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LifeStyle: Home & Garden

The item of clothing you should never bring into your home

Wednesday  09:35,   09 august 2017

Demanding guests to take their shoes off at your door may seem strict, but it is worth nagging them if you want your home to stay clean. The UK has a relaxed approach to shoes on the carpet, but the Japanese etiquette of taking them off right away[...]

The nation's favourite household smells revealed

Monday  09:10,   07 august 2017

Find out what scent has topped the list.In fact, we love the waft of certain smells throughout the day, whether it's the aroma of baked goods coming from the kitchen or the smell of freshly scented flowers blooming from a vase in the living[...]

Buckingham Palace is opening its doors for a family festival this weekend

Monday  07:35,   07 august 2017

Buckingham Palace Family Festival: The royal family's home will play host to a family event on Saturday 5 August 2017. Find out how to get tickets and what is involvedThe one-day event will feature a range of fun activities for all of the family [...]

A peek inside David and Samantha Cameron's idyllic Cotswolds home

Friday  19:45,   04 august 2017

"It's our family nest," says SamanthaThe exterior of the home – which she shares with husband David Cameron and their children Nancy, 13, Elwen, 11, and Florence, six – is simply beautiful. Climbing plants adorn the facade of the[...]

How to get rid of, and prevent, moths in the home

Thursday  14:20,   03 august 2017

Got a moth infestation? This will help you get rid of moths in the homeClothes moths have seen a rapid rise in numbers, with English Heritage saying they have doubled in the past five years. The charity has even discovered a new species feeding on[...]

Chelsea Clinton Schools Donald Trump On Showing Respect For The White House

Thursday  11:30,   03 august 2017

President Donald Trump is coming under verbal fire after reportedly insulting the White House. “That White House is a real dump,” the president reportedly told members of his Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey, according to Golf[...]

French bulldogs are set to become the UK's most popular dog

Wednesday  16:46,   02 august 2017

Move over,[...]

Why you should paint your bedroom this colour

Tuesday  11:25,   01 august 2017

Whether you're repainting a room or choosing a new piece of furniture, the colour you select can affect both your mind and mood. It may not come as a surprise to learn that green represents nature, yellow promotes enthusiasm or that red[...]

This woman has been demonised for how often she washes her bed sheets

Tuesday  09:35,   01 august 2017

Do you think it's[...]

A summer invasion of horseflies is leaving people with these gruesome bites

Monday  08:20,   31 july 2017

Here's what to do if you get bittenSummer also happens to be the time when horseflies are out in force and they are not particularly friendly. The reactions to bites from these blood-sucking insects can be rather extreme, with the affected area[...]

Can you see why this estate-agent photo has gone viral?

Wednesday  21:20,   19 july 2017

Play spot the[...]

Kirstie Allsopp defends her washing machine views as the debate spreads worldwide

Friday  09:40,   14 july 2017

Allsopp’s opinions appear to be backed by kitchen cultures around the globe.The presenter made headlines on Wednesday morning after saying that installing the appliances in the food prep room was[...]

This genius couple bought an old bus off eBay and turned into an amazing motor home

Monday  10:06,   03 july 2017

Do you ever get sick of living in the same place? The daily routine can be a drag at times but it's nice to have home comforts.Sometimes, you just want to tour around and see the world.If you do have those feelings then you might want to take a leaf [...]

A contestant wore a wedding dress on Blind Date

Tuesday  13:50,   27 june 2017

Points for[...]

A father is raffling off his seven-bedroom Scottish mansion equipped with a gym, sauna, and billiards room for just £5 a ticket

Tuesday  04:30,   27 june 2017

After losing his job, father of two Shamus Fitzsimons was faced with the reality of not being able to keep up the mortgage payments for his seven-bedroom North Lanarkshire family home, Dullatur House — thought to be worth between £600,000 and[...]