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Bride's Water Breaks During Wedding Reception: 'We Hadn't Even Cut The Cake Yet'

Tuesday  18:06,   02 january 2018
Inside Edition

Baby Jasmine was born nearly a month early.Dannie Mountford, 19, and husband Carl, 18, of the Western Midlands, welcomed a healthy baby girl nearly a month early – and while she was still wearing her bridal[...]

'Hey Goo Goo': This Italian grandmother's first interaction with Google Home is hilariously adorable

Tuesday  14:12,   02 january 2018
International Business Times

While voice-activated devices and smart assistants may have become commonplace for many, the technology can still be baffling and even frightening to some. Just after Christmas Day, YouTuber Ben Actis posted a video of his 85-year-old Italian[...]

Canada's bitter weather has even penguins coming out of the cold

Tuesday  14:12,   02 january 2018

Just how cold is it in Canada? Ask the penguins at the Calgary zoo: Even they have had to take shelter. King penguins -- one of five species at the zoo in western Alberta province -- are certainly accustomed to chilly weather, more so than species[...]

If You Can Solve This Math Puzzle, You Might Be a Genius

Tuesday  08:20,   02 january 2018
Mental Floss

It's not as simple as it looks.People’s Daily, China tweeted out this math puzzle in which each picture represents a[...]

Romans brave chilly Tiber for New Year plunge

Tuesday  07:30,   02 january 2018

Hardy thrillseekers plunged into Italy's Tiber river on Monday, continuing a decades-old New Year's tradition.Like every January 1 since 1946, several courageous divers braved the cold and rain to kick off 2018 by jumping from a bridge in[...]

Israeli archaeologists find 2,700-year-old 'governor of Jerusalem' seal impression

Monday  18:45,   01 january 2018

Israeli archaeologists unveiled on Monday a 2,700-year-old clay seal impression which they said belonged to a biblical governor of Jerusalem. The artifact, inscribed in an ancient Hebrew script as "belonging to the governor of the city", was likely[...]

British panto brings a contemporary twist to fairytales

Monday  14:10,   01 january 2018

A figure styled as Donald Trump is booed off stage by a rowdy audience enjoying the thrills of British pantomime, bringing a contemporary twist to traditional fairytales.  Up and down the country over the festive season, children and adults[...]

The most bizarre stories from around the world in 2017

Sunday  10:31,   31 december 2017
The Washington Post

It's been a weird year. Mostly bad weird, but we've collected some of the bright spots.Here are some of our favorite chronicles from[...]

Swimming with whale sharks in Mexico

Sunday  09:50,   31 december 2017
Relaxnews (AFP)

They may be called whale sharks but there's nothing to fear encountering one of these giant fish in the ocean -- so much so that tourists in northwestern Mexico can swim alongside them on organized tours. "These are tropical animals, very[...]

When Margaret Thatcher Refused to Share a Plane With a Panda

Saturday  11:15,   30 december 2017
Mental Floss

The Iron Lady didn't play when it came pandas.As CNN reports, newly declassified documents revealed that in 1981, Lord Zuckerman—president of the London Zoological Society—asked Thatcher’s staffers if the PM would be willing to share her[...]

Pregnant woman delivers baby at market — right into the butcher's apron

Friday  19:20,   29 december 2017
The Washington Post

<p>A pregnant woman walked into a grocery store and meat market in Fresno, Calif., where’s she’s a regular customer, and made her way to the soda fountain. As ice was falling into her cup, she started screaming.</p>(Video from[...]

Cheesed off: Italian regions highly strung over mozzarella

Friday  19:20,   29 december 2017

Defenders of buffalo mozzarella in the Campania region of southern Italy have vowed to fight a decision made this week by the farming ministry which allows a cow mozzarella from neighbouring Puglia to be given special status. Even before Brussels[...]

Wine about it: Disaster date ends with $1.5 mn in art ruined

Friday  15:30,   29 december 2017

First dates can be awkward, even nerve-wracking.  But the last thing a Texas attorney expected when he went out with a freelance court reporter was that the evening would end with red wine splashed across valuable paintings in his home,[...]

Every London Cabbie Should Know How to Find This Peculiar Coat Hook

Friday  07:35,   29 december 2017
Mental Floss

It was affixed to the outside of a building for a very specific use.London's first motorists didn't trust traffic lights. The city installed its first red-yellow-green signals at the junction of St. James's Street and Piccadilly only in 1925, and[...]

Kosovans hang ties in protest at PM salary hike

Thursday  08:50,   28 december 2017

Angry Kosovans hung hundreds of neckties on the fence outside the government's headquarters on Tuesday in protest after its leader justified doubling his own salary by saying that wearing smart clothes was part of his job. Protesters hung some[...]