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LifeStyle: Food & Drink

Disney's 'Indiana Jones'-themed bar set to open

Wednesday  21:05,   17 august 2016

The 150-seat establishment will look like an actual airplane hangar and will feature memorabilia from the film series. The venue will look like an actual airplane hangar and will feature plenty of film memorabilia. The decor will include ceiling[...]

What does space taste like?

Wednesday  21:05,   17 august 2016

<p>This essay explores how the sensory aspects of food — taste and smell, in particular — ground our knowledge of the phenomenon of space.</p>The Big Bang theory states that this whole insane thing began with one tiny particle. One. That tiny[...]

The Surprising Dinner Hack You'll Want to Steal From Kylie Jenner

Sunday  21:35,   07 august 2016

Kylie Jenner is not a "typical" 18-year-old in most senses of the word (she has a $3 million mansion, for example), but her eating habits are totally relatable to many teenagers.&nbsp;In a recent Snapchat story, Kylie shared a snap of[...]

14 Ingredients to Make Your Smoothie a Nutritional Powerhouse

Sunday  21:40,   26 june 2016

Green smoothies are great any time of year but spring and summer are THE smoothie seasons. The refreshing blended concoctions not only taste good, they're good for you too. From high antioxidants to omegas, and everything in between, these[...]

Roger Saul's top three spelt recipes: Delicious nutrient-rich dishes for a better diet

Sunday  21:05,   26 june 2016

The Sharpham Park founder and chef reveals how to cook the supergrain to maximise its health benefits and taste great Roger Saul, author of "Spelt" and founder of British food label Sharpham Park, has long championed the nutritional benefits of[...]

Sweet Potato Wedges With Spicy Avocado Basil Dip

Tuesday  17:10,   14 june 2016

This spicy avocado dip is so creamy and delicious with sweet potato wedges. As for sweet potatoes, they're increasing in popularity as an alternative to your usual white potatoes and they've become another favourite of mine. I actually crave them[...]

These Candied Bacon Twists Are Here to Answer Your Sweet and Salty Prayers

Tuesday  17:10,   14 june 2016

<p>This recipe takes no more than 30 minutes to prep and bake. And if your alarm isn’t enough to wake you up in the morning, the smell of these guys will deff do the trick.</p>Prep Time: 10[...]

Lavender and honey macarons recipe

Tuesday  17:10,   14 june 2016

Inspired by the French Riviera, pastry chef Graham Hornigold has created these vibrant lavender macarons that have been married with the sweet taste of honey for balance. "Graham has created a wonderful recipe for lavender and honey macarons, to[...]

Recipe: Make Gwyneth Paltrow's Chocolate Mousse

Tuesday  17:10,   14 june 2016

The recipe comes together quickly, but plan for a little extra time as it's recommended that the mousse chill for at least and hour post mixing .Chocolate MousseVegan, Gluten-free, No refined sugarServes 4Even the ice cream-eating, milk[...]

Espresso-Filled Molten Chocolate Lava Cake to Give You Life During Midterms

Thursday  15:00,   26 may 2016

<p>Are you one of those poor souls who can’t stomach coffee but need the caffeine? I have a solution for you.</p>You know that time of the year when you can’t stay awake during class or get out of bed? Like between the first day of class and[...]

Start Your Morning With This 5-Minute Coffee Mug Cake

Tuesday  14:40,   24 may 2016

<p>It’s pretty much a known fact that coffee should be the first thing you drink when you wake up in the morning… unless it’s homecoming (*cough* tequila).</p>Prep Time: 4[...]

Easy Pepperoni Pizza Rolls Recipe

Tuesday  14:30,   24 may 2016

Easy Pepperoni Pizza Rolls RecipeWith some super simple fresh dough, an easy tomato sauce and just two more ingredients, these pinwheels will leave your house smelling amazing and your mouth[...]

Smoothie recipes for a healthy start to your day

Tuesday  14:29,   24 may 2016

Blend your way to healthy smoothie heaven with these great fresh recipes.Get creative with your smoothies – here are 10 ideas to kickstart your own blending[...]

Burgers Are For Boys and Salads Are For Girls

Tuesday  14:24,   24 may 2016

Your lunch is packaged with gender-based assumptions.There are countless commercials and advertisements of lithe, happy women giggling while eating salad or floating a skewered tomato to their mouths. Meanwhile, their male counterparts are often[...]

Crumbs! Use your loaf and save dough by recycling bread, says Nancy Birtwhistle

Tuesday  14:24,   24 may 2016

The millions of slices of stale bread thrown away each day could be used in puddings, croutons or shepherd's pie topping, The Great British Bake Off winner Nancy Birtwhistle said. Birtwhistle, who won the BBC competition last year, is backing a [...]