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'Micromotors' alter your gut's chemistry to safely deliver medicine

Wednesday  19:31,   16 august 2017

These biodegradable molecular engines use the stomach's own acids for[...]

Optical laser uses shockwaves to peer inside distant planets

Wednesday  19:20,   16 august 2017

It has as much kick as 17 Teslas discharging their batteries in a second.Using this technology researchers have already investigated the effects of meteor impacts on minerals within the Earth's crust, but the increased range and power of the laser[...]

There’s a lot of money up for grabs if you can land (softly) on the moon

Wednesday  19:20,   16 august 2017
Popular Science

Google’s Lunar XPrize just announced new prizes.That is, if you happen to be one of the select few finalist teams competing for the Google Lunar[...]

'Dragon captured' as cargo arrives at space station

Wednesday  19:15,   16 august 2017

<p>SpaceX's unmanned Dragon cargo vessel blasted off on Monday from Florida, carrying food, science experiments and other gear for the astronauts living in orbit</p>"And that is confirmed capture," said a NASA commentator as space[...]

Intel CEO's Dismay With Trump Attack Outweighs Value of Ties

Wednesday  18:45,   16 august 2017

For Intel Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich the last straw was U.S. President Donald Trump’s attack on Merck &amp; Co. CEO Ken Frazier.Krzanich has paid a price internally for maintaining a relationship with the Trump administration. He[...]

Building Huge Structures in Space: 'Archinaut' Takes Another Step

Wednesday  14:55,   16 august 2017

<p>A 3D printer built by the California-based company churned out multiple polymer-alloy objects</p>A 3D printer built by the California-based company churned out multiple polymer-alloy objects — the largest of which was a 33.5-inch-long[...]

The problem of contaminated air on planes

Wednesday  14:46,   16 august 2017
The Economist

AT 30,000 feet the skies may be clear, but the oxygen certainly is not.&nbsp;AT 30,000 feet the skies may be clear, but the oxygen certainly is not. Anyone who has wheezed his way through a long plane journey will know that cabin air is hardly[...]

Fiat Chrysler joins BMW-Intel self-driving car alliance

Wednesday  14:41,   16 august 2017

Fiat Chrysler will join an alliance led by BMW to develop self-driving cars, intensifying a race by carmakers and technology companies to develop "robotaxis" which can be called up via smartphone and paid for by the minute. The market for[...]

This $70 robot that mimics a sea-turtle may eventually reach Mars

Wednesday  14:30,   16 august 2017

Researchers at University of Arizona have created a modular robot made of cardboard and a Raspberry Pi Zero (a simple computer) for around $70. &nbsp;Researchers at University of Arizona have created a modular robot made of cardboard and a[...]

Google Home Preview Program is now available to everyone

Wednesday  14:30,   16 august 2017

If you like being on the bleeding edge and aren't afraid of a few bugs, the Google Home Preview Program is now available to anyone who wants to sign up, as 9 to 5 Google noticed recently. If you'd rather not be an AI assistant guinea pig, fear[...]

Your Facebook News Feed is about to get a fresh redesign

Wednesday  12:06,   16 august 2017
The Daily Dot

Facebook is freshening up the look of its News Feed with several minor tweaks that add up to a cleaner, more modern user interface.&nbsp;The company announced the changes in a blog post Monday, admitting it needed to make its platform appear[...]

Facebook’s new Camera features might breathe new life into Stories

Wednesday  12:05,   16 august 2017

Along with the many other changes Facebook is rolling out today, it’s also updating its Camera application on iOS and Android — one can only presume in an attempt to draw more attention to it, along with its not-terribly-loved Stories[...]

Seven genius smartphone photo hacks

Wednesday  12:05,   16 august 2017

It should be easier than ever to take gorgeous, frame-worthy photos right from your smartphone, right?&nbsp;If that’s the case though, why do so many of the nearly 20,000 photos I’ve shot on my own iPhone over the past few years — mostly suck?[...]

Google's Pixel 2 may also borrow HTC's squeeze controls

Wednesday  12:05,   16 august 2017

It's been widely rumoured that HTC and LG will be handling manufacturing duties for Google's Pixel 2 and the next Pixel XL respectively.&nbsp;Yes, that feature came off as little more than a gimmick on HTC's handset, but we'll stop short [...]

Sling TV now lets you watch with Chrome on Windows and Mac

Wednesday  07:25,   16 august 2017
The Verge

Sling TV is today rolling out desktop streaming of its live TV service.&nbsp;Cloud DVR support isn’t yet included, but the company says that customers can eventually expect to see both that and the new, simpler grid guide added to the desktop[...]