Health & Fitness Sophrology Is Set To Be The Next Big Wellness Trend, But What Is It?

14:17  15 march  2018
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Say hello to the next frontier in wellness : clean sleeping. Like many health trends before it ( we ’ re looking So what exactly does she mean by clean? Essentially, just getting a decent night’s sleep on a regular basis. Try: Mulberry Threads Co Organic Bamboo Sheet Set , 9.95. Sweet (clean) dreams.

Wellness has never been such a big deal. What’s that then? Sophrology is massive in Europe, in particular France and Switzerland where it is used in hospitals, and is a self-development technique that can be self-taught to achieve relaxation, awareness and balance.

Woman getting head massage © Catalyst Images Woman getting head massage A couple of years back, after an unexpected and gut-wrenching break-up, I was all over the place – so I threw myself into my yoga practice in the hope of regaining some equilibrium. One day I saw a flyer on the noticeboard at the yoga studio. “Reduce stress and manage emotions,” it said. “Detach and refocus. Instil calm.” Oh yes please, I thought. But what was it? Mindfulness? Meditation? Buddhist chanting? No. Sophrology.

Soph-what? “Almost nobody knows about sophrology in the UK,” said Francoise Falaise, a Belgian who would become my sophrology teacher. “There are thousands of practitioners on the continent, but it’s still just beginning here.” The intention of our first session together, she said, would be "to take distance from tensions and refocus".

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Here’s what the Huffington Post says about Sophrology Sophrology may not sound familiar to you, yet: as a complementary health technique it ’s been around for over fifty years in Continental Europe… with great reviews from those who have tried it , Sophrology is the new frontier in stress management.”

What term do you want to search? However, modern life dictates that when something reaches saturation point, it must be replaced by something new. Sophrology looks set to be the next buzzword answer to all our problems – until another solution comes along, at least.

And so we began our sessions, meeting weekly. Some very simple breathing exercises and gentle body movement were followed by a guided meditation where I lay on the floor and Francoise talked me through a relaxing journey of letting go. It was very nice but so subtle I wondered if I was missing something. I did feel very calm afterwards, though.

a person standing on a sidewalk: Refinery29 © photographed by Meg O'Donnell. Refinery29

The objective of the next session was to “install detachment”. We did neck exercises – with mindful breathing, I gently shook my head to say ‘no’ to negative emotions and nodded to say ‘yes’ to detachment. It felt a bit weird, but fine. I exhaled negativity and breathed in detachment, followed by more exercises to reinforce assertiveness (mindful breathing while stretching and reaching upwards) and a ‘virtual walk’ where I walked on the spot, visualising my capacity to walk away from emotional upset in a controlled way.

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It may sound a little strange at first, but changing sharpens your focus and gives you more emotional resilience. The best thing about Mantra Chanting is that it can be silent or out loud. That’s kind of what Sophrology can help you to do.

Now, the trend is rapidly migrating to Britain. With so many of us are living such frazzled lives, the global wellness industry is now worth £2.6tn. Sophrology looks set to be the next buzzword answer to all our problems – until another solution comes along, at least.

Afterwards I did feel curiously detached. Francoise said that in order for these feelings to become integrated within me, I needed to do the exercises at home too, so that they became part of my daily routine. Luckily they were very simple and didn’t take long. It felt like the subtle installation of a sort of time delay between feelings and my reactions to them – almost like a body-based cognitive behavioural therapy.

After a few more sessions, Francoise moved to Panama City and I got on with my yoga, my busted heart taped back together with sophrology and vinyasa flow.

Person meditating © Catalyst Images Person meditating

The practice is set to expand in the UK. Swiss sophrology teacher Dominique Antiglio has just written a comprehensive English-language book, including audio, for home practice: The Life-Changing Power Of Sophrology. She has a practice in Mayfair, London.

“There are dozens of titles in French,” she says. “Sophrology for athletes, the corporate world, sleeping, pregnancy, midwifery..."

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This is precisely what Caycedian Sophrology ® offers and why it has proven to be one of the most C. Sophrology ® is not a trend and will not work for you if you consider it as such; it is designed for the people who really care. But, if we empty at least part of it we make way to add something new.

