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Everyone's talking about Britney Spears' huge Christmas tree

Wednesday  06:35,   06 december 2017
House Beautiful (UK)

Even more proof that at Christmas, you always go bigThe massive tree, decorated with what appears to be a combination of white and blue lights, made everything in its surroundings, including her furniture, look pretty[...]

10 things 'proper' guests always do at Christmas parties, according to etiquette bible Debrett's

Monday  11:20,   04 december 2017
Country Living (UK)

Debrett's, the etiquette bible, reveals its guideTo help us avoid any festive faux pas, Debrett's – the bastion of British manners – has produced a guide detailing exactly what one should (and should certainly not) do during festive[...]

6 things you must do to take care of your garden plants in winter

Monday  07:05,   04 december 2017
Country Living (UK)

Take a few preparatory steps so the weather doesn't get the better of themFollow these steps to make sure your border, potted and feature plants withstand the[...]

10 Christmas hazards all pet owners should be aware of

Sunday  16:20,   03 december 2017
House Beautiful (UK)

Avoid cat-connected catastrophes and dog-related dilemmas this Christmas.Vets Now, the UK's out-of-hours pet emergency service, sees a 788 per cent increase in chocolate poisoning cases over Christmas Day and Boxing Day alone, and new research shows [...]

Etiquette expert claims you're 'common' if you use these Christmas decorations

Tuesday  12:45,   28 november 2017
Country Living (UK)

Well, excuse us for wanting to be festiveNow, as far as we're concerned, everyone should be able to deck their halls with whatever they want, be that tatty old tinsel or garish handmade[...]

The 6 big gardening trends of 2018

Monday  06:35,   27 november 2017
Country Living (UK)

The planting, colour and design trends that will sweep UK gardens next year – from healing houseplants and indoor greenery to alfresco lifestyle tips.Could any of these become your new year gardening resolution?1. The Japanese art of[...]

Top interior designer reveals decorating hack that can add thousands to your home

Monday  10:01,   20 november 2017
Prima (UK)

And it's all about[...]

This is what goes in a 'posh' Christmas stocking, apparently

Thursday  12:15,   16 november 2017
Prima (UK)

According to society bible Tatler, anywayBut it's safe to say we never thought tucking into all those chocolate coins and clementines made us[...]

Which room of your house has the most bugs?

Tuesday  09:23,   14 november 2017
The Verge

Our houses are comfortable enough for the bugs that creep through our basements, scuttle across our kitchen floors, and crawl across our carpets, according to a team of entomologists from North Carolina State University and the California Academy of [...]

How this woman helped catch her violent burglar

Thursday  10:20,   09 november 2017
Cosmopolitan (UK)

The intruder beat Annie-Laure Promonet with a glass bottle, but that didn't stop her quick thinking.Annie-Laure returned to her home in Watford, Hertfordshire in July this year to discover an intruder in her house, reports the BBC. Realising he[...]

The dirty spots in your home that you never clean – but REALLY should

Wednesday  14:24,   08 november 2017
Prima (UK)

Are you guilty of forgetting about them?Well, according to the cleaning experts over at the Good Housekeeping Institute, there are several areas in every household that you're almost definitely missing out while doing the housework – but really,[...]

9 common myths about bedbugs and how to get rid of them

Monday  10:35,   23 october 2017
Country Living (UK)

Read up on how the pests really[...]

How to clean discoloured grout

Friday  07:00,   20 october 2017
House Beautiful (UK)

You'll need an old toothbrush and plenty of elbow grease to smarten up the grout between your tiles.Helen Harrison, home economist and former member of the Good Housekeeping Institute, says: 'Without knowing the exact composition of your tiles[...]

Kirstie Allsopp almost kicks off another washing machine debate

Tuesday  09:21,   17 october 2017
House Beautiful (UK)

The property expert is currently filming for the new series of Love It or List It.It caused outrage and controversy in equal measure this summer after Kirstie tweeted that and she would make it her 'life's work' to get them moved to another area in [...]

How to keep moths at bay

Monday  09:10,   16 october 2017
House Beautiful (UK)

If you've discovered little holes in your jumpers and blankets it's likely that moths are to blame. Follow these tips to prevent moths taking up residence in your home and how get rid of them if they already have.Moth infestations have been [...]