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IKEA Jokes It Can Fix All of Your Relationship Problems

Tuesday  12:30,   24 january 2017
Good Housekeeping

Got a snorer on your bed? There's a bed for that.But even if IKEA can't prevent a stressful shopping trip from taking a turn for the worse, it does appear they hear our pain and want to assist in making our home lives just a little bit better[...]

There's a "right" day to take down your Christmas decorations.

Monday  14:00,   02 january 2017

Santa Claus has barely had time to catch his breath since Christmas Day. Yet in some households, the decorations are already coming off the tree.Yet in some households, the decorations are already coming off the tree, the wreath is coming down from[...]

You found WHAT in your washing machine?

Thursday  06:45,   22 december 2016
House Beautiful (UK)

From dummies to rashers of bacon, these are some of the strangest things found in Brits' washing machines.New research by appliance repair specialists has discovered a large selection of strange things found in a washing machine's depths and[...]

8 surprising household items that are worth a fortune...

Tuesday  09:42,   08 november 2016
House Beautiful (UK)

and you could be cooking with one of them right now. Before you throw anything away to make room for the hoards of gifts you'll be receiving this Christmas, make sure you're not accidentally getting rid of something that's worth a[...]

These household items have expiry dates: it's time to replace them

Thursday  11:21,   13 october 2016
House Beautiful (UK)

​And some of them may surprise you.You may be surprised to hear that even though they don't start to mould or go a funny shade, lots of daily household items expire and should be changed. To help us all out, Bright Side of accessories and their[...]

Grand Designs couple create playground home for their kids

Wednesday  13:49,   12 october 2016
House Beautiful (UK)

​ It includes secret doorways and a fireman's pole​.Matt and Sophie White showed presenter Kevin McCloud around their grade II listed gamekeeper's lodge as well as inviting him into a steel-framed timber barn they'd designed[...]

Ingenious Morphing Furniture Can Transform to Suit Any Space

Friday  15:25,   27 may 2016

<p>If you've ever had to call a "sofa doctor" or pry a door off its hinges just to get an oversized couch or a bureau into your home, then you'll appreciate designer Ian Stell's mesmersing new collection of expandable and[...]

19 Organising Tricks That Take five Minutes or Less

Wednesday  17:11,   25 may 2016
House Beautiful

A tidy space is just a few mini projects away.2. Sort your food containers. Double-check that there's a lid for every container, get rid of loners, and stack them by size to clear up room in your[...]

Here's How Often You Should Wash 10 Household Items

Tuesday  16:10,   24 may 2016
Mental Floss

<p>Adulting is hard when you don't have the facts. Here's a cleaning schedule for 10 items that don't come with instructions.</p>Skin cells, sweat, dust mites … don’t even think about what’s building up on the sheets you dive into[...]

5 Pretty Houseplants That Thrive on Neglect

Tuesday  16:08,   24 may 2016

Forgot to water them? Fantastic!​Plant envy, (not-so scientific definition: the fervent desire to be surrounded by green things, often brought on by scrolling through interior design Instagram feeds), is a common emotion for anyone residing in a[...]

Artist Creates Tiny Rooms in Abandoned Manholes

Tuesday  16:07,   24 may 2016
Mental Floss

<p>Street artist Biancoshock has a new series called "Borderlife" that features small living spaces built into abandoned manholes in the streets of Milan, Italy.</p>Street artist Biancoshock has a new series called "Borderlife" that[...]

Inside the home of one of the world’s most organised people

Tuesday  16:07,   24 may 2016

<p>Is Alejandra Costello one of the most organised people in the world?</p>The 31-year-old American was once named as one of the five most organised people in the United States by House and Garden[...]

Artist Builds Houses For Houseplants

Tuesday  16:06,   24 may 2016

Finally, the houseplants have homes of their own These miniature houseplant abodes are the work of Jedediah Corwyn Voltz, who took pity on the poor, wretched plants that beauty our houses, but have no houses of their own. Now, at least 25 of them[...]

11 of the Most Interesting Things Inside Kate and Will's Apartment

Tuesday  16:06,   24 may 2016
Country Living

Let's take a look around, shall we? While President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama's recent dinner at Kensington Palace brought us these magical moments with Prince George, the occasion also allowed cameras into Apartment 1A, where [...]