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News: Weird News

'Pretty amazing': Alberta researchers spot new fossil species - and its lunch

Friday  13:36,   22 june 2018

University of Alberta researchers have discovered a new species of ancient underwater lizards in a fossil so well preserved they can see what it had for lunch. "We know what it was eating," said Ilaria Paparella, a PhD candidate who worked on the[...]

A 20-year-old is turning famous paintings into incredibly detailed makeup art on her face

Friday  13:35,   22 june 2018

Pamela Tellez Coria creates intricate makeup art on her face — much of it inspired by classic artwork. Several of her creations have gone viral. - She started getting interested in makeup when she was 14, Coria told INSIDER.It's hard enough to get[...]

Man manages to get a table at restaurant by pretending to be Moroccan prime minister

Friday  13:35,   22 june 2018

Trying to book a table at an in-demand restaurant is never as easy as it seems. Just ask Patrick Bateman about the pressures of trying to get into a high-end[...]

'Everyone's hair is still holding up well': Girlfriend's hilarious play-by-play account of England's World Cup victory for her boyfriend over WhatsApp goes viral

Friday  09:46,   22 june 2018

The devoted girlfriend revealed how she gave her partner a running commentary of what was going on in the match between England and Tunisia, as he was still on his way home.The devoted girlfriend, posting under the username lightningstarr, revealed[...]

These Sparrows Have Been Singing the Same Songs for 1500 Years

Friday  09:45,   22 june 2018

Talk about a one-hit[...]

Rat breaches bank ATM in India, eats $18,000 worth of cash

Friday  09:45,   22 june 2018

<p>When bank technicians in India were finally summoned to investigate why an ATM (automated teller machine) had not been working for days, they began to smell a rat.</p>What they found inside the ATM was almost $18,000 worth of shredded[...]

This ancient Chinese tomb held a royal, her extinct ape — and a warning

Friday  09:45,   22 june 2018

Thousands of years ago, a gibbon was buried with a member of the Chinese elite. Now these gibbons are gone.And humans, the scientists say, are the likely agents of these gibbons'[...]

Toddler Who Parallel Parked Her Car on the Street Receives Cute 'Ticket'

Thursday  14:10,   21 june 2018

Her mom said it was a kind gesture.Covington police said an officer spotted the toy vehicle, a BMW, parallel parked on the side of the road in 3-year-old Kendyll’s neighborhood. It was "next to the big guy’s vehicles,” the department said on[...]

California Family Orders a Bike Online, Winds Up With a Bearded Dragon

Thursday  14:10,   21 june 2018

Falkor apparently hitched a ride inside their Walmart delivery.It all started when the Brummet family of San Jacinto ordered a mountain bike from Walmart, meant to be a gift for their[...]

Blood, sweat and accessories - artist recycles bodily fluids for fashion

Thursday  09:50,   21 june 2018

<p>Struggling to make your fashion more personal? No sweat. A London fashion student can help you decorate your attire with crystal accessories formed from your bodily excretions.</p>Royal College of Art graduate Alice Potts showcased her[...]

A 12-Year-Old Boy Called Police Twice Because He Didn’t Like His Salad

Thursday  08:55,   21 june 2018

A Canadian boy has taken his dislike for greens to a whole new level!&nbsp;On June 14, the Halifax District Royal Canadian Mounted Police took to Facebook to remind the community they serve when it is and is not appropriate to call 911 for help. [...]

Akon 'to build real life Wakanda' in Senegal

Thursday  08:55,   21 june 2018

Grammy-nominated artist Akon is planning to build a futuristic city in Senegal and base its entire economy around a new cryptocurrency named after himself.  The multi-platinum-selling music producer unveiled the ambitious project at a creatives [...]

Chick-fil-A worker chases down customer who forgot food, becomes viral sensation

Wednesday  14:06,   20 june 2018

"I knew I could probably catch [the customer], so I figured I might as well give it a shot," he said.Jared Wilson, 19, was working at the Chick-fil-A location in Midlothian, Va., when he realized a co-worker had forgotten to include one of [...]

Remarkable Fossil of Strange Platypus-like Fish Found

Wednesday  14:05,   20 june 2018

“This was one strange-looking fish."The strange creature, named Brindabellaspis, belonged to an extinct group of animals called placoderms—primitive-jawed fishes who  existed throughout the Devonian Period (around 416 to 359 million years[...]

A photo of a cake with optical illusion frosting is dividing the internet — but some people are fed up with the debate

Wednesday  14:05,   20 june 2018

From the colors of "The Dress" to the sounds of "yanny" and "laurel," people can't seem to resist a good viral brain teaser and the ensuing debate.&nbsp;- Some saw them pointing up, others saw them pointing[...]