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A stubborn competitor! Mule wins British dressage contest the first time that the half-donkey, half-horse is allowed to take part

Monday  02:25,   23 july 2018

Wallace The Great has become the first half-donkey, half-horse to win a British Dressage competition in the UK, after taking first place at Summerhouse Equestrian in Gloucestershire.Wallace The Great had been turned down from official events and was [...]
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Swimmers are warned to wear wetsuits in British seas to protect against swarms of JELLYFISH that have injured dozens as bookies slash odds on UK's hottest EVER day happening this week

Monday  02:00,   23 july 2018

Met Office forecasters are confident that Brits will be treated to 95F (35C) heat, with bookmakers cutting the odds to 2/1 that the country will experience the hottest day ever, beating the 101F (38.5C) record.A blast of hot air from Spain dubbed[...]

The tragedy of Theresa - repeating Cameron's mistake

Monday  01:30,   23 july 2018

<p>The phony war is over. After two years of near-stasis, the last fortnight must be considered the most important period of the Brexit process since the referendum itself and last year's shock general election result.</p> [...]

Iran president warns Trump against 'mother of all wars'

Sunday  23:40,   22 july 2018

Iran's president has warned Donald Trump against provoking the country, telling the US leader that "war with Iran is the mother of all wars".Iran's president has warned Donald Trump against provoking the country, telling the US leader[...]

Trump claims FBI misled courts over surveillance of adviser

Sunday  23:30,   22 july 2018

Intelligence chiefs had claimed Carter Page had been ‘collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government’.But politicians from both political parties said the documents do not show wrongdoing and that they even appear to undermine some[...]

'Hero' stray dog adopted after helping injured cyclist

Sunday  18:56,   22 july 2018

A stray dog who went to the rescue of an injured cyclist when he fell off his mountain bike has been adopted after being hailed a hero. Marion Ion, 40, could not move after he crashed on the side of the road as darkness fell in a wooded area on[...]

May faces political crisis as poll shows just 12% back her Brexit fudge with voters shifting to hard-right and saying Boris could do better as PM - as David Davis tells her to rip up her plans and start again

Sunday  16:05,   22 july 2018

In a particularly stinging finding, the research found that twice as many people thought Boris Johnson would do a better job as PM.Just 12 per cent said the compromise solution being championed by the PM would be good for[...]

Spy chief reacts after THAT awkward response to Trump

Sunday  14:50,   22 july 2018

The top US spy chief who gave an "awkward response" when he heard Donald Trump had invited Vladimir Putin to Washington says he did not mean to disrespect his president. Dan Coats was filmed expressing surprise as he learned of Mr Trump's [...]

Appeal after boy, 3, seriously injured in 'acid attack'

Sunday  14:40,   22 july 2018

A three-year-old boy has been seriously injured in a suspected acid attack in a shop in Worcester, police have said. He is being treated in hospital for serious burns to his arm and face.The toddler was "deliberately targeted" in the attack which[...]

South Africa: 11 taxi drivers killed in highway ambush in KwaZulu-Natal

Sunday  13:35,   22 july 2018

South Africa: 11 taxi drivers killed in highway ambush in KwaZulu-NatalThe taxi drivers, who belonged to Gauteng province's taxi association, were returning home to Gauteng after attending a funeral of a colleague in neighboring KwaZulu-Natal[...]

Shell-shocked parents were ousted from their own mansion by their children after giving them a £600MILLION inheritance - now they blame themselves for spoiling their offspring

Sunday  13:05,   22 july 2018

Manny and Brigitta Davidson were ousted from their own home in the Cotswolds by their children - after they gave them the keys to their mansion.After decades of unstinting hard work and commercial success, Manny and his wife Brigitta had hoped to[...]

Ivanka Trump is a 'Hypocrite' and 'Faux Feminist': DNC

Sunday  11:41,   22 july 2018


The disturbing reason heat waves can kill people in cooler climates

Sunday  10:20,   22 july 2018

It’s not a record-high temperature that necessarily makes a heat wave dangerous. It’s whether you can cool off.  Already this summer, nine all-time temperature records have fallen and 10 records have tied. One of them was Chino, California,[...]

Hundreds of Syrian 'White Helmets' evacuated by Israel to Jordan - reports

Sunday  09:55,   22 july 2018

About 800 members of Syria's White Helmets civil defence group and their families were evacuated via Israel to Jordan on Sunday from southwest Syria, where a Russian-backed Syrian government offensive is under way, media said. In a statement,[...]

Newly discovered dinosaur species had conelike armor on its head

Sunday  09:35,   22 july 2018

Remains of 76-million-year-old plant eater found in Utah.Scientists on Thursday announced the discovery of fossils of a dinosaur named Akainacephalus johnsoni (pronounced uh-KEE-nuh-SEFF-uh-luss JON-son-eye) that lived 76 million years ago during[...]