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Parents, you need to know about the safety warning over slime toys

Tuesday  13:56,   17 july 2018

Amazon has now removed the products tested from sale.A year after it was reported that several children suffered horrific injuries after making slime, parents are now being about potentially toxic levels of chemicals in the[...]
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Is your cellphone giving you cancer? A comprehensive guide to the messy, frustrating research.

Tuesday  12:35,   17 july 2018

With 5G networks coming, understanding the health effects of radiofrequency radiation is more urgent than ever. “Get that thing off your skull.”That’s something my mom says just about every time she sees me with a cellphone pressed against my ear.[...]

6 things you didn't know could heal your sunburn

Monday  17:34,   16 july 2018

Get your teabags at the ready, guysBut pure relaxation doesn't come without it's perils and in this case, it's[...]

6 ways no sleep can wreak havoc on your health

Saturday  18:10,   14 july 2018

Sleep is vital for good mood, weight loss and looking healthy. So what happens when you don’t get enough?Here are six of the latest things to watch out[...]

Stunned mother, 21, didn't realise she was pregnant until she gave birth to TWINS when she got up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night

Friday  17:35,   13 july 2018

Beth Bamford, 21, claims she had no idea she was heavily pregnant because she was still having periods, and simply put her weight gain down to 'fat'. Beth Bamford, 21, from Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, claims she had no idea she[...]

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe? Dentists Explain The Risks

Friday  17:01,   13 july 2018

<p>The buzzy ingredient is known for its abilities to absorb dirt and impurities. So that would also work for your teeth, right?</p>If you listen to bloggers and other influencers on the internet, they’ll tell you that activated [...]

Can talcum powder give you cancer?

Friday  14:19,   13 july 2018

Johnson &amp; Johnson to pay $4.7bn damages in ovarian cancer lawsuitLawyers for the women and their families alleged that the company “knew its talc was contaminated with asbestos since the 1970s but failed to warn consumers about the risks”,[...]

This is the best sunscreen in the world, according to new report

Wednesday  12:55,   11 july 2018

Effective sun cream has to protect against both UVA and UVBFor your sun cream to work, there need to be filters in the ingredients that block damaging UVA and UVB[...]

Your Tie May Be Reducing Blood Flow To Your Brain

Tuesday  18:15,   10 july 2018

Is it time to loosen up on office dress codes? A group of scientists from Germany revealed how wearing neckties can restrict blood flow to the brain. Is it time to update the office dress code?Like a pair of jeans or the little black dress,[...]

9 unusual signs of early onset dementia to watch out for

Monday  17:25,   09 july 2018

When you think of dementia, you probably think of Alzheimers and subsequently, older people. If that’s the case, you’re not alone.&nbsp;However, although rare, early onset dementia can occur in people in their twenties and thirties and it’s[...]

What your face says about your health

Sunday  19:35,   08 july 2018

What your face says about your[...]

9 Natural Treatments For Athlete’s Foot

Friday  18:50,   06 july 2018

Athlete’s foot can stop you in your tracks. Also called tinea pedis, the funky fungal infection commonly strikes between the toes (blame sweat and moisture), and can turn feet red, scaly, flaky and super itchy—yes, even women! Stop itching and[...]

Loud snoring could be an early warning sign for dementia and memory problems

Thursday  09:55,   05 july 2018

Loud snoring could be an early warning sign for dementia and memory problems, scientists say. People with obstructive sleep apnoea, which often causes heavy snoring, did worse in memory tests and have changes in the brain linked to dementia, a study [...]

9 signs gluten is just not your friend

Wednesday  06:55,   04 july 2018

Yes, gluten intolerance is a real thing.In case you didn't know, gluten's a protein in wheat, rye, and barley – and it can be really hard to digest for some people, says Rabia De Latour, M.D., a gastroenterologist and advanced endoscopist at NYU[...]

'Chinese restaurant syndrome' DOES exist: Doctor reveals the best tea to drink if you feel unwell after eating egg-fried rice and chow mein

Tuesday  08:30,   03 july 2018

London-based GP, Dr Jane Leonard, says MSG symptom complex, caused by a flavouring common in Chinese food, is a real condition and people should try drinking water or tea if they experience it.What doctors used to call 'Chinese restaurant syndrome'[...]