Sport Steph who? Steve Kerr 'blew it' by forgetting Curry in Warriors parade speech

02:30  18 june  2017
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  NBA Finals 2017: Steve Kerr predicted Cavs would get tired in Game 3 Steve Kerr told his team that the Cavs would run out of gas after they came out hot in Game 3.As Golden State looked to take a three-game lead over the Cavaliers in Wednesday's NBA Finals matchup, Kerr told his team to keep on top of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving because they were going to run out of gas in the late going.

Steve Kerr can't believe he forgot to praise Stephen Curry during his speech Thursday at the Warriors ' championship parade . "I'm such an idiot.".

Steve Kerr wins title with super team but loses name game during celebration speech . Kerr on not mentioning Steph Curry in Warriors parade speech : 'I'm such an idiot'. "Oh my God. I'm such an idiot," Kerr said he told himself. "I blew it . I completely spaced."

Arguably the most impressive aspect of the Warriors' story over the last calendar year is star players setting aside egos — and possibly money, as well — in order to form a virtually unbeatable team and win an NBA championship. Most notably, Stephen Curry knew he was going from two-time reigning league MVP to the second best player on his own team when Kevin Durant arrived in July.

And while the 29-year-old sharpshooter is far from forgotten in Golden State, he momentarily was consigned to oblivion during coach Steve Kerr's speech at the Warriors' championship parade Thursday.

In fact, Curry is the only player about whom Kerr did not speak. The coach did mention the name "Steph" one time in the context of his praise for Klay Thompson. Here's the speech, in case you missed it.

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  NBA Finals 2017: Steve Kerr responds to legends who say they would 'destroy' Warriors This is the reason Steve Kerr was such a good commentator, he always has something interesting to say.Magic Johnson said that, Julius Erving said that, Rasheed Wallace said that, (insert other delusional NBA legend here) said that. It's a tired argument, and one no one can back up — and one that needs to stop.

Steve Kerr Felt Like An Idiot For Forgetting To Praise Steph Curry At The Warriors Parade . Getty Image. Steve Kerr has given two speeches at championship parades during his time as a head coach.

Steph Curry 's speech at the 2017 Warriors victory parade . After six hours of parade filled fun, LeBron commandeered the mic and lets just say he didn’t hold back or give a f**k who was listening whether it was the FCC or Stephen Curry .

"Oh my God. I’m such an idiot," Kerr told The Mercury News when asked what he told himself after he realized he had omitted Curry in the speech. “I blew it. I completely spaced."

Kerr said his wife, Margot, informed him of his error as soon as he sat down from his speech. Full of shame, Kerr immediately walked over to Curry in order to apologize.

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Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr © (Getty Images) Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr

"It was a horrible oversight," Kerr said. "What he means to the franchise, I should’ve finished with up with him. How in the hell could I forget Steph Curry?

Warriors have 'no doubt' Steve Kerr will coach next season

  Warriors have 'no doubt' Steve Kerr will coach next season Kerr was sidelined from Game 4 of the Warriors' first-round series through Game 1 of the NBA Finals."There's no doubt in my mind that he will return as the coach of this team," general manager Bob Myers told ESPN. "I'm confident we'll have him back. Steve will be our coach.

The Cavs Unleash the Oscar Robertson Defense on Steph Curry . AP Images. He was called for two quick fouls only seven seconds apart toward the end of the first quarter when the Warriors were down 13; conventional wisdom prompted Steve Kerr to take Curry out of the game, preserving him for later.

So let's not forget Coach Kerr will have his team motivated and ready . Steph Curry Warriors 2017 championship parade . Steph Curry speech . Will Klay Thompson Leave The Warriors ? |

"What I should’ve done is gone back up there and grabbed the mic. What I would’ve said, what I should’ve said, is he makes this whole thing work. Everything revolves around him. The whole culture revolves not only his talent, his unselfishness, but his joy.

"He’s the person most responsible for what we’ve built, and I didn’t thank him."

Curry averaged 25.3 points per game this season, down from the 30.1 he averaged in 2015-16 but still his second best career mark. In the NBA Finals, he averaged 28.8 points per game, second only to Durant's Finals MVP-worthy 35.2 points per game.

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One fair assumption, and something to which Kerr alluded: Durant likely never would have joined Golden State without Curry. His rise to stardom was the catalyst for what some already consider a dynasty.

So, yeah, we believe Kerr when he calls this an honest mistake.

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