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LifeStyle: Home & Garden

If you sleep with your phone next to your bed, read this

Tuesday  08:10,   10 october 2017

A fire department in New Hampshire have issued a PSA after a charger scorched a mattress overnight.And while we already know this isn’t great for our sleeping patterns, scary new pics have been released by a fire department in New Hampshire which[...]

Your dirty clothes are catnip for bedbugs

Monday  13:36,   02 october 2017


5 ways to keep spiders out of your home

Monday  08:25,   02 october 2017

How to keep spiders away – five tried-and-tested natural spider repellents for your home this autumnAs spiders try to escape the dropping temperatures they can often end up in our homes, which is not a happy experiences for the many Brits who are[...]

Prince Charles might not live in Buckingham Palace when he is king

Thursday  14:15,   21 september 2017

So what would happen to the 775-room palace?Prince Charles is keen to give up Buckingham Palace as the main royal residence when he becomes king, sources have told The Sunday[...]

Asda to sell over 2 million pumpkins for Halloween

Tuesday  13:05,   19 september 2017

Carving pumpkins for Halloween? Asda has already started harvesting pumpkins – a month earlier than normal. And because of the weather conditions, the pumpkins will also be bigger than ever. Varieties named 'Big Doris' and 'Gladiator' weigh up to 30 [...]

This is how often you should wash your pyjamas, according to an expert

Saturday  15:55,   16 september 2017

Do you[...]

How often you should clean everything

Saturday  16:16,   09 september 2017

Yes, we said[...]

Paris Hilton's Dogs Have a Nicer House Than You Do (See Photos)

Sunday  14:50,   27 august 2017

The latest in “celebrity animals leading glamorous lives” news comes from multi-hyphenate Paris Hilton. The deejay, known for her eclectic collection of pets, recently posted several pictures of her dog house, or, more accurately, dog mansion, to[...]

How to child-proof your staircase

Saturday  14:40,   26 august 2017

Follow this expert advice about awkward staircases, choosing the best stair gates and floor maintenance tips.Retaining a stylish, dream family home post-children is a challenge that many parents face. The white sofas that once seemed like a great[...]

Jay Z And Beyonce's New House Is Basically A Small Town

Friday  17:50,   25 august 2017

The $90 million property boasts six structures, a 15-car garage, a helipad and four swimming poolsThe $90 million (about £70 million) property features six separate structures, a 15-car garage, a helipad, bulletproof windows, four swimming pools, a[...]

This viral post shows exactly why you should never use flavoured water in your iron

Thursday  15:55,   17 august 2017

Can you guess what[...]

An invasion of 'super-fleas' is set to hit British homes in the coming weeks

Wednesday  08:50,   16 august 2017

Calling all pet owners! Here's what you need to know…These particular fleas have been dubbed 'super' because their reproductive organs are the biggest in the insect world in relation to the size of their[...]

Why the Princess Diana garden is completely white, according to Kensington Palace's head gardener

Tuesday  15:35,   15 august 2017

The White Garden is commemorative of the late Princess of Wales' life and includes her favourite flowersThe White Garden was unveiled in April to celebrate the life of Princess Diana. It is open to the public and on display until September, it[...]

Harry Potter Christmas baubles exist

Tuesday  10:55,   15 august 2017

And you can buy them from PRIMARKYes, we're talking about Christmas in August but to be honest with you guys, it feels like bloody winter at the moment so we may as well embrace[...]

Professional cleaners reveal 11 things we always forget to clean

Thursday  16:13,   10 august 2017

Households often overlook these neglected areasAnd while we all have vacuuming and dusting down to a fine art, there are apparently quite a few places that are overlooked during the weekly[...]