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Hypertension: Could It Increase Your Risk For Dementia?

Sunday  20:06,   29 july 2018

<p>Hypertension: Could It Increase Your Risk For Dementia?</p>“We researched whether blood pressure in later life was associated with signs of brain ageing that include plaques and tangles linked to Alzheimer’s disease,” said Dr. Zoe[...]
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This is why some insect bites swell up

Sunday  18:50,   29 july 2018

It's not due to an allergic reaction.And when these bites swell up, they become even more[...]

Is there a 'right' age to have a baby?

Saturday  04:35,   28 july 2018

P.S. Can my mum stop talking about my biological clock already?But deciding when's the right time to have a baby... definitely not so[...]

I Have Really Painful Periods. How Do I Know If I Have Endometriosis?

Friday  19:15,   27 july 2018

Endometriosis can have a very broad array of symptoms, which can make it hard to recognize, both for women and their health care providers. There also isn’t an easy test to confirm endometriosis. Pelvic examinations and ultrasounds are often[...]

If Peeling Sunburn Is Bad For You, Why Does It Feel So Good?

Friday  13:35,   27 july 2018

Who among us gets excited when a sunburn starts to bubble, because it means you're going to start peeling?&nbsp;We're all different, which means that peeling sunburn provides a different "function" for each person, Dr. Moutin-Odum says.[...]

4 Body Changes Women Experience In Their 30s

Thursday  18:21,   26 july 2018

From the appearance of your skin to your weight, it is normal for women to experience a few changes in their bodies during their[...]

The ‘Human Hunger Hormone’ Might Cure Alcoholism

Thursday  18:05,   26 july 2018

The ‘Human Hunger Hormone’ Might Cure AlcoholismNew research suggests that adjusting ghrelin levels and creating a new compound might actually double as a potential aide for alcoholics. Fatemeh Akhlaghi, a professor of pharmaceutics at the[...]

Feeling lightheaded when standing up could be a warning sign of dementia, study says

Thursday  11:55,   26 july 2018

A new study from Johns Hopkins University has found that those who feel lightheaded or faint when they go from sitting to standing have a 1.5 times greater risk of developing dementia.Researchers say that those who feel faint upon standing could be[...]

How to effectively apply suncream and not get burned

Thursday  07:15,   26 july 2018

How to apply sunscreen so you don't get burnt.But what's more shocking is that a whopping 86 per cent of cases are preventable by taking sensible precautions in the sun, says the charity. While we wouldn't hit the beach without sun cream and a[...]

Women with endometriosis suffer terrible pain. There’s finally a new treatment option.

Wednesday  14:20,   25 july 2018

One in 10 women of reproductive age have endometriosis. A new drug, elagolix, might help them. When actress and author Lena Dunham went public about having endometriosis, a disorder of the uterus, she wanted to make something clear: The pain it[...]

Use more sunscreen or higher SPF say scientists

Wednesday  09:00,   25 july 2018

Spreading your sunscreen too thinly could give you less than half the intended level of protection, according to a study.  Scientists have studied the DNA damage caused by ultraviolet rays on the skin of volunteers with various levels of[...]

Is Beer Good or Bad for Your Gut Health?

Friday  13:40,   20 july 2018

<p>Relationship status: It’s complicated.</p>Here’s what experts know so far about beer and the role it might play in your gut[...]

How to decode your tummy pain

Thursday  17:30,   19 july 2018

Bloated, uncomfortable, or suffering from sickness and diarrhoea? Here's what your stomach pain might mean.Family GP Dr Roger Henderson helps decipher seven types of tummy pain, their symptoms and as well as advice on how to ease any[...]

How to tell if your mole could turn cancerous

Thursday  13:57,   19 july 2018

There are some easy signs to spotWe spoke to Claire Crilly, Skin Cancer Screening Specialist at The MOLE Clinic, who pointed out which mole aesthetics could be cause for concern, and which most likely mean you've got nothing to worry[...]

A 26-Year-Old Womb Cancer Survivor On How To Spot The Symptoms

Wednesday  17:32,   18 july 2018

The requirement in the UK for women to have regular smear tests means that cervical cancer tends to be on our radars. Until the age of 49 we're invited to a cervical screening every three years, and although this isn't a test for the symptoms of[...]