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TripAdvisor reveal their top 10 trending travel destinations for 2018

Friday  19:24,   12 january 2018

It's known for beautiful beaches, warm weather and great foodIshigaki in Japan's Yaeyama archipelago has been named the top trending travel destination for 2018 by[...]
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Queen Elizabeth II Has Been Traveling With This Luggage Brand Since 1947

Friday  19:24,   12 january 2018

Queen Elizabeth II is a huge fan of Globe-Trotter luggage and has been traveling with the brand since 1947.According to Travel and Leisure, her majesty has been traveling with the same set of luggage since her first trip with Prince Philip in 1947[...]

Why this once-quiet Lake District town received record-breaking visits in 2017

Thursday  09:50,   11 january 2018

It's one of the only places in the world with this special status…Welcome to Ravenglass, in Muncaster Parish, one of the only places in the world to be awarded double World Heritage Site[...]

Airline offers fare refund if it fails to help passengers afraid of flying

Thursday  08:41,   11 january 2018

Nearly one in six people in the UK have a fear of flying, according to market research firm YouGov. 41% of people with a fear of flying are missing out on exotic holidays because they require long haul flights[...]

British Airways scraps reclining seats on short flights in bid to slash ticket prices

Thursday  08:40,   11 january 2018

British Airways' CEO Alex Cruz under fire for seemingly turning flagship airline into a no-frill carrier.Britain's flagship airline said on Monday (8 January) that the seats would be fitted on Airbus A320neos and A321neos, which will come into[...]

Airports could ban pre-flight drinks under new law

Wednesday  09:12,   10 january 2018

To prevent anti-social behaviour in the air.Why? Well, you've got those really long treadmill things (they're always fun), tax-free giant Toblerones (what's not to love?) and most importantly – it's universally acceptable to drink alcohol at any[...]

Disney World’s Worst Attraction May Finally Be Closing for Good

Friday  09:25,   05 january 2018

While most Disney attractions around the world are beloved by the fans who ride them, even the Mouse can make a mistake. When it comes to Magic Kingdom, many fans would agree: that mistake is Stitch’s Great Escape. When it comes to Magic[...]

How to get the cheapest flight deals for 2018

Friday  07:30,   05 january 2018

Because we need another holiday alreadyHowever, January is also the time of year that we are the most broke. [Insert tiny violin[...]

Take a look at the world's smallest inhabited island no bigger than a tennis court

Thursday  07:55,   04 january 2018

Just Room Enough island is located on the St Lawrence River in New York stateSituated on the St Lawrence River, the island was bought by the Sizeland family in 1950, who then built a charming cottage and planted a tree on the minuscule piece of[...]

You can fly to these places for under £50 next year

Friday  13:04,   22 december 2017

Need an excuse for a[...]

The dirtiest spots on airplanes and how to avoid the germs

Tuesday  09:20,   19 december 2017

We've all been there. In that long metal tube that somehow takes off transporting you to somewhere warmer, or colder, whatever you prefer. Sitting right next to other passengers and sometimes in close proximity to bathrooms, can sometimes feel[...]

The 21 friendliest cities in the UK have been announced

Thursday  08:52,   07 december 2017

The winner is a gorgeous spa town you may knowBut for some, the most important thing about the place they live is being surrounded by friendly people. This also makes somewhere a lot more appealing to visitors and[...]

The most Instagrammed cities of 2017 revealed

Wednesday  09:35,   06 december 2017

Which city has topped the list?As we near towards the end of the year, photo sharing app Instagram has revealed the top 10 cities that have popped up on our feeds the most. Their 'Year in Review' data celebrates their global community of 800[...]

Scotland has been voted the most welcoming country in the world by Rough Guide readers

Tuesday  07:05,   05 december 2017

Perhaps it has something to do with the accentThis comes only weeks after a survey conducted by the travel guide publishers revealed the Scottish nation to be the most beautiful in the[...]

The unexpected festive essential you can't take on a flight this Christmas

Wednesday  11:35,   29 november 2017

Did you know this was on the 'naughty' list?Yep, if you were planning on taking any Christmas crackers with you on a plane in the coming weeks, then think again because multiple airlines have put them on their banned list for hand luggage[...]