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Used car buying guide: luxury saloons from (almost) the price of an iPhone X

Monday  12:32,   21 may 2018

If you pay £1000 for a phone, make sure there’s a car attachedEven more incredibly, there are loads of people prepared to pay that price... for a phone. Good luck to them. It is a free world and I am sure the phone is fantastic. It’s just that it is [...]

Suzuki drops Swift Sport price before it even goes on sale

Monday  12:15,   21 may 2018

The hot hatch was criticised for being too pricey. We liked the new Suzuki Swift Sport when we first drove it a few weeks ago – the fun small car is low on weight, but big on fun. What we didn’t like was the increased price, which took[...]

Research reveals UK's driving offence hotspots

Monday  12:15,   21 may 2018

The UK’s driving offence hotspots have been revealed , with motorists in Avon and Somerset found to be the most likely to receive a fixed penalty notice (FPN).Analysis of 2.7 million FPNs revealed 197,692 drivers in Avon and Somerset received a[...]

Smart speed bumps to automatically check tyre tread depth

Monday  12:15,   21 may 2018

Drivers entering car parks could soon have their tyres automatically scanned for tread depth , after a Finnish company announced the expansion of its tyre-checking speed bumps.Nokian’s SnapSkan system features a ‘smart’ ramp that can be installed in [...]

Drivers' group slams 'money-making' speed awareness courses

Monday  12:11,   21 may 2018

Report shows no 'statistically significant' reduction in collisions as a result of courses. A drivers’ rights group has described speed awareness courses as ‘money-making’ and ‘unethical’ after a government report found that the courses had[...]

Autocar Awards 2018: the winners

Monday  12:10,   21 may 2018

Celebrating the most important cars of the past year and the inspirational people who make themSome of the most significant figures in the automotive world gathered in Silverstone’s Wing complex to celebrate exceptional cars and extraordinary[...]

Driven: 2018 Volvo V60

Monday  11:56,   21 may 2018

Volvo’s renaissance began back in 2014 with the XC90 SUV. Since then, it’s had hit after hit , with sensible Scandinavian style and class-leading safety becoming standard fare across the model ranges. Now, one of the last of the old line of Volvos[...]

Alpine A110 Premiere Edition 2018 UK review

Monday  11:55,   21 may 2018

Alpine's A110 comeback car manages to be both fun and interesting on UK roads at almost any speedIf you’ve read and fully digested Matt Prior’s dispatch from the launch of the A110 last year, you already know just how special a car Alpine has[...]

Keyless car theft – how to prevent it and stay safe

Monday  11:51,   21 may 2018

What is keyless car theft and you can you avoid being a victim of this modern 'epidemic'? Following years of a downward trend in the number of vehicle thefts, the so-called ‘relay attack’ is seen as a significant contributor to the[...]

Future classics: Nine affordable used cars set to rise in value

Monday  11:50,   21 may 2018

From the Renault Twizy to the Suzuki Jimny, here are some surprising cars that should make good investment buysClassic cars can be a solid investment, with rare and loved classics fetching millions at[...]

Remote control parking will be legal in the UK from June

Monday  11:46,   21 may 2018

New legislation means that remote control parking from outside the car will soon be legal This latest development is another step towards increased automation, with remote parking just one of a number of driving assistance technologies that [...]

Car investors “spoiling the market”, says Porsche-supported article

Monday  11:45,   21 may 2018

German brand promotes magazine's story that slams owners of cars that “rarely see the light of day” as "immoral"The article, which comes from the Porsche Klassik magazine, says that these investors are “spoiling the market” by “causing [...]

How to customise your McLaren Senna

Monday  11:40,   21 may 2018

Having read our track test of the McLaren Senna, you’ll likely want one. But what spec to choose? We savour the prospect at McLaren’s customisation suite is, I expect, a little like entering the Batcave.Housed on McLaren’s high-tech campus in[...]

The seven most underrated performance cars

Monday  11:35,   21 may 2018

The word ‘underrated’ and ‘performance cars’ don’t tend to go hand-in-hand. They’re the types of cars adored by petrolheads — and even those not actually that interested in cars — across the world. Many get a reputation far above their actual[...]

Matt Prior: The true impact of diesel's demise

Monday  11:35,   21 may 2018

The downturn of diesel is hitting some particularly hard. We discussIt’s something they might be particularly ruing in Solihull and Sunderland, where the downturn in diesel sales (demand in March was down by more than a third on the same month last[...]