Health & Fitness Young woman who weighed '300 pounds' transformed her body after life-threatening event

17:35  11 february  2018
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How I Lost 300 Pounds – My Weight Loss Story. Mar 15, 2013 · By high school, she already weighed 300 pounds . Meet a woman who went from 500 pounds to her best body … When he visited The Doctors, he had transformed from 460 pounds in 2014 to an amazing 150 pounds two years.

Body Paula Bennett opens up about her weight loss surgery and how she is learning to love herself. Alycia Galbraith from Married At First Sight has taken to Instagram to reveal her 42 kg weight loss in a throwback photo, saying she slimmed down after cutting out toxic people out of her life .

  Young woman who weighed '300 pounds' transformed her body after life-threatening event © Provided by Independent Print Limited Twenty-two year old Dominique Montgomery decided to stop overeating after almost drowning during a day out.

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Suffering from a binge eating disorder since the age of five, Montgomery came to consume some 5,500 calories daily by the time she got to high school.

Attempts to curb her eating habits by engaging in fad diets failed just a few weeks in, and old habits quickly returned.

The Californian became depressed, and would eat when she was “sad or bored”. 

Writing on her GoFundMe page, she reveals that at one point:

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By high school, she already weighed 300 pounds . But at 24, a life -altering event sent her world into a downward spiral.

This week’s only debut is #TattooHowBoutYou by @InRealLife, who formed after competing on the I was standing in front of my mirror, getting ready for a work event with minutes to spare before I had How to pack your cosmetics bag for a long-haul flight. Young woman who weighed ' 300 pounds '

 Someone seriously threw a burrito at me from the bleachers at a football game.. I constantly questioned why no one treated me for the sweet person that I was, so many people just saw the extra weight I carried. 

The final turning point in her life came in 2015, when she was caving with a few friends and the tide came in.

Everyone managed to get themselves out, but I was frantic, panicking because I didn't think in that moment that I would make it back home that day, I prayed for God's strength to move me because I knew no one, not even myself, could help lift me out of that water.

I got out. I don't know how, I can't remember much of that day, but by the grace of God, I am still here today to share the story. 

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Mum drops from size 20 to size 10 and sheds nearly 9 stone for sister's wedding

  Mum drops from size 20 to size 10 and sheds nearly 9 stone for sister's wedding Jamie McDougall lost the staggering weight in just one year. The mum-of-two weighed in at 18st 7lbs and has now dropped to 9st stones 12lbs.And after losing 8st 9lbs it means Jamie’s dress size has plummeted from a size 20 to a 10.With her 30th birthday approaching – combined with her sister Wendy’s big day – she realised it was time to try and do something about her weight.Jamie said: “I joined Slimming World in February last year, as I didn’t want to be overweight for my birthday and my sister’s wedding.

So I spoke with Michael Olzinski, MSc, Purplepatch endurance coach and Equinox run coach, who gave his expert opinion on the matter. Tiffiny Hall 'I love my post-baby body '. TOP News. Queensland’s digital health system ‘putting lives at risk’.

But, after her size saw her become temporarily paralysed, she vowed to change. She also feels the impact her condition has on her social life . When others order mains, Caprioli orders a starter. But she doesn't regret her decision, and wouldn't change it. Young woman who weighed ' 300 pounds '

At her heaviest, she weighed 300 pounds (21.4 stone).

After devoting her life to “eating healthy, no more junk food [and eventually] jogging three miles a day”, she lost a whopping 130 pounds (8.5 stone). 

Now, she’s fundraising to raise money for surgery that would remove the excess skin she has to carry as a result of her weight loss.

I wake up in terrible pain every morning because of how the heavy amounts of skin sink into my abdomen, I have to suck in/flex my stomach when I walk to hold the skin in because if not it feels as if my skin is ripping away from my stomach, I get rashes often from the skin folding in problematic areas and many times a burning/tearing sensation around my breasts. 

Montgomery is also in the process of designing fitness programs and nutrition guides, as well as penning a memoir about her journey in an effort to help other people who want to “embark on a new way of life”. 

You can see a video of her transformation, here: 

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