes intense stomach pain and[...]

Prince George's Handwritten Letter to Santa

Sunday  16:21,   03 december 2017
Harper's Bazaar

He only wants one thing. [...]

What the experts want you to know about lung cancer

Thursday  11:47,   30 november 2017
Netdoctor (UK)

Lung cancer is often associated with smokers, but it doesn't discriminateBecause of the stigma surrounding lung cancer there are a lot of misconceptions about the condition. This Lung Cancer Awareness Month Dr Tom Newsom-Davis, Consultant[...]

Two In Three Cases Of Pneumonia Missed By GPs, Here's The Symptoms You Need To Know

Monday  06:35,   27 november 2017
Huffington Post UK

Two in three cases of pneumonia are being missed by GPs, new research suggests. The study, led by the National Institute for Health Research, also found some doctors are mistaking symptoms of more common viral infections for pneumonia, prescribing[...]