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Mercedes-AMG to launch high-performance electric cars

Wednesday  18:25,   17 january 2018

Pure electric cars now in the works at AMG to supplement new hybrid models, Merc’s R&D boss has hinted“Are we going to see all-electric AMGs?’ said Mercedes R&D boss Ola Kallenius, “Why not? It is not a concrete programme at the moment,[...]

700bhp Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 coming in 2019

Wednesday  18:25,   17 january 2018

The new Shelby GT500 will be the most powerful road-legal production Ford yet, says the car makerFord has capped an action-packed Detroit Show by revealing an all-new, super performance Mustang Shelby GT500, reviving a model it stopped selling in[...]

UK's speeding hotspots revealed

Wednesday  13:46,   17 january 2018
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Drivers in West Yorkshire received the highest number of speeding tickets in Britain during 2017 , according to the latest official data.Leasing company UK Carline submitted freedom of information requests to the UK’s police forces and the results[...]

The 10 best car colours of all time

Wednesday  13:45,   17 january 2018

Recent figures have shown that the most popular colour choice for new cars in 2017 was black. Depressingly, an obsession with perceived resale values and not wishing to offend the eyes of potential buyers means that Britain’s roads are in[...]

Used car buying guide: Ford Mustang

Wednesday  13:45,   17 january 2018

A fifth-generation example of the Ford Mustang would make a fine addition to any automotive stable. We check the teeth and hoovesYou can pick up a used, low-mileage, current-generation Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost from £26,000, or a 5.0 V8 GT manual from[...]

Mercedes-Benz G-Class revealed with more tech, class & ability

Tuesday  18:36,   16 january 2018

Mercedes' off-road stalwart has been totally modernised beneath its old-school stylingMercedes has revealed its second-generation G-Class, which closely resembles the original utilitarian off-roader that was launched 38 years ago and has since[...]

Skoda Karoq review: SUV newcomer nails it

Tuesday  18:09,   16 january 2018
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While it’s not flash, it’s a solid, safe, spacious, comfortable and practical choice , backed up by a good engine range and Skoda‘s reputation for dependability.Follow us on Facebook and on [...]

Buy a bespoke ‘McLaren F1’ for just £150,000

Tuesday  18:08,   16 january 2018
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If you squint, you may never tell the difference Or is it? See the F1 above? That car’s up for sale for a ‘mere’ £150,000. And if you’re quick, you could do the deal this weekend at the NEC’s Autosport International, where it’s currently on [...]

Could the original Mustang Bullitt become a $4 million car?

Tuesday  18:06,   16 january 2018
Motoring Research

Steve McQueen chose it because it was affordable. It's not any longer McQueen was a consummate gearhead and racer, active in both sports car and desert motorcycle racing from 1959 on. He competed in the 12 Hours of Sebring, the Baja[...]

French government blasted over plans to reduce speed limits

Monday  17:36,   15 january 2018

The decision has been branded 'absurd' by one motoring group.The new regulations, which are intended to cut France’s climbing road death figures, will see the limits on two-way roads outside towns and cities fall from 90kph (56mph) to 80kph[...]

2018 Lexus LS 500h review: daring to be different

Monday  15:41,   15 january 2018

The new LS isn't following in the footsteps of its German rivals Introduction‘Anything you can do, I can do better’ is the usual chorus of luxury flagship models. The never-ending arms race amongst the few manufacturers that build such cars has[...]

JLR Classic to restore recently discovered 1948 Land Rover launch car

Monday  14:57,   15 january 2018

Recently discovered original Land Rover will be lovingly restored by JLR’s restoration departmentThe car went missing for a large portion of its history, sitting forgotten in a field in Wales for two decades, before a subsequent owner bought it to[...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger turned a gas-guzzling Mercedes into an electric car worth $1 million

Monday  14:56,   15 january 2018

Politician and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Leno agree that even big cars can become more energy-efficient.The G-Wagen is the first of its kind. The Austrian company Kreisel constructed it for the former governor by replacing its factory[...]

We’re a nation of lane-hoggers: just 1 in 4 drivers use the inside lane

Monday  14:55,   15 january 2018
Motoring Research

Half of drivers are happy to sit in the middle lane rather than apply strict lane disciplineThat’s according to a new report released today by Direct Line Car Insurance which analysed 70 hours of footage on UK motorways and discovered that only 23[...]

The Fastest Way to De-Fog Your Windshield

Monday  14:54,   15 january 2018
Road & Track

Science proves you can blast away the fog twice as fast.Winter's here, and for lots of us, that means dealing with a foggy windshield full of condensation when we go to start our cars. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't take that long for[...]