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The 10 keys to happiness that scientifically proven

Monday  06:50,   08 january 2018
Prima (UK)

January doesn't have to be blue.Why not conduct your own personal happiness experiment, by trying out the AfH 10 keys to happier living,[...]

Here's why ex-smokers should eat lots of tomatoes and apples

Friday  18:50,   05 january 2018
Men's Fitness

If you’ve added quitting smoking to your New Year’s resolution list, then first of all, congratulations. The study started in 2002, when the researchers looked at the diets and lung health of 650 adults. The researchers then reassessed[...]

Nicole Scherzinger's advice for looking good – but feeling even better

Friday  13:26,   05 january 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

Refreshingly normal advice from this megastarWhen we had the chance to interview the singer, actress and TV personality we found out that Nicole's attitude to wellness is refreshingly normal. Not only does she steer clear of faddy wellness trends[...]

13 people reveal the one weight loss trick that actually worked for them

Friday  12:50,   05 january 2018
Prima (UK)

Small, healthy tweaks can make all the difference'Don't drink your calories. Want a glass of orange juice? Choose water. Want a pop? Choose[...]

Certain types of sugar can negatively impact brain function, says new study

Friday  12:50,   05 january 2018
Men's Fitness

When it comes to your body, not all sugars are created equal. Different kinds of sugar can affect physiological processes differently, and even influence how quickly your brain can function and deal with information, according to new research[...]

Demi Lovato shares empowering message about her eating disorder: 'I'm letting go of my perfectionism'

Friday  10:35,   05 january 2018

Demi Lovato has opened up about her struggle with her eating disorder in a new Instagram post, telling her followers she's working hard to recoveryDemi Lovato has told her followers that she will continue to work hard on her recovery with her[...]

5 reasons your body will thank you for doing Dry January

Friday  10:35,   05 january 2018
Netdoctor (UK)

It's time to take a[...]

How to cure Tinnitus? This novel device could help silence that maddening ringing in your ears

Friday  08:31,   05 january 2018
International Business Times

Tinnitus, the maddening condition in which people hear weird ringing, may soon have a treatment. Tinnitus, the maddening condition in which people hear weird ringing, may soon have a treatment. A newly developed novel device could cut down[...]

Pregnant women suffer mental health

Thursday  16:35,   04 january 2018
Press Association

Scientists say identifying mental health issues early in pregnancy could be vital to the health outcomes for mother and child.Although in line with the national average, research by scientists at King's College London further debunked the myth that[...]

Is It Time To Rethink The Acids In Our Skincare?

Thursday  07:56,   04 january 2018

Acids are no longer reserved for monthly facials with a dermatologist, having become a mainstay of our bathroom shelves. Acids are no longer reserved for monthly facials with a dermatologist, having become a mainstay of our bathroom[...]

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Advert Banned For Exploiting New Mums' Body Insecurities

Wednesday  18:21,   03 january 2018
Huffington Post UK

An advert for cosmetic surgery has been banned from TV for “exploiting” new mums’ insecurities about their body image.  The TV advert for Transform Cosmetic Surgery featured a new mum, 34-year-old Lou Newton, who said she got breast[...]

Veganuary: These are biggest health mistakes people make when they go vegan

Wednesday  15:07,   03 january 2018
International Business Times

A plant-based diet has been linked to health benefits - but it can be just as high in sugar, salt and saturated fat if followed incorrectlyLaunched in 2014, Veganuary sees meat-eaters and vegetarians alike challenging themselves to stick to a[...]

The truth about how many calories you need to eat to lose weight

Wednesday  10:51,   03 january 2018
Prima (UK)

There's more to it than just 'eat less, lose[...]

Everything You Need to Know About MSG

Tuesday  18:20,   02 january 2018
Spoon University

<p>There are tons of conflicting articles about the actual health safety of consuming foods that contain[...]

A French woman shared the same photo twice to make a powerful point about loving your body

Tuesday  14:05,   02 january 2018

French fitness blogger, Louise Aubery, is making headlines for posting a side-by-side picture on Instagram to promote body positivity and self-love.These days, it's pretty much common practice to only share the best parts of yourself and your life[...]