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This May Be the Oldest Tattoo Kit in the World

Sunday  09:05,   15 april 2018
Mental Floss

It was unearthed more than 30 years ago, but archaeologists have only just realized what it is.Despite those challenges, a pair of researchers thinks they've identified what could be the world's oldest tattooing toolkit: a set of pointy, ink-stained [...]

Japanese engineer builds giant robot to realise 'Gundam' dream

Saturday  16:40,   14 april 2018

LW-Mononofu is an 8.5-metre (28-feet) tall, two-legged robot weighing in at more than 7 tonnes. It contains a cockpit with monitors and levers for the pilot to control the robot's arms and legs.Japanese engineer Masaaki Nagumo had always dreamed [...]

The real meaning behind 7 of your most common dreams

Thursday  19:05,   12 april 2018

Your dreams may not be literal translations of events in your waking life, but they are symbolic.Lauri Loewenberg, a certified dream analyst and member of IASD, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, told INSIDER why so many of us[...]

A dog in Japan photobombed Google Street View and the photos are hilarious

Thursday  10:00,   12 april 2018

A curious dog in Japan followed a Google Street View truck for hilarious results.A curious dog in Japan who tailed a Google Street View truck is yet another animal to join in the trend. The pup followed the vehicle around the Kumage District in[...]

Family Announces Pregnancy in Hilarious Bebe Rexha Remix

Thursday  10:00,   12 april 2018
Inside Edition

It wasn't the first time they've made a creative announcement.Nate Eaton, of East Idaho News, and his wife Erica have declared that their third baby is on the way with a play on the Bebe Rexha song "Meant to Be" featuring[...]

Man 'robs bank and throws cash over Taylor Swift's fence'

Thursday  06:50,   12 april 2018
Sky News

A man with a crush on Taylor Swift attempted to impress her by throwing cash he had just robbed from a bank over her fence, according to police.  Bruce Rowley, from Derby, Connecticut, has been charged with robbing a bank in Ansonia on 4[...]

You Can Now Book a Stay at the World's First Space Hotel

Wednesday  10:00,   11 april 2018
Mental Floss

A 12-day trip will cost $9.5 million per person, and reservations for the first four months have already sold out. If you're still interested, you can contact Orion Span to put down your refundable $80,000[...]

Monkey Lunges at Tourist and Grabs Her Hair After Stealing Her Hat

Wednesday  06:51,   11 april 2018
Inside Edition

The incident occurred last summer, but has now gained worldwide attention.The woman was visiting the Mexican resort city in July 2017 when she came across the curious little monkey that took an interest in the Vancouver Canucks hat she was[...]

Anyone want to buy a dinosaur? Two on sale in Paris

Wednesday  06:51,   11 april 2018

The skeletons of an allosaurus and a diplodocus are up for auction in Paris this week, marketed as hip interior design objects -- for those with big enough living rooms. "The fossil market is no longer just for scientists," said Iacopo[...]

North Korean flag lights up Pyongyang's 'Hotel of Doom'

Tuesday  16:21,   10 april 2018

The towering hulk of the Ryugyong Hotel, a vast and unfinished edifice that has loomed over Pyongyang for decades, was lit up on Monday night. Lights mounted near the top of the 105-storey structure depicted a red, white and blue North Korean flag,[...]

Young Girl Stuck in Washing Machine is Rescued With a Hand Saw

Tuesday  11:41,   10 april 2018
Inside Edition

Young Girl Stuck in Washing Machine is Rescued With a Hand Saw A little girl who became trapped inside a washing machine in China was rescued recently thanks to the tireless efforts of police.The incident unfolded in Zhoushan City of east China's [...]

The Math Puzzle That’s Driving the Internet Bananas

Tuesday  09:58,   10 april 2018
Mental Floss

An estimated 99 percent of people who attempt it fail.According to Talwalkar, 99 percent of the people who attempt to solve the problem fail, leaving the remaining one percent to be dubbed geniuses for figuring it[...]

Rare Snow Tiger Gives Birth to an Astonishing 5 Cubs

Tuesday  09:58,   10 april 2018
Inside Edition

The probability of a snow tiger being born is about 1 in 100,000, and five cubs at once is even more remarkable.  But that's exactly what happened when Bing Bing, a mother snow tiger at the Ji’nan Wild World zoo in eastern China, gave birth[...]

This London Bar Has a Drink Menu for Dogs

Tuesday  08:30,   10 april 2018
The Daily Meal

In honor of National Pet Month, this London bar has launched a list of dog-friendly beverages perfect for your pooch’s happy hour. While humans sip their alcoholic beverages, lucky pups and “good boys” can lap up post-work drinks of their[...]

Border Collie Tries to Play Fetch, Doesn't Realize He's Playing With a Statue

Tuesday  08:29,   10 april 2018
Inside Edition

The cast iron figure was a part of British sculptor Antony Gormley’s installation, titled, “Another Place.”Hurley, an 8-year-old pup, was out for a walk with his owner Adam Shore on Liverpool’s Crosby Beach when the pair began playing[...]