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Pearl Jam criticised for poster featuring dead Trump, burning White House

Thursday  02:00,   16 august 2018

Rock group Pearl Jam and Montana Sen. Jon Tester (D) found themselves the targets of Republican criticism on Wednesday after the band tweeted a design for a poster featuring the senator jumping a tractor over a burning White House. RNC chairwoman[...]
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Mysterious giant 'hairy sea monster' leaves locals baffled as it washes up on a beach on the Pacific coast of Russia

Thursday  00:32,   16 august 2018

Locals have stumbled upon a hulking 'smelly' carcass on the Pacific coastline of the Kamchatka peninsula, but what is it? Larger than three men, it's been likened to a 'hairy octopus'.Locals have failed to identify the 'strange[...]

England rugby star Danny Cipriani arrested and charged after nightclub 'police assault'

Wednesday  21:30,   15 august 2018

England rugby union star Danny Cipriani will appear in court after being arrested and charged with assaulting police at a nightclub. The incident happened at a venue in the St Helier area of Jersey in the early hours of Wednesday.Police on the[...]

Chris Grayling: Theresa May's Brexit plans 'not an easy sell' to the public

Wednesday  21:25,   15 august 2018

Chris Grayling: Theresa May's Brexit plans 'not an easy sell' to the public“They are not easy to sell in this country as we know. They are difficult for Brexiteers to[...]

Northern Ireland marks 20th anniversary of Omagh bombing

Wednesday  20:30,   15 august 2018

Northern Ireland on Wednesday marked the 20th anniversary of the 1998 Omagh bombing, which killed 29 people in the worst atrocity in three decades of violence in the British province . © Getty Floral tributes left at the Omagh Bomb[...]

‘He created Omarosa’: How Trump’s protegee turned his tactics against him

Wednesday  20:06,   15 august 2018

Ex-aide Omarosa Manigault Newman’s book-tour allegations rattle the president and wreak havoc on the White House.To Trump, this should come as no[...]

Priest challenges Omagh bombers to return and reflect on their actions

Wednesday  20:05,   15 august 2018

Father Kevin Mullan was speaking during a service in remembrance of those killed in the bomb on Market Street 20 years ago.Father Kevin Mullan was speaking during a service of remembrance at the spot where on August 15 1998, a Real IRA bomb killed[...]

A bear walks into a Connecticut liquor store — and fortunately no one gets hurt

Wednesday  17:36,   15 august 2018

A bear walks into a Connecticut liquor store — and fortunately no one gets hurt Eventually, Curtin said, the bear again triggered the sensor to open the door leading back outside. The animal escaped and ran across busy Route 6, toward the woods,[...]

At least 22 dead, majority children, as boat sinks in River Nile in Sudan

Wednesday  16:35,   15 august 2018

At least 22 people, the majority of whom are students, are dead after a boat sank in the River Nile in Sudan. The boat was carrying more than 40 pupils, on their way to school in the north of the country, before suffering a technical failure,[...]

Teen 'feels like Superman' after surviving lightning strike

Wednesday  16:30,   15 august 2018

A teenager from Arizona has made a miraculous recovery after being struck by a bolt of lightning which stopped his heart. Josiah Wiedman, 13, was walking home in the rain when he said he "felt this burst of heat, then everything went dark".The[...]

Corbyn was backing pro-democracy activists massacred in Egypt, says Labour

Wednesday  16:10,   15 august 2018

Party says the Labour leader’s ‘Rabbi’ah sign’ was a gesture of solidarity with victims of the military crackdown.The Daily Telegraph published a picture of the Labour leader making the Rabbi’ah sign, which it said was linked to the Muslim[...]

Pictured: British tourist killed ‘on his 24th birthday’ after hitting his head on rocks while jumping into the sea at the Ibizan party resort of San Antonio

Wednesday  15:45,   15 august 2018

Paul Gardner, reportedly from Newcastle, had been celebrating his 24th birthday with friends on the beach in San Antonio, Ibiza, when he jumped from a height of about 20ft into the water.Paul Gardner, believed to be from Newcastle, had reportedly[...]

The Emotional Journey of Photographing a Face Transplant

Wednesday  14:07,   15 august 2018

Maggie Steber and Lynn Johnson reflect on capturing the story of Katie Stubblefield, the youngest face transplant patient in the U.S.Everything stopped for an instant of “reverence,” she says, as she recorded the moment. “And then they gathered[...]

Man who lost wife in Omagh bomb recalls terror

Wednesday  13:50,   15 august 2018

A man who lost his wife in the Omagh bomb has spoken about the traumatic aftermath of the incident which almost led to him taking his own life.The family had been in the Co Tyrone town shopping on August 15, 1998, when the bomb exploded. Some 29[...]

EXCLUSIVE - 'They spat at me and pulled my hair. I feared I'd be raped': Mother jailed in Dubai with daughter, four, for drinking one glass of wine on Emirates flight says she'll NEVER go back to the UAE

Wednesday  13:40,   15 august 2018

Dr Ellie Holman, 44, who was locked up with her four-year-old daughter (pictured), describes her treatment as 'inhuman', with the ordeal leaving her exhausted and taking anti-anxiety medicine. © Provided by Associated Newspapers[...]