Ireland 'Years of torture and pain is all I have seen'

08:30  19 june  2017
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Young man fighting for life after assault in Co Cork

  Young man fighting for life after assault in Co Cork Gardai are appealing for witnessesThe incident took place outside a licensed premises on the Old Youghal Road around 10pm on Saturday night.

# But this can only be done at the expense of human rights, as can be seen in the systematic torture inflicted on political detainees. # The event simply has had no closure, partly because for 40 years mention of it was forbidden, on pain of torture and jail.

activities. And, as seen above, there are many torture has different. existing definitions. Throughout the years , police officers have tortured murder and rape suspects into confessing pain , and the will power of the person being tortured , there is never a. guarantee torture will yield successful results.

Above is Irishman Ibrahim Halawa, who has been in an Egyptian jail for four years without trial © Provided by Irish Independent Above is Irishman Ibrahim Halawa, who has been in an Egyptian jail for four years without trial The 21-year-old has been detained in Cairo, Egypt, without trial for almost four years.

Last month his trial was adjourned for the 24th time, this time until July 4.

Recently, the Government said it had stepped up its diplomatic efforts to secure the 21-year-old's release, with Mr Varadkar saying he is willing to consider a "different approach".

Mr Halawa has now written a letter to Mr Varadkar from his Egyptian jail cell, revealing that he has put his hunger strike "on hold".

In the letter, which was released by his sister Somaia, Mr Halawa says that for the past four years he has been "wrestling with hope against fate".

'Years of torture and pain is all I have seen'

  'Years of torture and pain is all I have seen' Jailed Irishman Ibrahim Halawa has written a heartfelt letter to Leo Varadkar, expressing how his appointment as Taoiseach has given him a new-found hope of returning to Ireland.Last month his trial was adjourned for the 24th time, this time until July 4.

8 CAT defines torture as “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is title or imprisoned not more than 20 years , or both, and if death results to any person from conduct See U.S. Reservations, Declarations, and Understandings, Convention Against Torture and Other

When witnesses are cross-examined about something they may have seen or heard five to six years ago, they are likely to make many mistakes when giving evidence. As I couldn't bear the agony and unbearable pain as a result of the severe torture , and also fearing further torture , I was compelled to

"Sometimes I was disappointed and sometimes I was optimistic.

"As time is my worst enemy in prison I have entered a dark tunnel, but hope tends to plant a light pole every now and then.

"Four years of torture, suffering and pain is all I have seen at a very young age."

Last month then-Taoiseach Enda Kenny said he had spoken twice to the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and wrote him a "very strong letter" pressuring Mr Halawa's release.

However, Mr Halawa says the lack of headway Mr Kenny made left him feeling extremely frustrated.

"I have gotten so frustrated complaining about the former Taoiseach needing to do more, until I lost hope," Mr Halawa wrote in his letter.

Mr Halawa has gone on hunger strike three times since his imprisonment.

U.S. involved in Yemen's secret torture prisons

  U.S. involved in Yemen's secret torture prisons The secret prisons are inside military bases, an airport, private villas and a nightclub.U.S. forces have been involved in interrogations at secret prisons in Yemen where Al-Qaeda detainees have been tortured involving methods such as “the grill,” where they are effectively spit-roasted, according to an Associated Press investigation.

I had chest pain for 2 years , but after a negative work up for lung and cardiac, I was sent to physical therapy, had myofascial release done. By the time I was seen (we all know how long er rooms are) the pain was not as bad and the EKG that they did came back normal.

It is here that we see the only sustained description of what her life was like during those years of torture and rape Valperga takes up the threads of war, pain , power, and torture , and weaves them together into a narrative that asks us as readers to question our own participation in the powerful spell

In his letter he discusses the negative impact the hunger strikes have had on his health. He says these strikes have done little to improve the conditions in which he lives or speed up proceedings.

Despite the conditions he has endured, Mr Halawa says he now sees a flicker of hope.

"In my dark tunnel I have finally seen the light at the end; it is you, An Taoiseach, waiting on the other side of the tunnel.

"You have not only given me hope to be released soon, but you have given me hope as I know you would understand how much I love my home despite being from a foreign background."

Mr Halawa added that he has now decided to put his hunger strike on hold.

"You have given me hope that maybe one day I can lead my country and become Taoiseach to repay all my people for standing by me at this hard time.

"Therefore I decided to hold my hunger strike as you have not only revived hope for me but also the feeling of safety," he continued.

'My life flashed before my eyes' - teenager run over by gang the night before Junior Cert final

  'My life flashed before my eyes' - teenager run over by gang the night before Junior Cert final 'My life flashed before my eyes' - teenager run over by gang the night before Junior Cert finalKeane Cooke was cycling near his Donabate home with two friends the night before his final Junior Cert exam when they noticed a shirtless man walking down the street with injuries on his body.

While torture is regarded with utter abhorrence in the modern society, it was actually seen during the Middle Ages as a totally legitimate measure to For maximum enjoyment of the torturer, the metal skull cap could also be hit from time to time in the earlier stages of torture . This caused pain to vibrate

Torture has been a brutal reality for many unfortunate people. But the most unsettling fact about torture ’s brutality isn’t its existence, but the way people have injected a perverted sense of creativity (and even pleasure) into the creation of devices designed to inflict pain . Saw Torture .

"A feeling that needed to be restored to every Irish citizen."

Mr Halawa says that his extended family feel equally hopeful about the future since Mr Varadkar won the Fine Gael leadership battle.

"It is not only me who has hope in you, but also my family, the Irish people my friends.

"As one quoted in a letter to me: 'Hopefully Leo's heart bleeds for you more than Enda's did, and that will be his fuel to get you home'.

"I hope to see you soon. Irish Citizen, Ibrahim Halawa."

Mr Halawa was just 17 when he was first arrested in August 2013 while taking sanctuary in the Al Fath mosque in Cairo.

Mr Halawa's sisters were released on bail and are safe in Ireland.

Speaking last night, Somaia said while it was difficult to remain optimistic, she believed "everything my brother is saying in his letter".

"I think the new Taoiseach is a lot more committed to securing Ibrahim release than the former Taoiseach," she said.

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