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15:50  29 january  2018
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MORE: 5 things a decluttering expert would never buy. “I only have what I need near me so that I can switch off from the world and get a good night’s sleep,” adds Sally. “ A decluttered bedroom gives peace of mind.”

Organizing and storing expert , Emma Gordon, of Clutter.com, has worked with celebrities from Neil Patrick Harris to Jamie Lynn Sigler, and now she's sharing her decluttering tips to help you get your kids' rooms in tip top shape.

  7 things a decluttering expert never has in their bedroom © provided by Shutterstock Your bedroom should be a calm sanctuary of peace and rest… well, that's the theory anyway. In reality, it's all too easy for your sleeping space to get cluttered with clothes, cosmetics, books and whatever else manages to sneak its way in there.

So what's the secret to keeping your sleeping space peaceful and serene? According to these decluttering experts, there are seven things they would never let through the bedroom door.

1. Bills and other paperwork

To create a safe haven where you can fall asleep easily, keep anything related to work or life admin at a desk in another room.

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I've found the majority of bedroom clutter is dirty clothes that never made their way to the bathroom hamper. Not sure where to start? Here are 23 things to organize in your home right now. Decluttering . Everyday household items that can help you clear clutter.

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"I never have paperwork or my computer in the bedroom," says Sally Walford (declutterme.london), decluttering expert and author of The Declutter Monster. "I need to relax, and be in a calm environment."

2. Technology

Try to make your bedroom a screen-free zone. "They emit blue light and EMFs, and are work or play equipment so should be kept in a work or play area," advises decluttering expert Helen Sanderson.

She adds: "The only technology I have in my bedroom is a stereo for nice relaxing music. If you have your phone or tablet in the bedroom, try to use it on the night light setting, and give yourself a switch-off curfew an hour before you go to sleep."

a bedroom with a bed and a couch in a living room © Provided by Hearst Communications, Inc

3. Bedside table clutter

We know how easy it is for that little nightstand to become covered with empty glasses and hairbands, but be ruthless and try clear away anything unneeded on a daily basis.

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We spoke to decluttering expert Emma Gordon and got some surprising, creative tips to help us declutter our kids' rooms , even when we think it's futile. You can even have them decorate their shovel with paints or Sharpies, or Some of these tips are things I had never even thought existed!

"I only have what I need near me so that I can switch off from the world and get a good night's sleep," adds Sally. "A decluttered bedroom gives peace of mind."

4. Items under the bed

Decluttering expert Vicky Silverthorn says that drawers and boxes under the bed are a no-go for her. "I sleep better knowing there is clarity and a clear space below," she explains. "So I purposely ordered a bed with no storage under it.

"My advice would be to only store items under the bed if it is a simple category and is simply organised, such as your seasonal clothing or items you only wear on your holidays."

5. Piles of clothes

"If you have an early start the next morning, you'll feel calmer if you have chosen your outfit and accessories," says Beverly Wade, decluttering expert at Cluttergone.

This means no clothes hanging over the bed or on a chair. "Put the clean clothes away straight away, put dirty ones in the laundry and ones being worn on a chair if you must – but only a few," says Vicky.

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3 Things to Declutter When You’re Finished Decluttering . Filed under: Bedroom , Emily, Guest Bloggers, Purging. They have their everyday sleeping beds neatly placed as furniture in the living areas.

a bedroom with a bed and desk in a room © Provided by Hearst Communications, Inc

6. Unwanted cosmetics and products

"In my experience we all have our favourite make up and things we use, plus a few extras for special occasions, but the rest is just clutter," says Helen.

"I did have a client once who had a store cupboard of supplies, but it was very contained and orderly. I wouldn't recommend having this in the bedroom."

Go through all your products and if you haven't used something in six months, chuck it.

7. Books

Other than the one or two that you're currently reading, that is. Helen warns that not putting them back on a shelf (or giving them away) after you've finished can easily lead to them piling up.

"Don't leave piles of unfinished business to gather dust – it stagnates the air around the bed," she says.

(via Good Housekeeping UK)

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