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Yes, Impostor Syndrome is Real. Here's How to Deal With It

Wednesday  19:16,   20 june 2018

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Like your friends or colleagues are going to discover you’re a fraud, and you don’t actually deserve your job and accomplishments? If so, you’re in good company. These feelings are known as impostor[...]

How Many Kids Actually Change Their Mind About Being Trans?

Wednesday  17:30,   20 june 2018

The Atlantic 's cover story yesterday opened with the tale of Claire, "a 14-year-old girl with short auburn hair and a broad smile." But Claire isn't your typical 14-year-old girl. Readers learn that Claire once considered herself[...]

The 5 ground rules you must follow if you want to lose weight

Wednesday  12:00,   20 june 2018

It's as simple as[...]

PSA: It's Not Weird To Get Hot Flashes Before Your Period

Wednesday  11:05,   20 june 2018

If you're younger than a certain age and have ever gotten a hot flash, you know two things. First, you've seen that when they hit, they hit hard: Within seconds, you've gone from reasonably comfortable to totally red and sweaty, and there[...]

Where Does That Rumbling in Your Tummy Really Come From?

Wednesday  10:05,   20 june 2018

Doesn't it seem like the only time you hear your stomach start to gurgle and grumble is when you haven't eaten for hours and feel pretty certain that you will rip that bagel right out of your coworker's hand if they let their guard down[...]

I Stopped Eating Eggs For 2 Weeks, And Here's What Happened

Tuesday  21:15,   19 june 2018

I've always been a healthy eater. Never drank soda, cooked from scratch, and avoided processed foods. So I was skeptical that the elimination diet in the The Whole Body Cure program—a new health plan from Prevention that focuses on healing[...]

Is This Trendy New Superfood Powder Even Better For You Than Kale?

Tuesday  16:00,   19 june 2018

Move over matcha - moringa is having its moment.But this trendy green doesn’t stop at your morning shake. Moringa is being added into oatmeal, soups, and even baked goods, too. Some brands claim that it’s more nutritious than kale-but is that really [...]

It’s never been easier to be unfaithful. So should YOU be wary of the cheating midlife husbands (secretly) chasing millennials like me, asks LUCY HOLDEN - who is frequently propositioned by men twice her age

Tuesday  14:15,   19 june 2018

Lucy Holden, 28, claims men almost double her age approach her constantly. She gave her verdict on millennials dating older men and shared how to spot a married man.‘What’s your name?’ he hisses, not wanting to waste time with imaginative lines.[...]

Blue singer Antony Costa looks incredible after 16lbs weight loss in 4 weeks

Tuesday  13:31,   19 june 2018

Antony Costa weight loss: The Blue singer has shed 16lbs while filming channel 5 show Get a Holiday Body: Lose a Stone in 4 Weeks . © Doug Peters EMPICS Entertainment Antony Costa arrives ahead of the funeral service of Dale Winton at Old[...]

‘Helicopter parenting’ linked to bad behaviour in the classroom – study

Tuesday  10:15,   19 june 2018

The study looked at the development of 422 children over the course of eight years. “Helicopter parenting behaviour we saw included parents constantly guiding their child by telling him or her what to play with, how to play with a toy, how to clean[...]

Is Sulphur-Free Shampoo Really Better For Hair?

Monday  21:20,   18 june 2018

Just like gluten or dairy, sulphates have pretty much been banished from hair menus across salons. "Stay away from them at all costs," a famous celebrity hairstylist once warned me, while another tutted when I told him about the great (but[...]

Scarlett Moffatt reveals why she's happier after weight gain

Monday  21:15,   18 june 2018

Proving why a balanced approach is so important.Chatting about her transformation – which coincided with the release of her fitness DVD, Superslim Me – the 28-year-old TV star told The Sun last Friday (15 June) that there was an unexpected downside[...]

How to get rid of the puffy bags under your eyes

Monday  16:30,   18 june 2018

Try these tips if you look perpetually exhausted.Everyone gets puffy, dark bags under their eyes once in a while, but what do you do when you look perpetually exhausted? [...]

It’s not just cruel to separate a breastfeeding baby from a mom. It’s medically dangerous.

Monday  16:11,   18 june 2018

The powerful “oxytocin reflex” helps explain why. At least 2,000 children have been ripped directly from their parents’ arms on the US-Mexico border since late April, as the Trump administration has implemented a “zero-tolerance” policy on people[...]

This is how Katie Piper shed 2 stone after the birth of her second child

Saturday  16:25,   16 june 2018

Katie Piper's weight loss secret revealed. The charity campaigner has lost two stone since the birth of her daughter Penelope, find out how she did itThe 34-year-old has teamed up with weight-loss guru TeriAnn Nunns to launch The Healthy Happy[...]