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Selling an old blanket he'd thought was worthless made this man $1.5 million

Wednesday  19:52,   22 november 2017

Loren Krytzer was scraping by on disability checks when he became a millionaire overnight, all thanks to a blanket from his closet."Everybody loves a rags to riches story," laughs[...]

This man is about to launch himself in his homemade rocket to prove the Earth is flat

Wednesday  19:52,   22 november 2017
The Washington Post

Goodbye, cold, flat[...]

Egypt Discovers Ancient Roman Treasure and 'Royal Head'

Wednesday  13:40,   22 november 2017

Archaeologists discovered the trove of artifacts on the Mediterranean seabed near the city of Alexandria.The wrecks, filled with ancient artifacts, are Roman and date back when the empire spread over Europe and North[...]

Forbidden City and Vatican try 'art diplomacy'

Wednesday  10:06,   22 november 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

China's Forbidden City and the Vatican Museums are set to swap 40 works of art as part of efforts to bolster diplomatic relations between the Communist country and the seat of the Catholic Church.  The works -- including[...]

Budweiser to send barley seeds into space next month

Wednesday  09:20,   22 november 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

Beermaker Budweiser is following up on its ambitious plan to become the first beer on Mars, by sending barley seeds into space next month. After first revealing plans to go where no beer has gone before at South by Southwest in Austin,[...]

Indonesian's odd name lands him new job

Tuesday  20:20,   21 november 2017

An Indonesian can thank his parents after his unusual name not only spared him a traffic ticket but also landed him a job with the police who stopped him. Cops were shocked when they pulled over the 22-year-old for driving without a licence and[...]

Full of beans - coffee grounds to help power London's buses

Monday  17:36,   20 november 2017

Waste coffee grounds will be used to help fuel some of London's buses, Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L) and clean technology company bio-bean said on Monday. A new biofuel, which contains part coffee oil, is being added to the London bus fuel supply[...]

'Selling death': Australia cemeteries get new lease of life

Monday  12:20,   20 november 2017

From the graveside to the dinner plate, olive oil is being harvested from centuries-old trees at a Australian cemetery in a bid to shake up people's attitudes towards death and burial sites. The full-bodied oil from Adelaide city's West Terrace[...]

This Wedding Guest Has The Best Reaction To Hilarious Photo Fail

Monday  06:20,   20 november 2017

Wedding photos are usually emotional, but sometimes, they’re just downright hilarious. Wedding guest Mike Tague recently became a viral sensation on Twitter after sharing a funny shot a photographer took of Tague and his boyfriend, Andrew[...]

Video Of Rapping Mom Goes Viral

Sunday  13:50,   19 november 2017
International Business Times

A Texas mom rapped about her experiences of being a mom.Daniels, a resident of Denison, a small town located 70 miles north of Dallas, recorded the video as her three children were seated with her in a vehicle. Her kids bobbed their heads to the[...]

This car ad for used '96 Honda Accord brought home $20K

Sunday  13:50,   19 november 2017

Set to a piano tune and relaxed narration, the ad boasts aerial shots of Lanman's girlfriend cruising California's coast with a coffee pot in the passenger seat and the couple's fuzzy white cat on her lap.The hassle of online[...]

Students find treasures buried under 100-year-old school

Sunday  12:06,   19 november 2017
CBS News

For the past two years, students have been excavating nearly every closet in the 100-year-old school . They're finding some really old things, some more recent and some much more recent. All of it uncovered with the kind of glee rarely seen in[...]

Homeowners Shocked as Unexpected Visitor Turns Up on Their Porch — an Alligator

Saturday  18:06,   18 november 2017
Inside Edition

They believed the alligator somehow made its way from a swampy area near the family’s home and to their shaded porch.The Cape Coral Police Department responded to a local residence last week after the homeowner reported what they called a[...]

Skeletons Found At Qumran Could Answer The Dead Sea Scrolls Mystery

Saturday  18:06,   18 november 2017
International Business Times

Newly excavated skeletons could answer the decades-long debate over who once occupied a settlement located near the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. The Dead Sea scrolls are considered the greatest manuscripts of all time. It[...]

Twin Polar Bear Cubs Celebrate Turning 1 With Joint Birthday Party

Saturday  18:05,   18 november 2017
Inside Edition

Neva and Nuniq feasted on fish-filled birthday cakes, played with brightly colored blocks of ice and did birthday laps around their pool.Twin cubs Neva and Nuniq feasted on fish-filled birthday cakes, played with brightly colored blocks of ice and[...]