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Hippo Escapes Zoo and Savors Freedom for 2 Minutes Before Returning on Its Own

Sunday  18:00,   12 november 2017
Inside Edition

After a couple minutes, she went back home.A hippo at the Ramat Gan Safari in central Israel escaped the zoo last Wednesday night by slowly strolling out of an open gate and wandering around an area outside the[...]

Dinosaur-Era Shark Found In Portugal

Sunday  16:42,   12 november 2017

The ancient frilled shark once lived alongside the T-Rex, and has remained evolutionarily unchanged for 80 million years. This summer, researchers found one alive and thriving off the coast of Portugal, adding evidence regarding the resilience of[...]

Ancient Egyptians Knew Secret of Future Ink Technology

Sunday  16:41,   12 november 2017

Prior to the recent studies, writing ink was thought to be primarily carbon-based until the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. However, experts at the University of Copenhagen examining ancient texts with X-rays have found that two millennia ago the[...]

Prawn row serves up cocktail of orders for S. Korean fisherman

Sunday  16:41,   12 november 2017

South Korea's provocative serving of prawns from disputed waters at a state dinner for Donald Trump has irritated Japan but cooked up a bonanza for the fisherman who caught them, who has been deluged with orders. The prawns were fished near the[...]

A Real-Life 'Iron Man' Just Set A World Record For Flying

Sunday  06:25,   12 november 2017
Huffington Post UK

British inventor Richard Browning has set the world record for achieving the highest speed in a body-controlled jet suit.HIs homemade futuristic gadget echoes the suit used by Tony Stark in the comic ‘Iron Man’ by using jet engines dotted around his [...]

Daring 2-Year-Old Climbs to the Top of 8-Foot-Tall Refrigerator All by Herself

Saturday  17:45,   11 november 2017
Inside Edition

Her mom said she has witnessed all three of her children doing the same thing in previous years.Little Scarlett Oliver of St. George, Utah, was caught in a video licensed by Caters News climbing up the kitchen appliance and then making her way back[...]

Hard to Stomach: Surgeons Discover More Than 2 Pounds of Wood, Plastic in Teen’s Body

Saturday  17:45,   11 november 2017
Inside Edition

He has already had two surgeries and doctors say he needs more.Surgeons in Bhathinda, Punjab, removed more than two pounds of wood and plastic from Arjun Sah’s[...]

Four Women In One Family Wore The Same Handmade Wedding Gown From 1932

Saturday  06:05,   11 november 2017

Over the last 85 years, four women in one family have worn the same silk dress for their weddings. appeared on HuffPost .It all started with Maria Teresa Moreno ― known by her relatives as “Grande” ― who made the gown herself before her own wedding[...]

Couple Floats Dog in Air as Part of Gender Reveal: 'It Was So Magical'

Friday  15:22,   10 november 2017
Inside Edition

The 7-year-old Yorkie seemed to enjoy the moment."We wanted to do something unique," Brook Holton, 29, told "We were throwing ideas around and the craziest one that came up was floating my dog with helium. So we figured[...]

Otterly scary: Wolf-sized ancestors revealed

Friday  14:06,   10 november 2017
Sky News

Otters have ancestors who were the size of wolves and roamed Earth six million years ago, scientists have discovered. A far cry from the cute-looking animals shared on social media today, Siamogale melilutra weighed about 50kg and had an unusually[...]

This video of people swimming to the edge of a 338-foot waterfall in Zambia is going viral

Friday  14:05,   10 november 2017

Everybody is freaking out about this video that shows people defying death and swimming to the edge of a 338-foot waterfall in Zambia. See what it's like at Devil's Pool.With a whopping 10 million views on Facebook, this[...]

'That's art?' Baby turns heads in Manhattan auction house window

Friday  14:05,   10 november 2017

<p>A sculpture of a baby sleeping in an unusual New York City exhibit has Park Avenue window-shoppers alerting auction house staff that a child has been “forgotten in the display.”</p>Sculpted after artist Duane Hanson's son, the lifelike[...]

New York City's Gregory Hotel Unveils a Stranger Things-Themed Room

Friday  14:05,   10 november 2017
Mental Floss

Luckily for visitors, it's way cozier than the Upside Down.Thankfully, the room looks nothing like the Upside Down (and is likely warmer, to boot). In addition to streaming service via in-room Google Chromecast, it comes with both a light-up[...]

School asks permission for kids to eat KitKats

Friday  10:50,   10 november 2017
Sky News

A head teacher wrote to parents to ask for permission for their children to eat a KitKat as part of a literacy lesson. Hopton Primary School in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, is teaching pupils about instruction writing during this half-term's classes -[...]

Alleged Thief Hands Out Doughnuts to Customers During Robbery

Friday  08:05,   10 november 2017
Inside Edition

Police surveillance footage shows the suspect handing out the treats to doughnut shop customers.That's because cops in Texas say the alleged robber knocked over a local doughnut shop — and handed out the pastries to customers while he did[...]