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U.S. Soccer Needs a Top to Bottom Rebuild

  U.S. Soccer Needs a Top to Bottom Rebuild From the time World Cup Qualifying began, we’ve had excuse after excuse as to why the USMNT lost a certain match. It’s time to stop making excuses. We need a top to bottom rebuild. The U.S. couldn’t escape CONCACAF qualifying, arguably the easiest route to the World Cup. I’ll bet my life savings and assets that “one of these hotshot European teams” would’ve walked into Trinidad & Tobago and won 4 or 5 nil even on a pitch that was “too wet.” Another thing, why are we not using VAR in important matches like World Cup Qualifiers? Clearly, Blas Perez’s goal shouldn’t have counted and Panama and Costa Rica should’ve drawn 1-1. No excuses, though. Even then, the USMNT still would’ve had to go through a playoff to make the World Cup. That should never happen for a country our size in CONCACAF with the amount of money we have in the sport. Everyone seems to think Clint Dempsey is the greatest USMNT player, right? Yet Dempsey couldn’t afford to play club soccer in America and had to have parents and teammates pay for his travel and expenses. Plus, it was a six-hour round-trip drive from his hometown to the academy. Most club teams in the U.S. have 30 week seasons, with 15-20 away matches that all have to be paid for by the club. Those costs add up to thousands of dollars a year. Who can afford that? I’ll bet the kids and parents in France, Germany, etc. don’t have to pay a chunk of their salary to play. I could write more about what needs to happen with U.S.

This inclusive sport offers league play for both boys and girls. Soccer leagues are open to various age groups and allow children as young under- 5 s to compete. What Are the Benefits of Soccer for Kids ? Length of a Youth Soccer Game. 10 Reasons Why Soccer Is Better Than Football.

We’ve put together our Top 5 reasons why we think children should play sport , especially soccer . We believe playing sports offers kids of all age’s countless benefits and assists in improving their physical, social and mental well-being.

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Keeping a child physically active can be a difficult task in a time where smartphones, social media, video games, and TV seem to rule the world. However, when they reach a certain age, it’s so important for parents to sit their child down and discuss activities that they would be interested in participating in. So, after the 5th time of saying ‘no’ to playing video games all day, offer up the beloved pastime of soccer. Joining a soccer league at a young age is an advantageous way for children to meet new people, stay healthy and active, and it’s also great for the parents, too, to spend quality time cheering on their child at all their games. All around, soccer is a beneficial sport for kids to get involved in.

UK Sport digesting 'climate of fear' findings within British Para-Swimming

  UK Sport digesting 'climate of fear' findings within British Para-Swimming UK Sport is considering a response to the independent investigation into allegations of bullying within Great Britain's para-swimming squad which found a senior coach created a "climate of fear".UK Sport is considering a response to the independent investigation into allegations of bullying within Great Britain's para-swimming squad which found a senior coach created a "climate of fear".

But today, I am a sports fan that is going to explain why soccer is simply the greatest sport in the world. Compared to other sports , soccer fares much better, making it a safer option for kids that want to play a sport .

10 Benefits for Playing Soccer . Helps kids stay fit and healthy: Playing soccer is great exercise that improves cardiovascular health, increases coordination It is so important for kids to LOVE the sport they play . Soccer is fun and exciting which is why it is one the most popular sport in the world!

Soccer Goals

From local to international, a child’s soccer league to FIFA, soccer is a sport that truly showcases the union of a myriad of diverse groups. Not only can soccer be a beloved pastime, it can also be highly valuable in the growth and development of a child in many ways. Here are 5 reasons why soccer is such a beneficial sport for kids to start playing at a young age:

  • A great way to make friends: Soccer is a great game for both boys and girls of all ages to participate in. By being a part of a team that shares a common interest, it becomes quite easy to meet new people and make new friends. Most importantly, soccer teaches players at a young age the importance of respect and good sportsmanship–a concept that is crucial to grasp for social development in later years.
  • Aids in the development of the CNS: Agility, balance, coordination, and speed–the ABCs–correlate with the development of the central nervous system (CNS) during the early childhood years (Source). The development of the central nervous system is crucial in a child because the CNS is a part of the nervous system that is comprised of the brain and spinal cord which controls the activities of the body. The quick changes of movement and direction during a game of soccer is precisely the type of provocation needed in order to further develop their ABCs.
  • Prevents boredom: When both children and teens are bored, they can either become antisocial and turn to video games, smartphones, and TV as a means of entertainment or they get themselves into trouble. Playing soccer is a great way to keep kids out of trouble and away from technology. Soccer’s fast pace is a great remedy for children who get bored fairly easily. As a member of a soccer team, children will have access to many coaches and mentors that can not only teach them the ways of soccer but provide them with tips on time-management (Source).
  • Keeps kids fit: Soccer is a great way for children to stay fit and have a healthier lifestyle. Between smartphones, TVs, and video games, fewer and fewer kids are finding the motivation to go outside and be active. However, being involved in a sport like soccer can quickly correct that. When played at a young age, soccer teaches children the importance of daily exercise and the importance of staying in shape while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The game of soccer requires players to be in peak physical shape since it’s a high endurance sport. By playing soccer, children are receiving the ideal amount of cardiovascular exercise that is necessary for a healthy heart and lungs. It also builds muscle strength and can increase energy levels.
  • Promotes physical literacy: Physical literacy is when a child has proficient knowledge of both fundamental movement skills and sports skills that allow them to make decisions based on their environment. In turn, this allows them to move with increased confidence, along with optimal control in a variety of situations involving physical activity (Source). For younger children especially, physical literacy helps to stimulate decision making, and the game of soccer does just that for them. From passing the ball to an open player to making a goal at an angle a goalkeeper can’t reach, are all examples of decision making driven by physical literacy. The game of soccer is continuously providing players–from children to adults–with cognitive tests in which players are required to gather information about their surroundings, analyze it, and then make an appropriate physical response. Physical literacy is highly important for children to grasp at a young age; not only will it help them become a better soccer player, but it will also promote in them efficient critical thinking skills for a classroom environment.

Though soccer has a positive effect on a child’s overall physical well-being, when played at a young age, it can truly help develop a strong structure for their emotional development, too. Over time, kids learn to love the sport and enjoy learning new techniques while making lasting friendships. And just like any kid, they also enjoy the variety of quality soccer uniforms they get to wear and collect throughout the years.

'Dan Brown portraying our fans as thugs is unacceptable' - Tubridy .
Ryan Tubridy has accused bestselling author Dan Brown of misrepresenting Irish fans after portraying them as hooligans in his new novel 'The Origin'.In the second chapter of Brown's latest book, he writes how two Irish soccer fans acted like 'thugs' while in a pub in Portugal.

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