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02:50  08 february  2018
02:50  08 february  2018 Source:   Sky News

Running to lose weight is a terrible idea

  Running to lose weight is a terrible idea <p>Running does not efficiently, if ever, make you lose weight.</p>It’s a pitfall of too many dieters: They decide to “get healthy” — by which they mean “lose weight” — so they start eating salads and going on runs.

Image: Cancer cells stopped invading other parts of the body when the amino acid was restricted.

Carcinogens are also often found in everyday foods that you and your loved ones may be eating on a regular basis. Alcohol, blackened meats, and processed meats like hot dogs and pepperoni are among the most common foods linked to cancer

Stock photo ID:175411348Upload date:July 31, 2013: Stock photo ID:175411348 Upload date:July 31, 2013 © Other Stock photo ID:175411348 Upload date:July 31, 2013 A protein found in asparagus and other everyday foods has been linked to the spread of breast cancer, scientists have discovered.

Restricting the amino acid asparagine decreased the spread of the disease in mice.

Amino acids are essential building blocks that cells use to make proteins.

The body already produces some asparagine but it is also found in our diet in foods such as asparagus, soy, dairy, poultry, beef and seafood.

Researchers at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute found that blocking the production of asparagine with a drug called L-asparaginase, and putting the mice on a low-asparagine diet greatly reduced the breast cancer's ability to spread.

Car park tests for cancer to boost early detection

  Car park tests for cancer to boost early detection Potential cancer patients could be offered screening in shopping centre car parks after a pilot scheme successfully detected the disease in one in 33 people. The NHS will invite people susceptible to lung cancer across four areas of England to mobile screening units in an effort to catch the illness early.A scheme in Manchester invited 2,500 people aged 55 to 74 with a history of smoking for CT scans in car parks, community hubs and shopping centres.One in 33 showed signs of cancer, but four out of five of the cases were caught early - at stage one or two.

These common food additives can alter the bacteria in your gut leading to intestinal inflammation, and possibly obesity and metabolic syndrome.1 And now, frighteningly, a new study has even linked them to colon cancer in mice.2.

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In future, the scientists believe that alongside conventional treatments like chemotherapy, breast cancer patients could be given a diet in hospital that restricts asparagine to help stop the disease spreading.

"When the availability of asparagine was reduced, we saw little impact on the primary tumour in the breast, but tumour cells had reduced capacity for metastases (spread) in other parts of the body," the study's lead author, Professor Greg Hannon, said.

"This finding adds vital information to our understanding of how we can stop cancer spreading - the main reason patients die from their disease.

"In the future, restricting this amino acid through a controlled diet plan or by other means could be an additional part of treatment for some patients with breast and other cancers."

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