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AA starts campaign to fight 'rampant' car park ticketing

Friday  19:06,   15 december 2017

Organisation says it's time councils stopped 'harvesting' fines from drivers.The motoring organisation wants to ‘restore the principle of deterrence’ in parking enforcement and put an end to what it calls ‘the harvesting of[...]

New vs used: Jaguar F-Type and Audi R8 head-to-head

Friday  14:36,   15 december 2017

Starting at more than £50,000, Jaguar’s new four-cylinder F-Type is aiming high. Can it compete with a similarly priced second-hand Audi R8?But, in fact, it’s ‘only’ the 296bhp, 2.0-litre, four-cylinder version that was launched in the summer to add [...]

Meet the Mercedes-Benz you can live in

Friday  14:32,   15 december 2017
Motoring Research

We drive the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo luxury camper. It's much more than a V-Class with beds The post Meet the Mercedes-Benz you can live in appeared first on Motoring Research. [...]

2018 Subaru XV first drive: a budget Land Rover alternative

Friday  14:31,   15 december 2017
Motoring Research

Do you rate ability over appearance? If so, the new Subaru XV could be for you The firm has no shame in positioning itself where Land Rover was a few years ago: selling no-nonsense four-wheel-drives for those who care more about capability[...]

BMW M5 vs Mercedes-AMG E63 S: The numbers

Friday  14:31,   15 december 2017

Both V8, both with switchable four-wheel drive, so which one wins the numbers game?And regardless of the inevitable pressure on these hairy-chested executive cars as emissions legislation gets more stringent, they're more powerful and[...]

11 modern classics you can’t afford not to buy

Friday  13:38,   15 december 2017
Motoring Research

We've picked out the highlights from this weekend's Classic Car Auctions sale If you’re buying a modern classic with a view to making the maths add up, an auction purchase could make a lot of sense. They generally achieve lower[...]

Daftest things that drivers do

Friday  13:37,   15 december 2017
Read Cars

When it comes to driving we’re all guilty of making silly mistakes. Some of them, like losing keys, only affect the owner, while others impact on other drivers, and many can cost a fortune to[...]

Dealers warned of ‘car clocking crisis’ – and customers are to blame

Friday  13:36,   15 december 2017
Motoring Research

As the popularity of PCP deals continues to grow, Cazana warns that this could lead to more clocked cars on the roads With many finance offers including (sometimes unrealistic) mileage limits, drivers are more likely than ever to resort to[...]

Police: Why even hands-free calls could land you in jail

Friday  13:36,   15 december 2017

Police are urging motorists to “think twice” following the conviction of a woman for causing death by dangerous driving while she was talking hands-free on a mobile phone. Samantha Ayres, 34, of West Street, Horncastle, Lincs., collided head-on with [...]

Tesla Model S Shooting Brake estate offered by Dutch coachbuilder

Friday  13:23,   15 december 2017
Auto Express

A London-based Dutch car designer has led a team to create a shooting brake variant of the Tesla Model S all-electric saloon. No photos of the ultra-exclusive shooting brake have been seen yet but the firm has released sketches of the[...]

Budweiser orders a fleet of Tesla trucks

Friday  13:23,   15 december 2017

They've placed one of the biggest orders to-date.Anheuser-Busch, the brewer behind the Budweiser brand has placed an order for a fleet of Tesla's new all-electric[...]

New 2021 baby MINI SUV shaping up

Friday  13:22,   15 december 2017
Auto Express

MINI will take advantage of the continuing SUV boom by launching a smaller sister car to the Countryman , Auto Express can exclusively reveal.The new model – previewed in our exclusive images – won’t join the range until 2021 at the earliest, making [...]

Ford pledges to save historic cars traded in under scrappage scheme

Friday  13:21,   15 december 2017
Motoring Research

Ford has changed the terms and conditions of its controversial scrappage scheme – meaning cars classified as ‘historic vehicles’ by the DVLA will not automatically be scrapped.The scheme allows drivers to trade in their old cars for a new Ford with [...]

New 2019 BMW M3 makes its spy photo debut

Friday  13:17,   15 december 2017

Expect the sporty saloon to show up sometime in 2019.The current-generation F80 has been on the market since 2014, and though it has undergone a nip here, a tuck there and been given a hardcore CS designation, the BMW will end production in[...]

Volkswagen lowers entry price of T-Roc, Arteon

Friday  13:16,   15 december 2017
Motoring Research

Bargain-hunters now have a lower list price to start fromThis takes the starter price for the T-Roc down to under £19,000: a 1.0 TSI 115 S is priced from £18,950. But if that is far too cheap, Volkswagen has broadened the other end of the range as[...]