Entertainment Craig David's music proves he is 'heterosexual'

10:50  13 october  2017
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Feeder don't listen to music

  Feeder don't listen to music Feeder frontman Grant Nicholas rarely has time to listen to other bands' music.The 'Just a Day' singer insists he spends so much time working with his own band, the last thing he wants to do at the end of the day is tune in to other artists.

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Craig David © Bang Showbiz Craig David

Craig David believes his music proves he is "heterosexual".

The 36-year-old singer has admitted he leaves his love life "open" because he doesn't feel he needs to "reinforce" his sexuality, but he also thinks his songs, which are mostly centred around seduction and romancing a female, is "very evident" to any doubters about his beliefs.

Speaking to The Sun's Bizarre Life podcast about the speculation surrounding his romantic life, the '7 Days' hitmaker said: "You know what? I leave it very open because at the end of the day it's one of those things where I shouldn't have to reinforce and state, 'No, I'm a heterosexual' -- because that's all nonsense.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: 'Luis Fonsi has done so much for Latin music'

  Lin-Manuel Miranda: 'Luis Fonsi has done so much for Latin music' Lin-Manuel Miranda has credited Luis Fonsi for opening up Latin music to a wider community. The Hamilton star has united musicians including Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello and Marc Anthony for his new track Almost Like Praying, released to raise funds for Puerto Rico hurricane relief. The tune features lyrics in both Spanish and English, and Lin-Manuel said in a new interview that the success of Luis' tune Despacito has paved the way for similarly diverse songs to find success in the industry. "I was listening to Luis Fonsi in college. Luis Fonsi is no overnight sensation to me or to any Puerto Rican on the island," Lin-Manuel told Billboard.com. "It’s the rest of the world that has caught up. At the same time I do have to acknowledge (the step) that Despacito opens. Because it has been the greatest hit in the world, and most of the people don’t even know what the words mean. And that allows for a song like Almost Like Praying to travel beyond the Latin community. If a song is good it doesn’t matter what language it’s in." Almost Like Praying sees the song's stars recite the names of all 78 towns in Puerto Rico. Speaking about how he came up with the tune, Lin-Manuel admitted that it became part of his mission to unite "pop music and theatre music". "I think the construction of the song is just a function of how my brain works. I’m a guy who listens to show tunes and hip-hop and Latin music," he said.

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With that album, Craig David secured himself a place in the British music establishment and rightly so. It was great. Now he is proving himself to be one of the best DJs around.

"I think it's very evident in the way my songs are and how I speak about relationships so I wouldn't even go into it. It's like if that's what you feel it's what you feel.

"The only person that it really matters is the relationship that I'm in and I know, I know."

And the artist thinks it is "strange" people are always trying to "define" others based on their beliefs.

He continued: "I feel in the sense that if you're heterosexual, if you're bisexual, if you're gay, if you're a lesbian, if you're transgender, whatever the vibe is, that's what you represent.

"I've always found it quite strange that we always like to try and define people and say this is how it is and this is how it should be.

"That's one of the things that the internet and social media have really opened up and allowed.

It’s official: Data science proves Mondays are the worst

  It’s official: Data science proves Mondays are the worst People who are miserable on Monday have lots of company. It’s the worst day of the week for millions, according to researchers at the University…Even cartoon cats know Monday sucks, but the sheer (and increasing) amount of data that’s available every day, combined with improving techniques for analysis, could offer new insights into society. And while there are many instruments for measuring things like wealth and productivity, ideas like “happiness” for large populations have been more difficult to pin down.

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As Craig David makes his musical comeback in 2016, let us not forget that the 'Born To Do It' legend was Drake before Drake was Drake. "The original Drake" is BACK. 16. Then Craig David went one further and hinted that he might actually be working with Drake!

"People have got a voice now. We've got to stop the nonsense now and open it up."

Meanwhile, the 'Fill Me In' vocalist has revealed he would love to start a family of his own one day because he thinks he would be a "very good dad" as he could pass on "a lot of wisdom" to his brood.

Speaking about his future goals, he said: "It would be amazing to share my journey with somebody and that's the big difference.

"I'd love to have kids. I think I'd be a very good dad and I think I'd have a lot of wisdom to share.

"But even with age you'll just know, you'll just be with someone and you won't think about it. You'll just be like, 'I want to have children with you and this just feels right'."

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