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4 Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods

Tuesday  15:50,   17 july 2018

While excessive consumption is not advised, the moderate use of spices in meals can offer health benefits such as pain relief and lower cholesterol.In moderation, the use of spices in meals has been linked to a number of health benefits. Here are[...]

13 foods to boost your immune system

Tuesday  07:30,   17 july 2018

Chicken soup, yogurt, and moreGetting a flu jab, washing your hands, and staying away from stray coughs and sneezes can help keep germs away, but at some point or another, your body is going to become exposed to a[...]

Can we talk? I'm a millennial and I'm struggling with the poisonous side of social media

Monday  17:37,   16 july 2018

Once upon a time, if you wanted to smear someone anonymously from a distance, you had to write on a bathroom wall. The words were still painful, but the scale was local. Today, cowards and bullies can conveniently deride human targets globally,[...]

Should you be eating less avocado? Probably! A nutritionist and a heart doctor reveal the dangers of overdoing it - and what your limit should be

Monday  17:34,   16 july 2018

Avocados are packed with nutrients. But one avocado is 300 calories, and you can get the benefits with much less.Unlike most soft, creamy, buttery ingredients, avocado has barely any down-sides[...]

The Bodyweight Exercise That Will Tighten the Back of Your Arms and Strengthen Your Legs

Monday  10:00,   16 july 2018

If you're looking for a move to strengthen your arms and legs all at once, look no further than the crab walk. The crab walk derives from Animal Flow, a ground-based movement program used to improve the function and communication of the [...]

Healthy Diet Could Reduce Asthma Symptoms, Study Says

Monday  07:15,   16 july 2018

After examining data on French adults, researchers found a healthy diet may help in preventing asthma symptoms and managing the disease.The study titled “Associations between dietary scores with asthma symptoms and asthma control in adults” was[...]

Why vegans and celiacs love lupin, the next big health craze

Sunday  16:40,   15 july 2018

It could help with protein deficiencies, as it's got all nine essential amino acids, a rarity among plant-based foods.What we call lupin is actually the seed of the lupinus genus of flowering plants. These seeds are technically legumes, and[...]

Halle Berry Says Bone Broth Is The Reason Why She Looks So Freaking Young

Saturday  15:20,   14 july 2018

Gimme some of[...]

How To Create A Self-Care Routine That Actually Sticks

Saturday  14:10,   14 july 2018

Self-care is more than just a trendy buzzword. Setting aside time for yourself can make a huge difference in your physical, emotional and mental health. A recent study found that the way some people schedule time for leisure can take the[...]

Quarter of British people have a 'fluid sexuality', research reveals

Friday  19:51,   13 july 2018

New research has revealed that a quarter of the UK population identifies as having a fluid sexuality. Fluid sexuality refers to people who do not identify as “completely straight” on the Kinsey Sale – a rating scale which identifies seven[...]

Chocolate milk boosts exercise recovery MORE THAN sports drinks, study finds

Friday  17:59,   13 july 2018

Researchers found that the popular milkshake allows athletes to intensely exercise for around six minutes longer than sports drink without tiring.The popular milkshake allows athletes to intensely exercise for around six minutes longer than sports[...]

Can Exercise Really Help With Anxiety?

Friday  14:16,   13 july 2018

Someone recently asked me how I wake up early enough to work out in the morning, and the honest answer is that my anxiety usually wakes me up before the sun.It's often easier for me to get through my day when I've taken time to work off some of my[...]

Summer anxiety is real — and it has a lot to do with the scorching hot temps

Friday  11:10,   13 july 2018

If you cope with anxiety year-round, you may find that your symptoms flare more during the summer months. You're not imagining it — summer anxiety is real, and it has a lot to do with the high temperatures.Summer anxiety is not unusual, though.[...]

Can Being In A Bad Mood Have Any Benefits?

Friday  08:00,   13 july 2018

Despite the pressure to be happy all the time, being in a bad mood is part of the human experience and can even offer a number of benefits."Bad moods are mild, temporary negative feelings we all regularly experience in everyday life," said Joseph[...]

Prince Charles reveals what his naughty grandchildren get up to at Highgrove

Friday  07:15,   13 july 2018

Prince Charles has given an insight what his grandchildren Prince George and Princess Charlotte are like when he paid a visit to Kew Gardens on Thursday , as he got chatting about life at his Highgrove[...]