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LifeStyle: Travel

This is now the most powerful passport in the world

Thursday  10:15,   26 october 2017

Collecting passports has become a status symbol for the super-rich — or those who simply love to travel. However, some are much more sought-after than others.And Singapore has been named as the country with the most powerful passport in the world in [...]

This low-cost airline is selling flights from London and Paris to Toronto for £149 — free WiFi included

Thursday  08:35,   26 october 2017

Scandinavian airline Primera Air is launching flights from its bases at London Stansted, Birmingham, and Paris to Toronto, Canada for £149 ($196) — and they're already on sale.The "low-fare/high quality" routes — which will commence in May 2018[...]

This Hotel Chain Has Been Announced As The Worst In The UK, For Fifth Year Running

Wednesday  08:30,   25 october 2017

Bad hotel rooms really are the stuff of travelling nightmares - suspiciously stained carpets, dirty shower curtains and loud neighbours that leave you just wishing for your own bed. And now the worst offending hotel chain in the UK has been [...]

At This Hotel, You Can Order Books Through Room Service

Tuesday  09:15,   24 october 2017

One of Paris’s many enticing qualities is its connection with literature. Many famous French authors drew their inspiration from the city, including Victor Hugo, the creator of Les Misérables (which became an amazing musical that you should[...]

The world’s most beautiful airports

Monday  08:50,   23 october 2017

Across the planet more and more countries are building architecturally stunning airports to announce they've arrived. These are so cool you'll never want to leave © Provided by Wanderlust Publications The gleaming white[...]

This City Was Just Named the Best in America—for the First Time Ever

Friday  13:41,   20 october 2017

For those pondering their next great American getaway, New York or Los Angeles might be the first cities that come to mind. Our top choice is a little off the beaten path—but it’s a crowd favorite. Every year, Condé Nast Traveler asks its[...]

You Need to Visit This Country Before It Literally Sinks Into the Ocean

Monday  12:20,   16 october 2017

Climate change has caused a lot of chaos in recent years, from maple syrup and coffee shortages to vegetarian grizzly bears to changes in Britain’s beloved fish and chips as well as its standing in the wine-making industry. Most[...]

Welcome to the Magical Town Where the Streets Are Made of Water

Monday  08:47,   16 october 2017

Paved roads are convenient for getting from point A to point B, but black slabs of asphalt scattered with pot holes, yellow lines, and arrows aren’t the prettiest thing to look at. Imagine a placeImagine a place where all the roads are replaced with [...]

Passenger Tries to Stage a Sit-in Protest on Plane After Flight Canceled

Friday  08:15,   13 october 2017

There are many things travelers want to do after their flight gets cancelled after a long delay. Passengers had boarded a Boeing 737 for a flight from Jakarta, Indonesia, to Bali on October 2, but the initial take-off slot was missed due to [...]

Thrill-seekers are launching off a huge ramp with bungee cords attached to them in the French Alps

Thursday  11:52,   12 october 2017

The Bun J Ride lets you launch off a ramp with bungee cords attached. It combines bungee cords, a huge ramp, and zip lining.  Jumpers are harnessed to mobile bungee cords.The ride combines bungee cords, a huge ramp, and zip[...]

The English Town That Changed Its Name Because of Sacha Baron Cohen

Thursday  09:22,   12 october 2017


Palace in Venice’s Famous Piazza San Marco to Open to the Public for the First Time in 500 Years

Thursday  07:55,   12 october 2017

The palace will become the home of a nonprofit called The Human Safety Net.First, British architect David Chipperfield plans to renovate the palace, an undertaking that's expected to last until 2020. It has been the headquarters for Generali, an[...]

This Is the Best City in the World (Hint: It’s Not New York, London, or Paris!)

Tuesday  09:16,   10 october 2017

Looking for an new, fun destination to visit during your next vacation? Our suggestion: Bangkok, Thailand. Why? As per a new report by Mastercard, the Thai capital is the most popular city in the world for international[...]

This Airport Invented a New Word to Make Flying Less Stressful

Thursday  11:11,   05 october 2017

No one enjoys going through airport security. The long lines, the rush to get all your stuff on the conveyer belt as fast as possible, the awkward poses in the body scanner—and if your boarding pass looks like this, your wait will be even longer[...]

Disney is looking for staff to join cruise ships

Thursday  11:10,   05 october 2017

Fancy a career[...]