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If Your Mascara Has Reached This Point, You Should Have Tossed It Long Ago

  If Your Mascara Has Reached This Point, You Should Have Tossed It Long Ago Mascara is kind of like dairy in the sense that one day it seems perfectly fine, and then - poof! - all of a sudden it's crumbly and weird and definitely needs to be tossed. The truth is that if your mascara has reached this point, well, it's probably been bad for a while. Curious about just how long mascara lasts - and signs that it's time to let it retire - we hit up Georgi Sandev, a celebrity makeup artist who's worked with Victoria's Secret Angels and international brands such as Givenchy, Chanel, and Dior."The typical shelf life of mascara is six to eight months from opening it for the first time.

Сhris Αppleton, Kim Kаrdаshiаn аnd Αriаnа Grаnde's mаne mаn who's known for his high ponies , sаys the key to getting аll the hаir to go in the sаme direсtion is to first use a bit of heаt аnd a brush to redireсt it аt the root. 2. Seсure a hаlf-up ponytail first.

It’s hard to believe, but the summer days are wasting away and fall is swiftly approaching. You know what that means: It’s time to start thinking about your beauty looks for autumn! With sweater weather just around the corner

This hairstyle tutorial explains how to style your hair into a high ponytail.: How to Get a Perfectly Snatched High Ponytail© Getty Images How to Get a Perfectly Snatched High Ponytail 1. Blow dry your roots in the direction that you want the base of your ponytail to be. Chris Appleton, Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande's mane man who's known for his high ponies, says the key to getting all the hair to go in the same direction is to first use a bit of heat and a brush to redirect it at the root.

2. Secure a half-up ponytail first. Once you have all your hair going in the same direction, gather the top section of your hair using a boar bristle brush or comb to smooth it back. Once all the bumps are gone, use a small hair tie to secure it where you want the base of your ponytail to be.

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How It's Done: Recreate Jessica Alba's Sky- High Red Carpet Ponytail . And we weren’t wrong: Looking serene in a perfectly -pulled red carpet pony does require as much practice as walking in 6-in And the pro says she didn’t even “ snatch ” this pony as tight as she does to create Bella Hadid’s.

How to give your look a sleek update and make sure your non-slip high ponytail can endure a morning of jumping jacks (or just a crazy long day) without it slinking (Just us?) Here’s the two-step secret for getting a lump-free high ponytail and keeping it in place, plus inspiring looks, below. Get Started.

HACK: Spray a toothbrush with hairspray and use it to brush back flyaways. Then, smooth them in seamlessly with the rest of your hair.

Slideshow: 11 ways to take your ponytail to the next level (Good Housekeeping)

Piece-y Ponytail: The key to a Dakota Johnson-worthy ponytail that won't look droopy by the end of the night? It's simple! 11 Ways to Take Your Ponytail to the Next Level 3. Gather the bottom half and add it to the half-pony. Breaking the process up into two parts is the trick to getting both the top and the underneath of your hair to stay smooth and secure. Kahh Spence uses this trick to style Kehlani's perfect ponies. (Watch him demonstrate it on The Beauty Lounge!)

4. Use a bungee cord to secure both ponytails together. Chris says the best way to prevent your ponytail from moving off-center as you secure it is to use a bungee elastic. To do so, hold the pony in place with one hand, stick the hook securely into the base of hair, tightly wrap the bungee elastic around until you've reached the end of the cord, and hook in the other end to secure it.

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Then tie it off so the elastic is pretty tight or snug. It’s up to you if you position the ponytail lower or higher . The Best Curling Irons For Fine Hair Mean Effortless Elegance. How to Get Perfect Hair Highlights.

Hairstylist Chris Appleton shares his top tips on getting the perfect smooth, snatched ponytail . Ponytails are a perma-trend in terms of hair, but recently the high and tight look has overtaken low and loose as the coolest way to wear them.

a close up of a logo: bungee hair tie© Courtesy Image bungee hair tie

5. Cover the elastic with a small sliver of hair. Grab a centimeter section of hair from under the ponytail and wrap it around the base until the bungee is completely covered. Then, per Kahh, apply a bit of gel to the ends and lay it flat to smooth it down before securing it.

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