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Is this why you feel achy in the morning?

Thursday  16:30,   05 january 2017

Scientists have discovered the reason we wake up feeling sore and stiffThe scientists at Manchester University found a type of protein called cryptochrome blocks biological pathways controlling inflammation during night-time sleep, delaying symptoms [...]

10 Health Myths You Heard From Your Doctor

Thursday  07:35,   05 january 2017

You should listen to your doctor — but these health "facts" may actually be myth.The video covers common pieces of medical advice about eating breakfast and digesting gum, as well as the success rate of[...]

Wayne Rooney reveals hair transplant

Thursday  07:20,   05 january 2017

Footballer showed his sense of humour in announcement.He took to Twitter this weekend to let his fans know as he recovered from the procedure,[...]

Scissors left in surgery patient for 18 years

Wednesday  14:20,   04 january 2017

A pair of surgical scissors have been removed from a man’s abdomen after being left there during a procedure 18 years ago. A good surgeon should never leave a tool behind — but these mistakes do happen, as a man in Vietnam recently[...]

Chanelle Hayes reveals her weight gain has made her infertile

Wednesday  14:05,   04 january 2017

Television personality Chanelle Hayes had admitted that it’s ‘basically impossible’ for her to conceive children at the moment after she has expanded to a size 18. The mother-of-one had expressed fear that she may not be able to provide her [...]

My home birth turned dangerous when I had a rare complication

Wednesday  08:50,   04 january 2017

<p>I had already given birth to eight babies without a single complication by the time we got pregnant with our final baby. Aside from my firstborn being born nearly three weeks early and weighing in at a petite six pounds, we'd never had a[...]

Inspirational cancer survivor, 4, pens book to help other children through treatment

Wednesday  08:45,   04 january 2017

Lydia Yilmaz’s life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with leukaemia last year but now she wants to offer hope to others.Helped by her mum, she wrote down hints and tips to help kids get through their own treatment, and drew pictures to[...]

New Year 'Detox' Leaves Woman Hospitalised With Life-Threatening Condition

Wednesday  08:25,   04 january 2017

A middle-aged woman has developed a potentially life-threatening complication following a New Year ‘detox’, doctors have revealed.The ‘detox’ involved drinking a lot of fluids and taking various herbal remedies. The woman - who has not been named -[...]

George Michael revealed to be mystery man responsible for birth of This Morning's 'miracle' IVF baby

Wednesday  08:11,   04 january 2017

George Michael revealed to be anonymous donor who paid for IVF treatment that led to birth of This Morning's 'miracle baby'.Host Phillip Schofieldbegan by revealing that George, 53, had often watched the programme and would get in touch[...]

This Boy Grew His Hair Out for the Best Reason

Wednesday  06:50,   04 january 2017

Get ready to[...]

English children 'consume half of daily sugar allowance at breakfast'

Tuesday  10:35,   03 january 2017

Sugar-laden breakfasts mean that the nation's children are consuming half of their daily sugar allowance before they even start school, health officials have warned. The average English child eats the equivalent of three cubes of sugar (11g)[...]

Revealed: How to THINK your way out of a broken heart

Tuesday  06:45,   03 january 2017


Doctors Slam Company Behind Colourful Inhaler Cases As 'Dangerous'

Monday  11:55,   02 january 2017

Medical experts have branded a company developing colourful inhaler cases as “dangerous”. The French company, called Inhal Colors, is developing a range of coloured inhaler cases which will enable users to match their inhaler with “their look and[...]

This is the age most women think is TOO OLD to have a baby

Monday  10:05,   02 january 2017

At the moment the average age at which women give birth in Ireland is 31-years-old, a number which has been steadily increasing over the last number of years.&nbsp;It’s now common practise to wait until your thirties to start a family with many[...]

Bill Gates calls for increased efforts to swiftly address deadly flu outbreaks

Friday  14:10,   30 december 2016

He said greater global cooperation is needed in the development of new drugs and the deployment of health teams to tackle outbreaks. If wealthy countries fail to step up and tackle these health problems deadly epidemics will spread across the world, [...]