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Mobileye: Without safety standards self-driving cars risk being an 'expensive science experiment'

Wednesday  11:58,   18 october 2017

Mobileye says there should be predetermined rules to evaluate and determine who is responsible when self-driving cars collide with human-driven cars. Mobileye says its technology could use those rules so autonomous-drive vehicles "would not issue a[...]

This Is What Obama Used To Order With His Oval Office Red Button

Wednesday  11:58,   18 october 2017

The Oval Office isn't just a seat of power, it's a place where the president works through lunch, the same way that most people do at work. The Oval Office isn't just a seat of power, it's a place where the president works through[...]

Average UK house price up by £11,000 annually to reach £226,000, figures show

Wednesday  06:48,   18 october 2017
Press Association

Average house prices increased by 5% in the year to August, according to ONS and Land Registry figures.Overall, average house prices increased by 5% in the year to August, up from an annual increase of 4.5% in July, according to the report released[...]

Carney Confirms Rate Hike Is Near as BOE Heads for Tipping Point

Wednesday  06:47,   18 october 2017

Mark Carney reaffirmed that the Bank of England is close to its first interest-rate increase in over a decade, as inflation hit 3 percent and one of his colleagues said the economy is approaching a “tipping point.” In a series of testimonies to[...]

Estate agent ads banned for failure to say clearly fee payable even with no sale

Wednesday  06:46,   18 october 2017
Press Association

Ads for online estate agent Purplebricks have been banned for failing to be clear that its fee is payable even when a property does not sell. The two television ads featured an older and younger couple and two women discussing house sales, with both [...]

Is a ‘no-deal’ Brexit actually better than a bad deal?

Wednesday  06:45,   18 october 2017
The Week

In Depth: what would happen if Britain crashed out of the EU without a formal agreement has become a real possibility - but what would a “no-deal” Brexit actually look like?Sainsbury’s foresees food shortages and a 22% tax hike on[...]

Food and transport costs help push inflation to five-year high

Wednesday  06:43,   18 october 2017
Press Association

The Consumer Price Index measure of inflation rose to 3% last month, up from 2.9% in August.Inflation surged to a five-year high in September as rising food and transport costs upped the financial pressure on[...]

Pension rip-off fees scandal

Wednesday  06:42,   18 october 2017

Pensioners who take a regular income from their savings are at risk of losing £13,500 in fees, according to new research. The problem occurs when people access their pension savings and opt for a drawdown deal that allows them to regularly withdraw[...]

U.K. Is Said to See Brexit Breakdown Without EU Compromise

Wednesday  06:41,   18 october 2017

Brexit negotiations are heading for a catastrophic breakdown unless the European Union signals this week that it will allow talks to move on to trade, according to a person familiar with the U.K. government’s position. Without a clear sign that[...]

Central bankers face a crisis of confidence as models fail

Wednesday  06:40,   18 october 2017
The Financial Times

Central bankers usurped the titans of Wall Street as the masters of the universe almost a decade ago. They rescued the global economy from the financial crisis, flooding the world with cheap money. But never have they been so[...]

ANALYSTS: The pound could drop almost 20% further in a 'no deal' Brexit scenario

Tuesday  08:31,   17 october 2017
Business Insider

The most noticeable economic impact of Brexit on the average Brit in the past year has been the monumental drop in the value of the pound since the vote. Holidays have become more expensive and imported goods have gone up in[...]

Oil jumps on fears of new Iran sanctions, Iraq conflict

Monday  23:57,   16 october 2017

By Henning[...]

Is 'Spreadsheet Phil' heading for the sack?

Monday  23:56,   16 october 2017
Sky News

When compared with political nicknames such as Iron Lady, Tarzan or Grand Old Man, the sobriquet of Spreadsheet Phil doesn't shine.But it does at least ring true about the incumbent Chancellor, Philip Hammond: patrician, restrained, even[...]

They Created the Wildly Popular Hatchimals — And Now They’re Billionaires

Monday  23:55,   16 october 2017

Ahead of the holiday season, the newest iteration of the popular Hatchimals toys has twins emerge from their shell together — but these robotic animals aren’t the only two breaking a barrier this year. The co-CEOs and chairmen of the[...]

Weinstein Company enters into talks to sell assets as assault scandal grows

Monday  23:55,   16 october 2017
Press Association

The company has also secured a cash injection from the private equity firm.The Weinstein Company is mulling over the sale of “all or a significant portion” of its assets amid growing allegations of sexual assault by film producer Harvey[...]