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The 5 Weirdest Foods You'll Start Eating in 2018

Tuesday  07:50,   07 november 2017

You may find yourself sipping some surprising beverages in 2018, if Whole Foods’ predictions for the hottest food trends next year come true. As more people gravitate toward plant-based diets, the tech industry is diving into ways to bring[...]

Extreme dining in Shanghai: French chef's twist on haute cuisine

Monday  19:36,   06 november 2017

A van spirits ten guests to a secret location in Shanghai, where they enter a non-descript industrial building as Strauss's theme from "2001: A Space Odyssey" fills the air.A van spirits ten guests to a secret location in Shanghai,[...]

First luxury Perigord truffle is cultivated in Britain

Monday  19:36,   06 november 2017

A black Perigord truffle has been cultivated in Britain for the first time, and the scientists who announced the breakthrough on Monday said climate change could make it a new British crop. The 16-gramme (0.6-ounce) specimen was cultivated in Wales[...]

Doctor Delivers Baby Girl While Dressed as The Joker

Monday  14:50,   06 november 2017
Inside Edition

He was celebrating[...]

Paintings by Indian elephant auctioned off in Hungary

Monday  10:05,   06 november 2017

Paintings created by an Indian elephant who enjoys wielding a brush were auctioned off by a Hungarian traveling circus on Saturday. Three of 42-year-old elephant Sandra's abstract canvasses, with colored lines flowing across them resembling rivers,[...]

Bride's Horse Steals the Show with Toothy Grin in Wedding Photos

Monday  05:25,   06 november 2017
Inside Edition

Bride Patti Womer said having the horses walk her down the aisle was her way of honoring her late father.Bride Patti Womer had her two pet horses escort her down the aisle at her Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa., wedding in[...]

Spoof Ad For Used Car Goes Viral

Monday  05:25,   06 november 2017
International Business Times

The car featured in the ad is a used 1996 model with 141,095 miles on the odometer and a $499 price tag. However, bids on eBay currently stand at $100,000 after the commercial went viral. Speaking to the BBC, the creator of the ad, Lanman said:[...]

Mystery Four-Foot Lizard Found in California Backyard

Saturday  12:50,   04 november 2017

The crocodile monitor lizard is native to New Guinea and is legal to keep as a pet in California.But that’s what confronted Craig Williams on Wednesday when his dogs started causing a fuss at his home in Riverside, California. The large[...]

AI 'boy' granted residency in central Tokyo

Saturday  12:50,   04 november 2017

An AI character was made an official resident of a busy central Tokyo district on Saturday, with the virtual newcomer resembling a chatty seven-year-old boy. The boy named "Shibuya Mirai" does not exist physically, but he can have text conversations [...]

'WW2 bomb' turns out to be big courgette

Saturday  09:06,   04 november 2017
Sky News

A concerned pensioner alerted police to what he thought was a Second World War bomb in his garden – but the discovery turned out to be a little less terrifying.  Officers called to the property in Bretten, near the southwestern German city of[...]

Watch: Biology Student Raps About Cell Division in Excellent Viral Video

Saturday  09:06,   04 november 2017

This Morehouse College student is having a moment.Turner’s video titled “XY Cell Life” sung to the tune of Lil Uzi Vert’s  “All My Friends Are Dead” has gone viral. Turner’s original Twitter post titled “Make a music video over any subject[...]

‘I just screamed in my car’: Maryland postal worker wins $10 million jackpot

Friday  15:06,   03 november 2017
The Washington Post

Woody Simmons bought a ticket for Extreme Millions, a Virginia scratch-off game.Thankfully, it was for good news — the Maryland man had just realized that he won $10 million in a Virginia lottery scratch-off[...]

Thousands of Jellyfish Wash Up On Australia Beach

Friday  14:55,   03 november 2017

The sight was "the stuff of nightmares."The scene was discovered by 45-year-old Brett Wallensky and his partner Claudia as they went for a walk along a beach. According to Wallenskey, the sight was “the stuff of nightmares,” National[...]

This Portuguese Cemetery's Most Picturesque Feature May Be Its Bathroom

Friday  08:55,   03 november 2017
Mental Floss

Because no one wants visiting Grandma to be ruined by a gross public bathroom.Cemeteries aren't usually known for their bathrooms. Understandably, the architecture of graveyards is typically more focused on the people buried there. But mourners[...]

Adorable Tiger Cub Quadruplets Spend Their Public Debut Play Fighting

Friday  04:55,   03 november 2017
Inside Edition

The rare white tiger cubs were born at a zoo in China.While their mother sat patiently for visitors at the zoo in Lianyungang in China's Jiangsu Province, the 3-month-old quadruplet cubs were more interested in play fighting, and even climbed[...]