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09:31  06 july  2018
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A lawn that looks parched today will quickly recover during a spell of wet weather. ‘ Never , ever water your lawn — it’s a complete waste of time ‘Things like delphiniums and lupins are surprisingly resilient, even in real heatwaves . ‘Then, after they have flowered, you can cut them back to ground

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Not watering your lawn in summer heatwaves will save you time, energy and money.: Why you should never water your lawn © Cornelia Doerr - Getty Images Why you should never water your lawn

During hot, dry spells, your garden can start looking a little worse for wear, as brown patches appear on your once lusciously-green lawn.

In times like this, it’s tempting to reach for the hose and give your grass a healthy sprinkle of water.

But according to one gardening expert, you should never water your lawn – even during summer heatwaves.

“Never, ever water your lawn - it’s a complete waste of time, energy, money and everything,” Stefan Buczacki, former Gardeners’ Question Time panellist, told Mail Online.

“As I look out of my study, the lawn has gone from green to cornfield brown. But I know it will return, and in the meantime I don’t need to bother mowing every week.”

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This is the first time Irish Water has imposed a nationwide ban. As the drought continues in the ongoing heatwave , the public is banned from using their garden hose, with a few exceptions. Why you should NEVER water your lawn , even in weather Blackmail!

The incident occurred between 1pm and 2pm in one of the hottest periods of the day during Britain's heatwave . Charlene said: 'I see it all the time down at the beach. Why you should NEVER water your lawn , even in weather like this : Expert says sprinklers are anti-social and

These are the reasons why you shouldn’t be watering your lawn at all.

  a close up of a algae: wet grass © Chris Winsor - Getty Images wet grass

1. Grass can recover quickly

Grass is resilient and can recover quickly as soon as wet weather returns. A brown lawn is the natural survival mechanism of grass.

2. It helps avoid a hosepipe ban

In times of dry spells and water shortages, water companies urge customers to reduce their water use. In some extreme cases, a hosepipe ban will be enforced which can result in a fine of £1,000 if defied.

But to help out the community and avoid an official ban coming into effect, you shouldn’t be using sprinklers and hoses to unnecessarily water your garden.

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For one, you never know the temperature of the water when you dive in. Earlier this week, we reported that there are other precautions you need to take during the heatwave . Mum posts photo warning parents why they should NEVER go on slide with their kid.

At least four people have died since the scorching heatwave hit the US Saturday. Health officials in Kansas City, Missouri, are investigating Why you should NEVER water your lawn , even in weather like this : Expert says sprinklers are anti-social and grass recovers quickly during a wet weather spell.

3. It saves you money

Another key factor in not watering your lawn is that it will also save you money by not doing so. Hosepipes and sprinklers can use up to 1,000 litres of water an hour so will hike up your utility bills. At peak demand, up to 70% of our water supply can be used in the garden.

However, if you really feel the need to water your lawn, then at least choose the best time to do it, which is early morning or evening time. This is so the sun’s rays won’t evaporate the moisture immediately or even burn the grass.

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