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Spanish village 'purifies' horses with fire in age-old ritual

Thursday  08:05,   18 january 2018

Thick smoke fills the cobbled streets of San Bartolome de Pinares as the clip-clop of galloping hooves edges ever closer to a bonfire crackling nearby. Suddenly a horse and its rider burst through the flames as the mysterious age-old festival of Las [...]

Alien sightings are no excuse for filing your tax return late

Wednesday  20:51,   17 january 2018

As Britain's deadline for annual tax returns looms, revenue authorities have warned they will be keeping a sharp lookout for any mention of aliens. Seeking to encourage taxpayers to file their returns by Jan. 31, Her Majesty's Revenue and[...]

In the coldest village on earth, eyelashes freeze, dinner is frozen and temperatures sink to -88F

Wednesday  15:30,   17 january 2018
The Washington Post

Life in this Siberian village, where temperatures plunged to as low as -88F this week, is constant negotiation with the cold.Eyelashes freeze; frostbite is a constant danger; and cars are usually kept running even when not being used, lest their[...]

Aliens, apocalypse, lightning? ... No, just a meteor rocking Michigan

Wednesday  15:30,   17 january 2018

A bright meteor briefly swept across the sky over parts of the U.S. Midwest and Canada on Tuesday, weather and geology agencies said, and then caused a powerful explosion that rattled homes and onlookers. The meteor was seen across the region in[...]

Whisky and waders as fishermen welcome salmon season in Scotland

Wednesday  09:25,   17 january 2018

On the banks of the River Tay in the Scottish highlands, a parade of pipers and a whisky-based blessing helped mark the start of the country's salmon fishing season on Monday. The village of Kenmore has been the traditional starting place for[...]

New zip line opens over Grand Canyon for thrill seekers

Wednesday  08:25,   17 january 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

A new way to experience the Grand Canyon has opened targeting adrenaline junkies.  If the glass-bottom Grand Canyon Skywalk bridge at Grand Canyon West isn't exciting enough for you, a new attraction has opened in the[...]

Drunk droning now illegal in New Jersey

Tuesday  20:36,   16 january 2018

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a law on Monday making it illegal to fly an unmanned drone aircraft after too many drinks, a spokesman said on the Republican's last day in office.The law prohibits flying a drone with a blood alcohol[...]

Subway-themed sports shoes are just the ticket for Berliners

Tuesday  20:35,   16 january 2018

Dozens of sports shoe enthusiasts stormed Adidas stores in Berlin to snatch a pair of shoes launched in collaboration with the public transport network that incorporate the same pattern as the subway's seats, as well as an annual ticket. Adidas[...]

Le smartphone? France has another term in mind

Tuesday  09:11,   16 january 2018

Smartphones may have become ubiquitous in France, but the country's language mavens hope there's still time to keep the word from becoming ensconced in everyday speech. The Enrichment Commission for the French Language has come up with what[...]

World's fifth largest diamond discovered in Lesotho

Monday  19:20,   15 january 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

A diamond thought to be the fifth largest of gem quality ever found has been discovered in Lesotho, miner Gem Diamonds said Monday, and could be worth as much as $40 million.  The company unearthed the D-colour stone at the Letseng [...]

Chinese 'rainbow dinosaur' had iridescent feathers like hummingbirds

Monday  15:26,   15 january 2018

Scientists on Monday announced the discovery of a crow-sized, bird-like dinosaur with colorful feathers from northeastern China that lived 161 million years ago during the Jurassic Period. They named it Caihong, the Mandarin word for rainbow.[...]

Rare 'Firework' Jelly Fish Spotted Off The Coast Of Mexico

Monday  14:39,   15 january 2018
International Business Times

The Halitrephes Maasi jellyfish is extremely rare and is one of a dozen to have been ever seen. This jellyfish looks like a 'firework' from is appearance.Researchers onboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus — a research vessel operated by the [...]

Japan's latest sensation is a cryptocurrency pop group

Monday  09:41,   15 january 2018

If you're starting a pop group in Japan, where giant rosters and virtual superstars are par for the course, how do you stand out? The group's first single, "The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me," warns listeners about the perils of[...]

5 Scrapped Designs for the World's Most Famous Buildings

Monday  09:00,   15 january 2018
Mental Floss

In an alternate reality, the Arc de Triomphe would have been a three-story-tall elephant statue.GoCompare, a comparison site for financial services, dug into these could-have-been designs for Alternate Architecture, an illustrated collection of[...]

Japan sewers clean up their act with manhole art

Monday  05:35,   15 january 2018

Japan's sewerage industry has found a way to clean up its dirty and smelly image: elaborately designed and colourful manhole covers with 12,000 local varieties nationwide -- including, of course, a Hello Kitty design. Appealing to a Japanese[...]