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Tech & Science 12 essential widgets that belong on your Android home screen

09:45  13 november  2017
09:45  13 november  2017 Source:

Samsung’s Android Oreo beta is now live for Galaxy S8 owners

  Samsung’s Android Oreo beta is now live for Galaxy S8 owners The Samsung Experience 9.0 is now live bringing a beta version of the Android Oreo operating system to Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus owners in the US, UK, and South Korea. Users wanting access must have a Samsung Account and meet specific requirements. For those in the US, beta testers must be on Sprint or T-Mobile network devices, or have an unlocked device with SIMs from these carriers. Those in the UK must have an unlocked device.

Widgets add aesthetic appeal to your home screens while also providing some useful features. So Android users, go ahead and make your Apple-loving friends jealous with these 12 essential Android widgets .

One of the most obvious ways in which Android differs from iOS is the way you can customize your home screens with panels and widgets . Thor: Ragnarok's Valkyrie Shows How Far We've Got to Go for LGBTQ Representation on the Big Screen . Today 12 :00pm.

a close up of a sign: Android widgets © David Nield/Popular Science Android widgets When you flip through the screens of your phone, you probably see each app as a little icon. But some applications let you swap that icon for a widget, a larger image that sometimes lets you access the app without opening it. Widgets add aesthetic appeal to your home screens while also providing some useful features. For example, weather apps can deck out your home screen with the day's up-to-date temperatures, music players might let you skip songs or hit pause, and memo apps can display prominent notes.

While iPhones have added widgets in their Today View (to see it, swipe right on the home screen), Android's widgets remain far more flexible and versatile. Infact, they're one of the few major differences that still exist between the Apple and Google phone operating systems. So Android users, go ahead and make your Apple-loving friends jealous with these 12 essential Android widgets.

Here's How You Can Disable Bixby On Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8

  Here's How You Can Disable Bixby On Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 Samsung launched Bixby with the Galaxy S8 in March this year to compete with the likes of Google Assistant and Apple Siri, however, it seems that the voice assistant hasn't performed at par with its competitors.Users earlier tried to tweak what the button can do and used it for functions such as turning on the camera. This workaround was nixed by Samsung later stating that reassigning the button was “exploiting a system-level behavior.

Essential Phone. Widgets are essentially a way to give you quick access to information or actions in other apps without actually leaving your home screen .

10 Essential Android Widgets . Posted by jun auza On 10/ 12 /2011. Android , when opposed to iPhone, can boast of a more usable home screen thanks to those nifty little widgets that you can place all over.

a screenshot of a cell phone: 1Weather © David Nield/Popular Science 1Weather 1Weather

Although plenty of weather apps offer Android widgets, 1Weather stands out for its stylish look, detailed readouts, and plethora of customization options. You can specify which information you'll want to see to fulfill your forecasting needs, and choose from multiple layouts for that data.

1Weather, free with ads or $2 without ads

Battery HD

What's more important than your smartphone battery life? Keep a very close eye on it with this widget, which gives you a more detailed view than the icon in the status bar does. Tap on the widget to open the app, which provides even more information about your battery's current condition.

Battery HD, free

Battery Widget Reborn

If Battery HD doesn't offer enough customization for your needs, check out Battery Widget Reborn. It also displays extra information about battery levels, but with more options for specifying the size and color of the display image. And it's not just a pretty picture: This widget also estimates of how long your device can last on its current charge, and offers its own power-saving mode to extend your battery life.

Sony’s Android TVs now have Google Assistant

  Sony’s Android TVs now have Google Assistant Sony has added Google Assistant to its 4K HDR sets running Android TV. Sony’s adoption of Google Assistant is the second Android TV device to receive the smart assistant, after the NVIDIA Shield TV got the service back in September.

Android lets you add a lot of things to your home screens — widgets , shortcuts, folders, apps—so much that organizing it all can get overwhelming. 8/11/10 12 :00pm.

By Martin Brinkmann on July 28, 2013 in Google Android - Last Update:July 28, 2013 12 . Hold down your finger on a free location on your home screen . If you do not have free space, hold it down on an app that you A screen pops up. Select Apps and widgets that you want to add to the home screen .

Battery Widget Reborn, free with ads or $5 without ads

a close up of a rock: Countdown Days © David Nield/Popular Science Countdown Days Countdown Days

Can't wait for an amazing occasion? Let Countdown Days tick away the time for you. The simple and neat app has an accompanying widget that updates itself with every passing day. You also have a variety of colors to choose from for the widget display.

