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Ancient Meteorites Show Water On Earth Early In Solar System’s Life

Thursday  19:40,   18 january 2018
International Business Times

Scientists say a type of meteorite from early in the solar system holds evidence that water was on Earth very early on.The space rocks that delivered Earth’s water may have visited even before the solar system was 2 million years old — a super young [...]

Violent storms bring travel chaos to the Netherlands

Thursday  15:07,   18 january 2018

Severe winter gales battered the Netherlands Thursday forcing Amsterdam airport to cancel all flights, bringing Dutch trains to a halt and toppling trucks as winds reached 140 kilometres (86 miles) an hour. Severe winter gales battered the[...]

"World first" rescue of stranded swimmers by drone

Thursday  15:06,   18 january 2018
CBS News

Australian officials say successful rescue off coast of New South Wales state saved lives, and[...]

52 people killed in Kazakhstan bus fire

Thursday  12:17,   18 january 2018

Fifty-two people were killed Thursday when the bus they were travelling on caught fire in Kazakhstan, the central Asian nation's emergency services ministry said in a statement. "On January 18 at 10:30 am (0430 GMT), a bus caught fire ... 55[...]

Portuguese, Spanish police bust huge 'pineapple' cocaine ring

Thursday  12:16,   18 january 2018

Police in Portugal and Spain said they seized hundreds of kilograms of cocaine hidden inside fresh pineapples, and arrested nine members of a gang that had transported the drug from South America. The seizure, from shipping containers, was part of[...]

What the papers say – January 18

Thursday  11:50,   18 january 2018
Press Association

Pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge also feature on the front pages.The Daily Mail leads with the headline “Le stitch-up!” as it reports on Theresa May’s pledge of tens of millions of pounds to strengthen Britain’s border controls in France. It[...]

Facebook Selfie Helps Solve Mysterious Murder Case

Thursday  10:35,   18 january 2018
International Business Times

Brittney Gargol, 18, was found dead near a landfill in March 2015 and an autopsy later revealed that she died of strangulation. On Monday, Gargol's friend Cheyenne Rose Antoine, 21, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Saskatoon Provincial Court in[...]

Trump’s Physical Revealed Serious Heart Concerns, Outside Experts Say

Thursday  09:10,   18 january 2018
The New York Times

The White House physician had said President Trump was in “excellent” cardiac health despite having an LDL cholesterol level of 143, well above the desired number.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our[...]

Moscow Got 6 Minutes of Sunlight in December

Thursday  09:06,   18 january 2018
The New York Times

One internet user called the dark days in the Russian capital “Hillary’s revenge.”But even those bleak expectations were shattered in December, when Moscow was shrouded in an unrelenting cloud cover for all but six[...]

Trump Announces ‘Fake News Awards’ Winners, Site Crashes

Thursday  06:21,   18 january 2018

President Donald Trump finally tweeted out a list of winners of the first Fake News Awards, but the link to a Republican National Committee site turned up error messages. President Donald Trump finally tweeted out a list of winners of the[...]

Giant 'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroid Will Whiz By Earth So Close We Can See Inside It

Thursday  06:20,   18 january 2018

"The telescope is kind of like a great big flashlight where you're turning it on and turning it off."That still makes it what astronomers call a "potentially hazardous asteroid," thanks to its size being more than about 500 feet[...]

YouTube Is Taking Down 'Tide Pod Challenge' Videos

Thursday  04:40,   18 january 2018

<p>YouTube is taking steps to clamp down on videos about the Tide Pod challenge.</p>YouTube is taking down videos showing people eating laundry detergent after the so-called “Tide Pod challenge” went[...]

Aunt Reveals Strict Life of 13 Siblings Rescued From California 'House of Horrors'

Thursday  00:50,   18 january 2018

The aunt of the 13 siblings who were allegedly tortured and starved in a Southern California home said she always noticed the children were “skinny” – and that they were raised in a strict household where dating, TV and outside friends were[...]

Steve Bannon has agreed to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller in the Trump-Russia probe

Wednesday  20:35,   17 january 2018

“Mueller will hear everything Bannon has to say,” a source close to Bannon said. Stephen Bannon, President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, has agreed to be interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team about possible collusion between [...]

North and South Korea to form joint Olympic team

Wednesday  16:55,   17 january 2018
Sky News

<p>North and South Korea are to form their first joint Olympic team and march together at the opening ceremony, Seoul says.</p>The two countries will field a joint women's ice hockey team for the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea,[...]