Weird News 475-Million-Year-Old Sea Creature Fossil Found Intact

11:57  04 may  2018
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Prehistoric sea creature dubbed Lyrarapax unguispinus was unearthed in China. The 520- million - year - old fossil was so well-preserved that parts of the brain and nervous system were clearly defined. Peiyun Cong.

They found the ancient creature had a primitive form of compound eye – an optical organ that consists of arrays of tiny visual cells, called ommatidia, similar to those of present-day bees. 530 Million Year Old Intact Eye Discovered by Scientists

An intact trilobite fossil was discovered by an 11-year-old. Pictured, an Acadoparadoxides briareus trilobite, which is 110x100cm (42,90x39in) and is displayed at Sotheby's auction house in Paris.  © Provided by IBT US An intact trilobite fossil was discovered by an 11-year-old. Pictured, an Acadoparadoxides briareus trilobite, which is 110x100cm (42,90x39in) and is displayed at Sotheby's auction house in Paris. 
In a surprise discovery, an 11-year-old girl has discovered the fossil of a rare creature, one that proliferated and scoured the oceans hundreds of million years ago.

Ryleigh Taylor was strolling along the shoreline of a lake in East Tennessee when she saw something strange lying on a rock. The structure appeared like a fossil, but she had no idea what it really was. So, she picked up the intriguing structure and returned home.

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530 million year old fossil of extinct sea creature … Researchers find 'oldest eye ever' in 530… World's Oldest Eye Discovered In… 530- million - year - old fossil contains world's…

Or is it just another fossilized creature ? How is it possible that a screw could have survived ‘ intact ’ for 300 million years ? 600 million year old fossils of tiny humanoids found in Antarctica, Anthropologists baffled.

When Colin Sumrall, an associate professor of paleobiology at the University of Tennessee, analyzed the discovery, he was totally surprised. The researcher revealed that the fossil is more than 475-million years old and belongs to a long-extinct sea creature dubbed trilobite, ABC affiliate reported.

"It's actually fairly unusual for someone to find a fossil," Sumrall told the news outlet.

Trilobites first appeared around 521 million years ago and thrived throughout the lower Paleozoic era before going extinct some 250 million years ago or well before the first dinosaurs appeared on the scene. Fossil records suggest they were one of the most successful early marine animals and survived almost 270 million years on planet Earth.

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A reconstruction of gilled lopopodians, ancient sea creatures found in formations in Morocco. An artist's interpretation of Aegirocassis benmoulai, a remarkably well-preserved 480- million - year - old arthropod known as an anomalocaridid.

The creature had limbs under its head that were likely used to sort and sweep food into its mouth. A daily dose of unique art, culture and technology. Scientists Discover 530 Million - Year - Old Sea Creature Fossil .

That said, discovering fossil of such an old animal is no less than a feat. The researcher added that the animal might have been roaming in the waters around what is now East Tennessee millions of years ago. He also noted that unlike most Trilobite fossils unearthed in the past, this one is completely in very good condition, which makes the find even more interesting.

“Typically when we look at fossils of trilobites, they molt [much like modern-day lobsters] when they grow,” Sumrall added.

This mainly results in disintegration of the skeleton into hundreds of tiny pieces.

“To find one where all the pieces are intact, it's actually a pretty lucky find," he said.

Till now, scientists have discovered around 600 species of trilobites. The creatures mostly lived in shallow waters and were the first ones to develop the sense of vision, according to Fossilera. Their body structure was divided into three main regions — the cephalon or the head region, the thorax, and the tail region. The animals came in a range of shapes and sizes, with some being too small to be seen with the naked eye, while others being quite big such as the Isotelus rex which was as much as 2 feet long.

The researcher believes the find could inspire the young girl to learn more about long-extinct animals and become a successful paleontologist someday.  

"To find something like that, it could spark this youngster into a whole career,” he concluded. 

Meanwhile, the 11-year-old thinks her cool finding could bring other young kids out of their homes to explore nature and see a world beyond video games.

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