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Matt Prior: Is social media harming car culture?

Friday  18:06,   20 july 2018

Social media could be encouraging bad behaviour around carsI used to think that it didn’t matter how you enjoyed cars, so long as you were enjoying[...]
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Festival of the Unexceptional: Is this the 'worst' car ever?

Friday  18:05,   20 july 2018

Festival of the Unexceptional: Is this the 'worst' car ever?Perhaps the ultimate nostalgia trip this side of time travel, the fifth anniversary edition of the annual Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional Concours de l’Ordinaire celebrated[...]

Throwback Thursday 1965: the first Japanese car sold in the UK

Friday  18:00,   20 july 2018

The first Japanese car to be sold in the UK was a small two-door with a 41bhp 797cc engine, priced at £799. And it came from a brand you might not expect…What was the first Japanese car to be sold in the UK? Clue: it arrived in early[...]

James Ruppert: how to buy a classic car with an MOT exemption

Friday  17:55,   20 july 2018

The DVSA has given us one more reason to consider a classicI am on first-name terms with the people at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, who reminded me that there have been changes to the MOT test. Which was nice of[...]

New Ariel Atom 4 track car revealed with 320bhp

Friday  17:55,   20 july 2018

Ariel has revealed an all-new Atom for 2018, with the small British firm’s latest ultra-lightweight sports car gaining power from the latest Honda Civic Type R. The Atom 4 arrives 19 years after the debut of the original Atom, and though the basic[...]

Average car insurance premiums fall by 5.5%

Friday  17:50,   20 july 2018

17 to 25-year-olds make biggest savings with 11.9% reduction in annual billsThe decline, with the average annual bill now totalling £712, is due to insurers fighting to offer more attractive prices in an increasingly competitive[...]

Bugatti Divo hypercar teased ahead of August reveal

Friday  17:50,   20 july 2018

Bugatti Divo hypercar teased ahead of August reveal Bugatti has teased the new Divo: a limited-run hypercar which, when launched, will be priced from €5 million.Details about the new model remain scarce for now, but the marque claims a focus of[...]

Tesla UK Superchargers reach 50-location landmark

Friday  17:50,   20 july 2018

There are now more than 320 Superchargers to plug into in Britain The post Tesla UK Superchargers reach 50-location landmark appeared first on Motoring Research. [...]

BMW has little clue how many EVs it will sell

Friday  17:45,   20 july 2018

Predictions vary hugely on electric car take-upIts i3 has represented a modest success but it pioneered a hedge in offering both a true EV version and one with a range-extending internal combustion engine as backup. Munich now plans to engineer[...]

Nissan admits misconduct in emissions testing procedure

Monday  17:31,   16 july 2018

Shares have fallen relating to the announcement, although Nissan says that none of its cars has incorrect emissions figuresThe brand alleges to have discovered ‘nonconformities’ in its final inspection process back in September 2017 and has[...]

Road to Zero emissions plan revealed by government

Monday  17:31,   16 july 2018

By 2030, half of all new cars should be ultra low emission The post Road to Zero emissions plan revealed by government appeared first on Motoring Research. [...]

James Ruppert: the safest used cars on the market

Thursday  14:30,   12 july 2018

It’s not only posh cars that come equipped with life-saving techI was thinking that it could be one of those barn finds we see, so many of which have not turned a wheel in decades. Instead, the title belongs to the Volvo XC90. Apparently, since it[...]

New Fiat 500 Spiaggina special edition models revealed

Thursday  14:27,   12 july 2018

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Fiat 500 Spiaggina ‘Jolly’: a quirky, open top beach cruiser version of the iconic city car. The former is a joint venture between design house Pininfarina and Garage Italia - a custom house owned [...]

Our car week in review: how far will diesel sales fall?

Thursday  14:27,   12 july 2018

Charting the decline of diesel sales | New Suzuki Jimny details | Where have all the coupe cabriolets gone? | Hottest new cars deals | Goodwood turns 25 The post Our car week in review: how far will diesel sales fall? appeared first on Motoring[...]

New 2019 Peugeot 208 GTi to be offered in pure EV form

Thursday  14:26,   12 july 2018

An all-electric version of the Peugeot 208 GTi will join a conventional petrol model next yearA Peugeot 208 EV has been expected since parent firm PSA announced that its switch to a new CMP (Common Modular Platform) would include an electric-ready[...]