Countdown Days, free with ads or $1 without ads

Elixir 2

Whatever device information you want to see on your Android's home screen, Elixir 2 can put it in a widget for you. Customize the display with battery status, available storage, processor and memory load, network connection strength, running apps, integrated sensors, display properties, or any combination of that data.

Elixir 2, free


Evernote is hands down the best note-taking and project-organizing app on Android or any other platform. Its selection of widgets adds to its appeal: These give you quick access to your existing digital notebooks and allow you to create new ones on the fly.

Google Attacks Android's Major Problem With Files Go

  Google Attacks Android's Major Problem With Files Go Although many manufacturers are using pure Android, Google is still fighting to reduce the fragmentation in the Android experience. Next up, file transfers, with the public beta of Files Go now available.The last year has seen a rise in the number of ‘pure’ Android handsets, where manufacturers focus on using Google’s apps rather than implement their own solutions for problems already solved. It allows smaller companies to focus on the hardware, safe in the knowledge that the software bases are covered.

One of the most obvious ways in which Android differs from iOS is the way you can customise your home screens with panels and widgets . Numbers in brackets represent the homescreen widget sizes for each app.

For people who have no idea about what widgets are, Widgets are available for Android ’s home screen and they display live-updates like weather info, news, email and more. 12 Essential WordPress Plugins Used On AllTechBuzz & Other Highly Recommended.

Evernote, free or from $35 a year

a screenshot of a cell phone: Google Calendar © David Nield/Popular Science Google Calendar Google Calendar

When you need to remember birthdays, anniversaries, important meetings, public holidays, and other events, the ability to always view your calendar on your home screen can make a huge difference. Google Calendar's widget lets you do just that: You can choose between viewing the whole month on the screen, displaying an agenda, or both.

Google Calendar, free

Google Keep

Google's simple but effective note-taking app comes with a nicely styled widget. It can show you thumbnails of your most recent notes, or—if you categorize your digital reminders—thumbnails of the notes in a specific category. You also get a shortcut for creating new reminders on the fly.

Google Keep, free

Google Maps Directions

This Google Maps widget is one of the most beautiful widgets out there, and definitely one of the most useful. As soon as you place the widget, it'll prompt you to enter a single address (your best bet is to choose a frequently-visited one, such as your home). Then, every time you tap the icon, it will pull up instant directions to that pre-programmed location.

Essential’s camera accessory now supports Facebook Live streaming in 360 degrees

  Essential’s camera accessory now supports Facebook Live streaming in 360 degrees The Essential Phone shipped earlier this year with an optional 360-degree camera accessory, but it didn’t really do more than take 4K spherical videos and photos. To stream in 360 degrees on Facebook, you’ll need to go live from within the 360 Degree app, then log on to Facebook to start the stream. The camera is capable of supporting spatial audio, which means viewers can turn in various angles to hear more (or less) of a certain sound coming from a different direction. It can also support streaming in either 4K or 2K, which users can select before going live.

Your android smartphone or tablet home screen doesn’t have to be plain and boring. At least not when there are so many android widgets that can not only improve the look on your screen but also help you make the best use out of your android device.

Calling Google Maps an essential app is a bit of an undersell, as it’s one of the most-used Android apps of all time. You can even create custom widgets to control just about everything on your HTPC from a single home screen .

Google Maps, free

a close up of a sign: HD Widgets © David Nield/Popular Science HD Widgets HD Widgets

Think of HD Widgets as an umbrella app for dozens of widget options, some free and some paid, which cover the time and date, weather forecasts, and app shortcuts. The umbrella lets you arrange them into a custom display. Even better, it allows you to customize the color and look of your widgets to match your phone's style.

HD Widgets, free


Don't waste time poking around the Netflix app when you can quickly launch it from your home screen. Depending on the widget size you choose, you can jump back into the show you were just watching, check out any new content that Netflix is promoting, or both.

Netflix, free with your $11/month subscription (required)


Control Spotify from your home screen with this widget's simple play, pause, and skip buttons. They helps you instantly adjust your favorite tunes without having to open the app each time. The widget will also display the title and artist of the current track, along with a small thumbnail of the album art.

Spotify, free with your $10/month subscription (required)

YouTube TV app arrives for newer Samsung smart TVs .
YouTube TV arrived in April of this year, making it Google's de facto live television service. 

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