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Stunned grandfather, 73, who lost his engraved wedding ring in 1966 during a cricket match is reunited with it 52 YEARS LATER after chance find

Wednesday  14:39,   25 july 2018

Eddie Stokoe, 73, had been married to his wife Jean for just six months when he lost his wedding ring at the Shotley Bridge Cricket Club in Consett, County Durham, in March 1966. The grandfather-of-four came to terms with the fact he thought it[...]
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Prison Tensions Risk Boiling Over As Heatwave Hits 'Oven-Like' Jails

Wednesday  14:27,   25 july 2018

Tensions risk flaring up in Britain’s prisons as jails, notably those built in the Victorian-era, fail to cope with the heatwave, a charity has warned. Cells have been described as “like ovens” as the UK looks set to see the mercury hit 86F (30C)[...]

Man and woman held over death of baby found in woods

Wednesday  14:06,   25 july 2018

A man and a woman have been arrested on suspicion of murder over the death of a baby girl whose body was found in woodland. The naked body of the newborn, who detectives called Pearl, was found on 4 April by a dog walker in Roch Valley Woods in[...]

Deaths in police custody rise to highest in decade

Wednesday  13:20,   25 july 2018

The number of deaths in police custody in England and Wales has risen to 23 - the highest in a decade, new figures show. Three of the fatalities in 2017/18 were shootings during the Borough Market terror attack, the Independent Office for Police[...]

Archaeologists make surprise discovery of Pictish hand and knee prints

Wednesday  09:51,   25 july 2018

They prints, believed to be more than 1000 years old, were found during excavations in Orkney.Imprints of the smith’s hands and knees, believed to be more than 1,000 years old, were found in his workshop on the island of[...]

Teenager Helps Save Six Lives By Pinning Uplifting Notes To Bridge

Monday  15:22,   23 july 2018

A teenager who left uplifting messages on a bridge to help those in despair has been commended by police. Paige Hunter has written more than 40 heartfelt notes and attached them to the Wearmouth Bridge in Sunderland - a notorious suicide hotspot -[...]

10 reasons crime is rising, according to a former police officer

Monday  13:52,   23 july 2018

<p>Offences involving knives or sharp instruments went up as much as 16 per cent in the first three months of 2018, according to police-recorded crimes published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).&nbsp;</p>Offences involving[...]

British Airways boss is suspended 'after selling sex for £800 between flights around the world'

Monday  12:15,   23 july 2018

The manager, who hasn't been named, has also allegedly been moonlighting as a porn star while working for the Heathrow-based airline.The manager, who hasn't been named, has also allegedly been moonlighting as a porn star while working for the[...]

Youngest Spitfire pilot to fly in the Battle of Britain dies aged 96.

Friday  05:30,   20 july 2018

One of the “Few”, Geoffrey Wellum, joined the RAF in 1939 at the age of 18.Geoffrey Wellum, who was just 18 when he joined the RAF in August 1939, died at his home in Cornwall on Wednesday evening, the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust[...]

May visits Irish border as Dublin threatens to BLOCK planes from flying to the UK if May does not meet EU's Brexit demands

Thursday  13:20,   19 july 2018

The Prime Minister is heading for Northern Ireland for talks with local businesses and residents as she seeks to shift the biggest obstacle to a deal with Brussels. But Irish PM Leo Varakdar has ramped up the rhetoric by issuing an extraordinary[...]

Police begin interviews over Grenfell Tower fire

Wednesday  17:34,   18 july 2018

Investigators say the inquiry is in “a new phase” as they consider allegations of manslaughter and possible health and safety breaches.The Metropolitan Police said on Wednesday that the inquiry had moved into a new phase with the interviews, and[...]

What the papers say – July 18

Wednesday  10:10,   18 july 2018

Government clinches crucial Brexit vote.The Times reports Theresa May threatened to hold a General Election if her plans on customs post-Brexit were defeated in the Commons. A dozen Conservative MPs rebelled, but the vote was passed with a majority[...]

British Army soldier, 24, 'plotted to smuggle illegal immigrants from Calais into UK'

Wednesday  09:55,   18 july 2018

A British Army soldier, Lance Corporal David Plumstead, 24, appeared in court accused of plotting to smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK from Calais. David Plumstead, who serves in the 1 Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, is accused of[...]

Millions of motorists face long delays on ‘frantic Friday’ getaway as schools break for summer

Wednesday  09:30,   18 july 2018

More than nine million people are expected to take to the roads on leisure trips between Friday and Sunday as school holidays begin in England and Wales, the RAC said. Getaway traffic will peak on Friday as 3.8 million motorists who are making day[...]

EXCLUSIVE: Novichok victim Dawn Sturgess died after spraying nerve poison that smelled of ammonia from a perfume bottle onto both wrists, her boyfriend reveals

Wednesday  08:26,   18 july 2018

Novichok victim Dawn Sturgess died after spraying perfume laced with the nerve agent onto both her wrists, her boyfriend, who was also exposed to the deadly substance, has revealed. Charlie Rowley, who is in a critical but stable condition in[...]