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Ford Focus 2018: everything you need to know

Thursday  16:41,   19 april 2018
The Week

The new hatchback has a sporty look and an SUV-inspired modelThe new car is the fourth generation of the company’s popular hatchback which was originally introduced in 1998 as a replacement for the[...]

Luxury cars: how electrification and environmentalism will affect them

Thursday  16:37,   19 april 2018

What will replace the ‘Buckingham Palace on wheels’ approach to building luxury cars in an era of electrification and environmental awareness? We investigateThe recent spat at the Geneva motor show between Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce was a most[...]

Opinion: how autonomous cars will affect the price of pizza

Thursday  16:34,   19 april 2018

Ford's self-driving car test programme has created some American Hot topics of discussion - including the cost of food deliveryThe arrival of fully self-driving cars on our roads in the not-all-that-distant future raises many big[...]

2018 Volkswagen Scirocco R review – can the mk5 Golf underpinnings still cut it?

Thursday  16:02,   19 april 2018

The VW Scirocco, despite being ten years old, is still on sale and the range is topped by the sporty R model. The VW Scirocco, despite being ten years old, is still on sale and the range is topped by the sporty R model. But, when the R was[...]

Is a supercar really quicker in the real world? We pitch a £130,000 Porsche against a £12,000 Smart car in a drive across Wales

Thursday  16:01,   19 april 2018
Daily Mail

With car makers quoting astronomical speeds for their latest performance models, we wanted to find out if you can really use all that extra power when you're driving within the legal limits on UK roads . The route: a 190-miles law-abiding[...]

The BMW M2 Competition is a glorious way to go green

Thursday  16:01,   19 april 2018
Motoring Research

It has a more efficient engine with fewer emissions – oh, and way more power and focusThe new BMW M2 Competition is much more than simply a tuned-up BMW M2. It has an all-new engine, uprated steering, brakes, suspension and exhaust, a new look on[...]

Ferrari 488 Pista prototype first drive

Thursday  16:00,   19 april 2018

Ferrari wants to make the ultimate track-focused road-going supercar. Could the 488 Pista be it? We find outThe name says it all and aptly describes what this hardcore variant of the Ferrari 488 is all[...]

How to buy your first dream car

Thursday  15:52,   19 april 2018

Your first date, your kid’s first steps, your first you-know-what Isn’t it time you added your first dream car to that bank of treasured memories?Be it school fees, a house purchase or your second daughter’s wedding – or even your daughter’s second[...]

Audi reveals new e-tron Vision Gran Turismo

Wednesday  19:45,   11 april 2018

Virtual race car turned into fully functioning coupe as marketing spearhead for e-tron electric car brand and Formula E involvementAudi has revealed a new four-wheel drive 805bhp electric-powered supercar to be deployed as a race taxi at selected[...]

West Midlands Police top table of misfuelling cop cars

Wednesday  19:44,   11 april 2018

Police officers mistakenly filled their patrol cars with the wrong type of fuel nearly 300 times in 2017 – costing the taxpayer more than £50,000. The TaxPayers’ Alliance described the figures, released after a Freedom of Information investigation[...]

Nine new Jaguars to expect in the coming years

Wednesday  19:41,   11 april 2018

With electrification on the horizon for Jaguar's model range, we run down what the future holds for the brandWe've revealed details of the J-Pace, which will go head-to-head with the Porsche Cayenne, but there are eight other new cars set[...]

BMW M2 Competition photos leaked

Wednesday  19:40,   11 april 2018

Harder core M2 is about to get the M4 engine. We know the BMW M2 Competition has been coming, but thanks to fellow automotive brethren, BMW Blog, we can now show you official pictures of the latest car to wear the famous red, blue and purple[...]

Details of Ford's new fourth-generation Focus model leaked ahead of its global launch

Wednesday  19:31,   11 april 2018
Daily Mail

It comes 20 years after the first Focus was launched to become one of Britain and the world’s best-selling cars with nearly 2million UK customers so far. Related: The best-selling Fords of all time (PA Motoring) Your browser does not support[...]

BMW and Mini launch pay-as-you-go subscription service

Wednesday  19:29,   11 april 2018

Models ranging from Mini 3dr to BMW 5 Series are on offerPayments, which start from £131 per week (equating to around £568 a month), include the costs of insurance and maintenance, as well as breakdown cover, as one[...]

'2018 might see a road-legal production car hit 300mph. Pointless? In every practical sense, yes'

Wednesday  19:28,   11 april 2018

Pointless? In every practical sense, yes, completely and utterly. It wasn’t so long ago – okay, it was 30+ years ago: make me feel old, why don’t you? – that 200mph was the benchmark. Back then people like us talked in hushed, worshipful[...]