Travel Why are hotel 'Do Not Disturb' signs disappearing one by one?

08:10  03 april  2018
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Why ‘ Do Not Disturb ’ signs are disappearing from US hotels - Are you one of those people who hangs the ‘ do not disturb ’ sign as soon as you come in your hotel room?

First Disney tweaked the words on its doorhangers, swapping out " Do Not Disturb " and replacing it with "Room Occupied." Though the DND sign might seem endangered by Hilton and Disney’s moves, there’s one reason it won’t likely vanish: money. In any full service hotel , the housekeeping

Do not disturb sign © Provided by Shutterstock Do not disturb sign Disney has already moved forward in this direction and has changed the wording on the signs at four of its hotels near Magic Kingdom to say "Room Occupied."

This particular change in the wording changes the meaning.

The sign goes on to warn guests that "staff reserve the right to enter your room, even when this sign is displayed, for maintenance, safety, security or any other purpose."

The Disney hotels involved are the Bay Lake Tower, Grand Floridian, Contemporary and Polynesian Village resort in Orlando.

"Do Not Disturb" signs could be a thing of the past as other Disney hotels are expected to introduced "Room Occupied" signs in the near future as well.

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Some hotels are deciding to ditch the ' Do Not Disturb ' signs . Three hotel chains have instructed staff to conduct 'welfare checks' on rooms displaying this sign for extended periods.The three hotels involved are Boyd Gaming, Wynn Resorts and Hilton in Las Vegas.

With ' do not disturb ' signs disappearing , your right to sleeping will come second to bigger issues at some hotels . Hotels , more conscious than ever of potential illicit activity on their grounds, have grown increasingly suspicious of how, when, and why those doorhangers are used; the incident in

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The Hilton group has instructed its staff to be aware of a "Do Not Disturb" sign that has been displayed for more than 24 hours and alert security in this situation.

The Hilton group informs guests at check-in that it reserved the right to visually inspect rooms every 24 hours. This is allowed so the well-being of guests and the condition of the room can be ensured.

On the other hand, according to industry experts that have also commented online, hotels have always had the right to enter a guest's room for various reasons. This has always been the case whether a "Do Not Disturb" sign is hanging on the door or not.

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It’s easy to assume that both policy changes were driven by the mass shooting in Las Vegas in October 2017, when gunman Stephen Paddock hung a " Do Not Disturb " sign on his room door for several days, thus concealing the ammunition he had smuggled on Why Hotels Need Less Technology.

Are you one of those people who hangs the ‘ do not disturb ’ sign as soon as you come in your hotel room? With this new policy slowly spreading, does this mean that the DND sign will disappear completely? Probably not.

Hospitality experts insist that there shouldn't be a real practical difference for anyone using these hotels. Hotels do no not wish to upset guests with unwanted room visits. They are simply alerting their guests about their policies for safety and legal reasons.

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