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Fisker EMotion EV and flexible solid-state battery debut at CES

Tuesday  19:31,   09 january 2018

<p>This is our first full look at the EMotion's interior.</p>Fisker teased the reveal of the EMotion in recent days, showing off the butterfly doors, and giving us a glimpse of the interior. Previously, we had learned of its fantastic,[...]

Surveillance chief: number plates should be regulated like passports

Tuesday  17:00,   09 january 2018
Motoring Research

Government warned that it's too easy to bodge number plates and evade detection by ANPR cameras&nbsp;That’s according to a report prepared by the UK’s surveillance camera commissioner Tony Porter and presented to Parliament this[...]

The Seat Leon Cupra R has sold out in the UK

Tuesday  13:36,   09 january 2018
Motoring Research

You should probably buy a Volkswagen Golf R anyway&nbsp;Yes, there’s just 24 coming to the UK, and finding 24 dedicated hot Seat fans probably wasn’t that difficult. But it’s hard to ignore the strength of its competitors: the Honda Civic Type R [...]

Austin 1800: the ‘big Mini’ that helped break the British car industry

Tuesday  13:35,   09 january 2018
Motoring Research

At its peak, just 40,000 ADO17s were sold a year – miserably short of its predicted 200,000The stick is stamped with ‘min’ and ‘max’ lines on it, a collar fixed to the upper part of its stem ensuring that it stops at the correct point when pushed[...]

The medical conditions that can (or can't) stop you driving

Tuesday  12:56,   09 january 2018
Read Cars

Not everyone knows that you may have to inform the DVLA if you have a medical condition, and people who do know this may be only vaguely aware of it. The situation is in fact very complex, but should be easier to understand once you have read this[...]

Land Rover launches van version of Discovery SUV

Tuesday  11:50,   09 january 2018

Discovery Commercial can go anywhere. We already knew the Land Rover Discovery could go anywhere, but now it can be used anywhere thanks to an all-new van variant of the popular SUV.Swapping rear seats for...absolutely nothing, the Discovery[...]

Bentley Bentayga plug-in hybrid confirmed for Geneva motor show

Tuesday  11:50,   09 january 2018

Bentayga PHEV will join the upcoming V8 twin-turbo petrol motor in the second quarter of the year. Bentley is all set to expand the engine lineup of its posh Bentayga SUV with the introduction of a hybrid powertrain – and we've[...]

Toyota unveiled a crazy-looking self-driving vehicle that could haul freight or deliver pizza on the sidewalk

Monday  23:38,   08 january 2018
Tech Insider

<p>Toyota revealed a self-driving concept vehicle, the e-Palette, at CES on Monday</p>The electric, box-shaped vehicle will come in three sizes. The largest will be around the size of a bus and be able to haul freight and make large[...]

Toyota's boxy e-Palette may be the shareable future of transport

Monday  23:37,   08 january 2018

The e-Palette concept previews a future where autonomous vehicles are flexible and seamlessly shareable between people and businesses for a variety of uses.Much of the automotive news at CES this year are platform announcements, broad looks at the[...]

Torc car drives itself as well as any human at CES 2018

Monday  23:36,   08 january 2018

A drive through Las Vegas in Torc Robotic's self-driving car shows that the technology may be ready for the public.Only, this car, a Lexus RX 450h modified by Torc Robotics, is driving itself, and I realize it's the first time I've experienced a [...]

Revised 2018 Citroen C4 Cactus prices start from £17,265

Monday  20:26,   08 january 2018
Motoring Research

Not as quirky and not as cheap, eitherThat’s rather more expensive than the distinctive-looking outgoing model, but the firm believes a raft of ‘Citroen Advanced Comfort’ improvements (and, presumably, the more conventional appearance) should help[...]

McLaren records biggest sales year yet in 2017

Monday  20:25,   08 january 2018

The British supercar marque delivered 3340 cars in 2017 – 54 more than 2016 and more than double 2015's figureAlthough that is only a modest increase over 2016's 3286 cars - which itself represented growth of 99.3% over the previous year -[...]

Fisker unveils EMotion electric sedan's butterfly doors

Monday  17:58,   08 january 2018

<p>Plus a small-scale demo of its new battery technology.</p>We have about enough specs on the EMotion to fill a Post-It note, but we're told that the range comes courtesy of a whopping 143-kWh lithium-ion battery that can be re-juiced with a[...]

Byton's CES concept car looks destined for the high-tech road

Monday  17:57,   08 january 2018

Combining all of the next decade's hot technologies, the new car introduced by startup Byton looks like something we will eventually drive.It's electric, of course, can drive itself, connects to the internet through 5G, uses Amazon Alexa as a[...]

Tesla delays Model 3 production targets again

Monday  14:06,   08 january 2018

Company boss Elon Musk claims progress on clearing 'production bottlenecks', despite falling short on promised deliveries in final quarter of 2017Tesla has pushed back its production targets for the Model 3 once more, after again falling[...]