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Here's what it's like to get married in Marsh's Library in Dublin

  Here's what it's like to get married in Marsh's Library in Dublin Wonderful.

Our wedding was drama free and I was able to establish boundaries. You gotta be respectful if you want to be in our lives. I don't know how I feel about that. What are some things you' ve found effective in dealing with people who have to be cut off?

How To Avoid Family Drama On Your Wedding Day? #1. Reconsider The Idea Of Inviting Undeserving Guests. The best defense to people who keep bugging you at your special day is a smile, a tight hug to them and ignorance. Believe in ignorance being a blissful act.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry are posing for a picture © PA Wire/PA Images

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed at weddings, it’s that not everything will go smoothly, especially where family are involved.

This is perhaps why no one with a complex family situation will be that surprised by the commotion surrounding Meghan Markle and her estranged father, Thomas. After previously agreeing to walk his daughter down the aisle, Thomas faced a backlash for reportedly staging paparazzi photos for money and now it’s been reported that he will not be attending the big day on Saturday.

The situation may be extreme, exacerbated by Meghan’s position in the spotlight, but managing delicate family relationships is a standard part of many 21st century weddings, whether your parents are divorced, your bridesmaid once dated the best man or your sister is just being a diva about her hair.  

What will Meghan Markle actually do as a royal?

  What will Meghan Markle actually do as a royal? She will have a variety of responsibilitiesWhile she won't officially be named a patron until after her wedding, Markle has already played a part in the organization. She attended the Royal Foundation Forum in February and spoke alongside current patrons Prince Harry, Prince William, and the Duchess of Cambridge. Markle talked about her ideas for the foundation and her interests in women's rights and mental health.

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Find friends and family who you can count on and spend some time thinking about how awesome that is . Thank those who are involved in your life and find ways to recognize what they We'd love to hear from couples who ' ve got through this challenge — what methods did you use to minimize drama ?

The good news though, is that family drama doesn’t have to overshadow the day and the love between the couple tying the knot. With the right know-how, you can help prevent pre-wedding tensions turning into a full-blown meltdown.

Wedding planner April Moores, founder of Kook Events, says she regularly helps clients who are stressed about managing complex family dynamics. One of the toughest things to navigate is often the seating plan when one of the couple - or both - has divorced parents. 

“A solution a lot of my couples are going for when creating their seating plan, is scrapping the idea of a ‘top table’ to avoid any family politics, and instead have a sweetheart table for just the two of them. This means they don’t have to show any favouritism over who sits on the top table, and any guests who have a strained relationship can be seated at opposite sides of the room,” she tells HuffPost UK. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first dance song has been revealed

  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first dance song has been revealed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first dance song has been revealedThe pair have been showing us that they are thoroughly modern couple since they stepped out publicly together last year.

14 Essential Tips to Help You Avoid Family Drama on Your Wedding Day. But if we ' re lucky, it is these people whom we will call when the going gets rough, who will remind us "Responding means you' ve had an intervening thought, such as, This situation is complicated for this person," she says.

People travel to weddings in other U.S. cities and towns every weekend without making a big deal It’s important to keep in mind that you need to treat everybody who is technically “ family ” as VIPs at Stepparents often get overlooked even when they’ ve been instrumental in planning or paying for your

The table plan was one of the primary concerns of John Bull, 37, from London, because his wife’s parents were in the middle of a “not-entirely-amicable divorce after a long marriage” when he got married in 2008. He describes trying to keep everyone happy as an “extra thing to be stressful about in a sea of stressful things”.

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“Both in-laws didn’t want to ruin our day, but at the same time some of that tension was always going to bleed through,” he tells HuffPost UK. “As much through luck as judgement, we ended up with a reception venue with an L-shaped space. We also did a buffet rather than a sit down meal, so there was no need for seating plans. This turned out to be a real blessing, as it meant everyone could circulate and chat without the social awkwardness of worrying about who was talking to whom.” 

Wedding planner Cassandra Jane jokes that it’s not just divorced or estranged parents who can make a wedding difficult to manage. One of the most extreme instances of family drama she’s witnessed involved a bridesmaid - the bride’s little sister - having a “teenage meltdown” over her hair after having it professionally styled.

I'm OK Being Single At Weddings – Please Stop Making It A Big Deal

  I'm OK Being Single At Weddings – Please Stop Making It A Big Deal <p>I'm OK Being Single At Weddings – Please Stop Making It A Big Deal</p>Now, I have nothing against waiters. In fact, many a waiter have I snogged in my time, along with taxi drivers, bankers, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, comedians, doctors, firemen…you get the idea. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

I’ ve cried, I’ ve been angry, and I’ ve tried to greive this dream in my mind of what my wedding would Wedding : June 2013. Chin up lady, sometimes people do you a favor and let you know how much they suck But: it just reinforces how much this day really IS about him and me and the new family we ’ re

September 30, 2015 at 8:11 am . Sophie – I don’t know where you are in the world but I’ ve been a bridesmaid at quite a few weddings here in the Family drama can be super stressful, but ultimately you hope that the people that love you can put aside their feelings for the day and just be there for

“I discreetly took her to one side and calmed her down and we re-washed her hair so she could style it herself,” she says. “The bride was more than happy - anything to keep the peace!” 

In contrast Hayley Smith, 29, from London, has decided to keep her upcoming wedding stress-free by only inviting the people she’s closest to. This has meant leaving her father off the guest list.

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“I haven’t had a relationship with my father since I was a child, and as I have gotten older I just don’t want him in my life. He hasn’t earned the right to be called dad and he certainly hasn’t earned the right to be at my wedding or walk me down the aisle,” she says. “He won’t be missed and I have an amazing family and I am marrying into an amazing family, so I’m certainly not missing out.”

Navigating such situations isn’t always easy, but for brides or grooms-to-be worried family arguments may have an impact on their wedding, John has one reassuring message: “Hopefully the people who love you still know it’s your day. If you can give them a way to avoid drama then they’ll often take it.

7 wedding guests reveal the most annoying requests couples have ever made

  7 wedding guests reveal the most annoying requests couples have ever made Weddings are stressful events in general, but these couples really made some strange requests of their wedding guests that made the day all the more difficult to enjoy.HelloGiggles polled some of our friends who’ve had terrible experiences at weddings, and we were a little surprised at how demanding some brides and grooms can be. Whether it was forcing people to spend money they didn’t have, wear ridiculous things, and in some cases, even dye their hair, it became abundantly clear that weddings can make people go a little screwy.

Most people know how expensive weddings are . I just read the Miss Manners Wedding book, and she says to say to people you aren’t planning on inviting (but who ask about it), “ We ’ re having an intimate wedding of just family and close friends, I’m sure you understand.”

I guarantee there are people who will be upset that we couldn't invite them, but we are having a backyard wedding and space is super limited, especially if it rains. How we managed to get it down to 100 is unreal. We both know a lot of people !

“It was actually our 10th anniversary last week, so it all worked out well in the end.” 

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