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News: Money

Louboutin wins key legal battle over red soles

Wednesday  12:30,   13 june 2018

Shoe maker Christian Louboutin has won a key European legal battle to protect his products' signature red soles as a trademark. The European Court of Justice ruled in favour of the French luxury brand after it sought to prevent Dutch high[...]

Beware the ‘mother of all credit bubbles’

Wednesday  06:25,   13 june 2018

Mortgage debt fueled the last bubble. Corporate debt is fueling this one.Now, 12 years later, it’s happening again. This time, however, it’s not households using cheap debt to take cash out of their overvalued homes. Rather, it is giant corporations [...]

Tesla cuts nine per cent of staff as Elon Musk aims at profitability

Wednesday  06:15,   13 june 2018

Electric car maker Tesla is cutting several thousand jobs across its workforce in a bid to reduce its costs as it ramps up production on the Model 3, chief executive Elon Musk confirmed in a tweet last night.In an email sent to staff, Musk said the [...]

Martin Sorrell’s downfall: why the ad king left WPP

Tuesday  17:30,   12 june 2018

<p>A tangled tale of whistleblowing and boardroom intrigue</p>Having worked 12 days on the trot, an extra long chauffeuring shift had finished with a request to pick up Sir Martin’s wife, Cristiana, from Isabel, a Mayfair restaurant, and drop[...]

Donald Trump Net Worth: How the President’s Fortune Has Changed

Tuesday  15:35,   12 june 2018

Real estate holdings make up the bulk of the president's wealth.Today, Trump occupies the Oval Office and has eschewed the long-standing tradition of putting his assets into a blind trust while he serves in office, instead opting to leave the[...]

Tears 'R' Us: The world's biggest toy store didn't have to die

Tuesday  14:36,   12 june 2018

<p>An object lesson in financial mismanagement and miscalculation from the fallen Toys “R” Us.</p><p></p>The early tale of Toys “R” Us brims with ambition, energy, and no small amount of ruthlessness, as creation stories often do.[...]

Jaguar Land Rover to Move Discovery SUV Production to Slovakia

Tuesday  06:40,   12 june 2018

Britain’s biggest carmaker, Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Plc, is moving all production of its Land Rover Discovery to Slovakia from a plant near Birmingham, which will be retooled to accommodate a new generation of electric cars. The company, owned[...]

High Street bloodbath: 30,000 retail workers in Britain under threat of losing their jobs as collapse of Poundworld puts a further 5,100 at risk

Tuesday  06:35,   12 june 2018

On another bleak day for the High Street, the loss-making store Poundworld was the latest to crash into administration, putting 5,100 jobs at risk. The company, which has 335 shops and sells everything from flip-flops to deodorant and baked beans,[...]

U.K. Factory, Construction Data Cast Doubt Over Economy

Tuesday  06:10,   12 june 2018

U.K. manufacturing output fell the most in 5 1/2 years in April and construction posted a smaller-than- expected gain, casting fresh doubt over the health of the economy. The pound weakened. Factory production shrank 1.4 percent, the most since[...]

Elon Musk’s Flamethrowers Are Here, Because That's What The World Needs Right Now

Monday  17:51,   11 june 2018

Just in time for Father's DayHis tunnel construction project, the Boring Company, sold out its 20,000 flamethrowers within just a few days, and on Saturday, the first thousand units were made available to[...]

Brexiteer Odey bets £500m AGAINST British businesses: Rees-Mogg backer hopes to gain from ‘short’ stakes in shares he believes will fall...

Monday  15:15,   11 june 2018

His firm Odey Asset Management has taken out more than £500 million ‘short’ positions on some of Britain’s biggest firms, implying that he expects a poor performance from them. The firms represent a cross-section of the UK economy, including ITV,[...]

Cryptocurrencies Lose $42 Billion After South Korean Bourse Hack

Monday  12:41,   11 june 2018

The 2018 selloff in cryptocurrencies deepened, wiping out $42 billion of market value over the weekend and extending this year’s slump in Bitcoin to more than 50 percent. Some observers pinned the retreat on an exchange hack in South Korea, while[...]

Indian celebrity jeweller flees to UK claiming political asylum

Monday  12:21,   11 june 2018

Nirav Modi, the Indian jeweller at the centre of an alleged $2bn bank fraud in his home country, has fled to the UK where he is claiming political asylum, according to officials in both countries. Indian police have been trying to track Mr Modi,[...]

Fears Hard Brexit will lead to a shortage of vaccines and other vital medicines

Monday  11:35,   11 june 2018

Steve Bates, chief executive of the British BioIndustry Association, said ‘there is no legal certainty about the future regulation of vaccines and medicines in a hard Brexit.’ ‘The worst case scenario is that vaccines may not be available,’ he[...]