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These Unique Benches Are Made From Yogurt Cups and Plastic Bags

Saturday  17:40,   06 january 2018
Mental Floss

The designers didn't skimp on quality.Commissioned by the recycling company ECO-oh!, the H-bench consists of slender, plastic components. They come with or without backrests and are available in dark gray, medium gray, light gray, pastel green,[...]

Duck waddles again with new 3D-printed foot

Saturday  14:25,   06 january 2018
Sky News

A duck found without a foot shortly after it hatched is waddling again thanks to a prosthetic leg designed by young scientists. The 14 and 15-year-old students at Armorel High School in northeastern Arkansas used a 3D printer to create a new foot[...]

Breathe easy, world: Mexican psychic says no US-NKorea nuclear war

Friday  20:56,   05 january 2018

Hovering over his tarot cards and holding a microphone to his wizard-like beard, Mexican psychic Antonio Vazquez on Thursday said there was no need to fear a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea. Better known as "El Brujo Mayor"[...]

OB-GYN Delivers Patient's Twins Just Hours After She Gives Birth to Her Own Baby

Friday  08:35,   05 january 2018
Inside Edition

Dr. Hilary Conway explained that there’s nothing more important to her than to see her patients through to their delivery. “I want to deliver all my patients,” she told “This was a patient I connected to on a lot of levels.”Her[...]

Childhood Friends of More Than 60 Years Discover They Are Brothers

Friday  06:50,   05 january 2018
Inside Edition

They found out they shared a birth mother after using DNA test kits.“When we found out we were brothers, we were so excited,” Walter Macfarlane, 74, told[...]

104-Year-Old Woman Says Lots of Diet Coke Is the Key to a Long Life

Friday  05:20,   05 january 2018
Good Housekeeping

"I have a bag full of empty Diet Coke cans that I need to return to buy more Diet Coke."The Sentinel Pointe Retirement Community resident say she consumes at least one can a day, and has no intentions of slowing[...]

'World's most expensive vodka' bottle stolen from Copenhagen bar

Thursday  18:36,   04 january 2018

Danish police are investigating the theft of what is claimed to be "the world's most expensive" bottle of vodka, in what the bar owner says could be an inside job. The bottle, made from white and yellow gold and containing a[...]

Why This Teacher Couldn't Bring Himself To Correct A Pupil Who Gave Him The Wrong Answer

Thursday  13:25,   04 january 2018
Huffington Post UK

Children are full of surprises, but unfortunately for parents most of these involve toilet humour and finding old food hidden down the back of the sofa. But every now and then they shock us in a far more pleasant way, which is exactly what[...]

The Couple That Weighs Together: Meet the Husband and Wife Who Shed More Than 400 Pounds

Thursday  13:25,   04 january 2018
Inside Edition

The Indiana couple decided to undergo life-changing efforts to lose weight as a team.Lexi and Danny Reed were married in 2015 and the Indiana couple had much in common, including bad[...]

In a daring rescue, State Police in a helicopter pluck man from icy Merrimack River in Lowell

Thursday  11:09,   04 january 2018
The Boston Globe

State Police in a helicopter plucked a man from the frigid waters of the Merrimack River in Lowell Wednesday, according to an official. State Police spokesman David Procopio said in an e-mail that an “emotionally distraught man” was located in the[...]

Can You Figure Out Why the Turtles Bulge in This Optical Illusion?

Thursday  07:25,   04 january 2018
Mental Floss

Psychologist Akiyoshi Kitaoka studies visual illusions, and he posts some mind-boggling ones to[...]

Russian Army Reveals Its Latest Weapon: Very Cute Puppies

Thursday  07:25,   04 january 2018
Inside Edition


This 101-year-old great-grandmother keeps breaking running records

Wednesday  18:20,   03 january 2018
The Week

She may be 101, but champion runner Man Kaur refuses to slow down. This Indian great-grandmother of 14 practices for an hour every day — sometimes sprinting, other times shot put and javelin. Kaur only started running in 2009, when her son, Gurdev[...]

Fed up passenger opened plane emergency exit

Wednesday  15:07,   03 january 2018
Sky News

An impatient passenger forced his way out of the emergency exit of a Ryanair plane after he became fed up of waiting to alight. The man, a 57-year-old Polish national, was left perching on the wing of flight FR8164 as it sat on the tarmac at Malaga [...]

Why Is the University of Georgia's Mascot a Bulldog?

Wednesday  08:06,   03 january 2018
Mental Floss

And when did Uga start showing up on the sidelines?When Herman J. Stegeman took over as head coach in 1920, the team, which had previously been referred to as the Red and Black, became known as the Wildcats. Atlanta Journal sportswriter Morgan Blake [...]