Is "Therapeutic Air" The Next Big Wellness Trend ? Log in. Traditionally, one may associate essential oils with spas, but personal, portable diffusers have recently It was the perfect "cigarette break" turned on its head. Instead of killing me, it gave me the joy of being alive and present again.

The founder of sophrology, Alfonso Caycedo, travelled around China, Tibet and India, distilling the teachings of yoga, meditation and Buddhism, and translating them for the West. It’s access to consciousness for everyone, without having to spend years meditating or standing on your head. It’s a simple, powerful technique. Having said that, there are 12 levels of sophrology, so you can go as deeply into it as you wish.

Antiglio explains: “The key differentiator between sophrology and mindfulness or meditation is the ability to take control of how we handle situations and feel about outcomes – one of the principles in sophrology states that we can decide how we are going to experience certain events even when we can't change them.

People practicing yoga © Catalyst Images People practicing yoga

“We are therefore responsible for our experience and how we respond to situations. It is more dynamic than meditation and uses a number of techniques including breathing, relaxation, body awareness and visualisation to help you connect with your resilience and improve your mental and physical health.”

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The next big wellness trend capitalizes on your love of high-pressure showers and hugs. Written by. Simone Grace Seol. It ’s all to do with pressure—and utilizing its soothing powers is becoming the next trend in health and wellness .

What It Entails. There’s no set protocol for the Sophrology practitioner, as she bases her prescription on her For instance, Sophrology can help you focus and allay your fears before a big exam or If you are interested in exploring Sophrology but cannot find a practitioner in your area, the Internet

Irish sophrologist Niamh Borrel used the practice to help with chronic pain. “The main difference between sophrology and other methods is that you can reach a deep level of zen state much quicker – sometimes even in one session, depending on the individual,” she says. “We call this the sophroliminal level of consciousness. The beauty of sophrology is that you can do it anywhere. There is no need for special gear. You can do it sitting down, standing up or lying down.

“It can be easily used by someone in a hospital bed about to go into surgery, or by someone just sitting enjoying the present moment on a train, or by athletes using it to increase mental focus, or ballerinas and gymnasts. Or even parents dealing with a stressful day at work, and later on with hyperactive kids at home.”

So there you have it. It’s not yoga, it’s not mindfulness, it’s not meditation, it’s not T’ai Chi – and it’s not yet established in the English-speaking world. But if it’s used effectively by everyone from women in labour to Olympic athletes, it can only be a matter of time before sophrology enters our wellness lexicon.

Woman enjoying the scenery © Catalyst Images Woman enjoying the scenery

6 things to know about sophrology

1. The term comes from the Greek ‘sos’ (harmony) and ‘phren’ (mind).

2. It was founded around 1960 by Colombian neuropsychiatrist, Alfonso Caycedo at the University of Madrid. He combined various influences – hypnosis, Western relaxation methods, Japanese zen, yoga, and Buddhist meditation – to treat depression, and war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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One of the main benefits of sophrology is that it is approachable by virtually anybody. Her aim is to provide clients with a set of tools they can use whenever they need. Meditation and Mindfulness are cornerstones of New Life, but what exactly is it and how can it aid us in our daily lives?

Big name fans incorporate Arianna Huffington and French tennis player Stéphane Robert. Likewise with care, it doesn't require confounded stances, a lot of time every day or costly exercise center unit. Sophrology looks set to be the following trendy expression reply to every one of our issues

3. Unlike traditional talking therapies, sophrology is not about discussing the narrative of your life; it’s about zooming out, and creating a space between your inner emotional balance and any difficult feelings. You don’t suppress your feelings but consciously let them go and redirect them, using physical movement and breath work.

4. Sophrology is currently used by the French rugby team, its uses within sports psychology discovered when the Swiss ski team won lots of medals at the Grenoble Winter Olympics in 1968 after being coached by sophrologist Dr. Raymond Abrezol.

5. As well as being used to help treat sleep disorders and in preparing for birth, sophrology may also have benefits for sufferers of stage fright and exam nerves.

6. Such is its popularity in France and Switzerland that sophrology is routinely covered by health insurance; it is even taught in schools, to help kids manage the rigours of adolescence.

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