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Cheaper Teeth Whitening Options Could Cause Long Term Damage

Tuesday  09:30,   06 february 2018
Huffington Post UK

People are being left in “excruciating pain” after receiving illegal teeth-whitening from beauticians, a BBC report has revealed. Undercover footage from the broadcaster uncovered one London beautician was using a chemical containing 25% hydrogen[...]

How to tell if someone is having a stroke

Monday  07:30,   05 february 2018
Prima (UK)

The average age of first-time stroke sufferers is falling. Here's what you need to knowAlthough the majority (59%) of strokes happen to people aged 70 and over, it seems that an increasing number of younger people are also experiencing them,[...]

7 ways alcohol affects your anxiety

Saturday  14:25,   03 february 2018
Prima (UK)

You might drink to relax, but it's actually having the opposite effectBut with lots of us reporting to feeling the effects of "hanxiety" after a night out, the general consensus is that overall, alcohol makes anxiety[...]

How to avoid dry lips when it's cold outside

Friday  19:40,   02 february 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

Lips are especially vulnerable to dehydration . They also lack a layer of cells called the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is present in skin and contains fatty molecules such as ceramides which help to protect against water loss. It is[...]

Mum Warns Parents About Flu 'Symptom', So Is This A Sign Parents Should Look Out For?

Friday  08:55,   02 february 2018
Huffington Post UK

A mum has warned parents to be aware of a sign she believed was a symptom of flu in children, so should mums and dads look out for it? Brodi Willard, from the US, explained that her son came home from school with hives - a rash that can appear[...]

Women find a man more attractive when others fancy him, says science

Thursday  08:24,   01 february 2018
Prima (UK)

It's all to do with something called 'The Wedding Ring Effect'Researchers from the Universities of St Andrews, Durham and Exeter now believe that being desired gives men an 'attractiveness boost', The Independent[...]

Children's Fitness Levels Directly Impact Their Chance Of Lung Disease Later On

Thursday  08:21,   01 february 2018
Huffington Post UK

Children who have good fitness levels during childhood and adolescence have better lung function when they grow up and become adults, a study has found. In the first (and largest) study of its kind, a team of scientists have confirmed what[...]

Women mostly positive about NHS maternity care in England, survey reveals

Tuesday  14:10,   30 january 2018
Press Association

The survey found 88% of women said they were always treated with dignity and respect during labour and birth. Two thirds of women said they were always given the information they needed before returning home, compared to 58% in 2013.The research,[...]

The STI you've never heard of before

Sunday  16:55,   28 january 2018
Cosmopolitan (UK)

It's caused by a tiny parasite.However, while you may feel clued up on knowing your chlamydia from your herpes, there may be one STI that you've never actually heard[...]

Can putting Vicks VapoRub on feet cure a cough?

Sunday  13:15,   28 january 2018
Cosmopolitan (UK)

"I just tried this remedy about 10 minutes ago and my coughing has already stopped.""I just tried this remedy about 10 minutes ago and my coughing has already stopped," wrote one commenter on The People's Pharmacy, an online community[...]

Heavy periods could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to new research

Saturday  14:30,   27 january 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

One in three women currently suffer at the hands of their cycle .The studyA team at the University of Edinburgh studied the womb lining (known as the endometrium), which is shed during menstruation. Heavy bleeding occurs when the wound-like surface[...]

Taking this one supplement could help ease painful IBS symptoms

Friday  18:55,   26 january 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

According to the latest research.Scientists from the University of Sheffield reviewed numerous studies and found a high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among IBS[...]

4 Stupid Things First-Time Parents Do When Expecting

Tuesday  13:42,   23 january 2018

Now that my kids are 2 and almost 5 (and I've been writing about motherhood for most of their young lives), I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two about parenting babies. But back in 2011, when I was about to give birth to my[...]

4 reasons why living by the sea is better for your mental health than any other green space

Tuesday  06:25,   23 january 2018
Country Living (UK)

Seaside trip[...]

7 signs you might be a functioning alcoholic

Sunday  14:06,   21 january 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

'You find it hard to stop drinking once you've started'However, although you may still be 'functioning', maintaining an unhealthy dynamic with alcohol can still cause an incredible amount of damage, both physically and mentally. If[...]