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Samsung unveils gaming-friendly Galaxy Note 9 to boost sales

Friday  09:31,   10 august 2018

<p>Samsung Electronics Co Ltd launched the Galaxy Note 9 "phablet" in New York on Thursday, promising better battery life and quick cooling to attract gamers and revive flagging sales.</p>Samsung Electronics Co Ltd launched the[...]
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7 takeaways from Samsung Unpacked 2018

Friday  09:31,   10 august 2018

Samsung introduced a wide range of gadgets and upgrades today at its Unpacked event in Brooklyn.&nbsp;Here are seven takeaways from Samsung[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 8: What's the difference?

Friday  09:10,   10 august 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy Note 8: What's the difference?We've compared the Note 9 to the Galaxy S9+ in a separate feature, but how does the new model compare to the Galaxy Note 8 that it replaces? We've crunched through the numbers to draw [...]

Samsung upgrades the S-Pen to function as a remote

Friday  09:00,   10 august 2018

Samsung's new S-Pen isn't just a multi-colored stylus anymore.&nbsp;With the upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the S-Pen gets its own reboot, and now functions as a remote control for Samsung's latest[...]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is shaping up to be the anti-Note 7

Friday  08:55,   10 august 2018

A shortage of ambition replaces the previous overabundance.Like the Galaxy S9 earlier this year, the Note 9 is set to reprise all the major features and design elements of its predecessor, the Note 8, with only peripheral changes. Plentiful leaks[...]

Fossil announces new update Android Wear watches with HR tracking, GPS

Thursday  14:51,   09 august 2018

Fossil's Q watch line is an interesting foray by a traditional fashion watchmaker into the wearable world.&nbsp;The original Q watches included a clever hybrid model with analog face and step counter. As the company expanded into wearables,[...]

Uber Eats gets a little cheaper and a little more expensive

Thursday  14:21,   09 august 2018

The food delivery service swaps its $4.99 flat fee for a range of booking fees.First, there's the cost of the pizza, sushi, ice cream or whatever it is you're ordering. Then there's the $4.99 delivery, aka booking, fee. Finally, you might have to[...]

11 useful Android 9 Pie features you shouldn’t overlook

Thursday  14:05,   09 august 2018

Google has officially released Android 9 Pie, the latest big update of the company’s mobile operating system.&nbsp;Instead, I want to highlight some of the cooler, under-the-radar features that Google built into Android[...]

Gravitational Waves Could Help Find Secret Alien Worlds

Thursday  13:50,   09 august 2018

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast When physicists announced the first direct detection of gravitational waves in 2016, the discovery sent ripples through the scientific community.&nbsp;Now, in a pre-print article published on arxiv, a group[...]

Apple iPhone Memories feature points to a smart future for your photos

Thursday  13:41,   09 august 2018

Commentary: Photos Memories is an impressive feature, but I want to see more ways Apple can help me navigate and organize my photos. For my high school graduation, my mom put together an album with photographs of me growing up in New Orleans and[...]

Itsy bitsy spider robots might crawl around inside you one day

Thursday  13:20,   09 august 2018

They're the smallest soft robots of their kind.Video by International Business[...]

Chrome 69 is optimized for notched phones and Android Go

Thursday  13:11,   09 august 2018

It hasn't been that long since Chrome 68's stable release, so you'll have to wait a bit longer for the browser's next iteration.&nbsp;Chrome 69 will also double as a media player for Android Go, the scaled-down version of the[...]

Apple says it is monitoring Infowars app for content violations

Thursday  12:53,   09 august 2018

<p>Apple Inc said on Wednesday that an app belonging to popular conspiracy theorist Alex Jones remains in the company's mobile App Store because it has not been found to be in violation of any content policies.</p>The Infowars Official app [...]

Robots are getting more social. Are humans ready?

Thursday  09:15,   09 august 2018

Personal home robots that can socialize with people are finally getting ready to roll out of the laboratory and into our living rooms and kitchens. But are humans ready to be their friends? A growing number of tech companies _ from tiny robotics[...]

Here’s how to stop your iPhone from listening to you

Thursday  09:10,   09 august 2018

<p>If you’re still concerned that Siri might be tuning in when you don’t want her to, you can turn the digital assistant off.</p>While Facebook has categorically denied that it’s listening to users (really, it’s just very good at targeting[...]