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Suspect held over killing of Olympic figure skating star

Friday  11:52,   20 july 2018

Denis Ten was stabbed after a dispute in his home city of Almaty, Kazakhstan.Almaty prosecutor Berik Zhuirektayev said the suspect was detained on Friday and “confessed his guilt in the presence of an attorney”, said the Kazinform press[...]
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MPs 'cover up' vote sees sleaze probes list disappear

Friday  10:55,   20 july 2018

A webpage listing which MPs are being probed by parliament's sleaze watchdog has been deleted within hours of the House of Commons voting to back anonymity for those under investigation. The list of inquiries currently being conducted by the[...]

What the papers say – July 20

Friday  10:26,   20 july 2018

A variety of stories lead the headlines on Friday.The latest on Brexit features on the front of The Times, which reports that Theresa May is to give a series of public warnings over leaving the European Union without a[...]

County councillor, 72, is arrested over racist Facebook posts that call Diane Abbott a ‘monkey’ who should be sent ‘to the animal labs’

Friday  10:10,   20 july 2018

Richard Alderman, the Oakham South West ward councillor, called Dianne Abbott a monkey in one of a series of racist and offensive posts. In another he called for Theresa May to be 'hanged for treason'.Richard Alderman, who was elected as a[...]

Wild West Britain: Police failure to crack cases sees thousands cheat justice... with just 1 in 10 crimes ending in a charge as detection rate plunges

Friday  10:00,   20 july 2018

Police charged a suspect in just one in every ten reported crimes last year, shocking figures revealed last night. Hundreds of thousands of criminals - including rapists and thieves - escape justice.Hundreds of thousands of criminals – including[...]

Eleven dead as duck-boat carrying 31 - including at least 3 children - CAPSIZES on Missouri lake in horror storm, leaving seven more injured and divers searching through the night for more victims

Friday  09:30,   20 july 2018

Multiple people have been killed and several hospitalized after a 'Ride the Ducks' boat capsized on a lake in Missouri, with 31 people on board on Thursday. An amphibious vehicle capsized on a lake in Missouri on Thursday, killing 11 of[...]

Surgeon 'Dr Bumbum' held after patient death

Friday  09:30,   20 july 2018

Police in Brazil have arrested a celebrity plastic surgeon who went on the run after one of his patients died following an operation at his home. Denis Furtado, known as Dr Bumbum amassed 650,000 Instagram followers by posting pictures of his work, [...]

Archaeologists opened that mysterious sarcophagus. It's disgusting.

Friday  09:10,   20 july 2018

The world asked, and Egypt answered. Archaeologists opened the creepy black sarcophagus they uncovered last week, the country's ministry of antiquities announced Thursday. The world asked, and Egypt[...]

How Warren Buffet's 34-year-old protégé scored her job at Berkshire Hathaway

Friday  08:31,   20 july 2018

Warren Buffett's right-hand woman Tracy Britt Cool started working at his investment firm when she was just 25 years old.“My goal is to work with a great investor," she wrote, "who even more importantly is a wonderful teacher and[...]

BA flight from Naples is surrounded by fire engines on the runway at Gatwick Airport after landing having declared an emergency while flying over the English Channel

Friday  08:05,   20 july 2018

Fire crews have rushed to Gatwick Airport after a British Airways flight was forced into an emergency landing. Flight BA2605 experienced techincal difficulties above the English Channel.Four flights were sent to Birmingham, two to Stansted and two[...]

Russia just released videos of its next generation of nuclear weapons — Here's what we know

Friday  07:35,   20 july 2018

Screenshot/YouTube via Russian Defense Ministry The Russian Ministry of Defense released on Thursday videos of five new weapon systems, which Russian President Vladimir Putin bragged would render make US missile defenses "ineffective"The[...]

Drugs maker: NHS 'undervalues' patient lives

Friday  06:55,   20 july 2018

The manufacturer of a groundbreaking cystic fibrosis drug has accused the NHS of "undervaluing" the lives of patients after failing to reach a supply deal. US pharmaceuticals company Vertex has called on the NHS to return to the[...]

Sugar cut for the nation's favourite choc bar

Friday  05:35,   20 july 2018

The nation's favourite chocolate bar is having a makeover in response to the obesity crisis. A reduced sugar version of the Cadbury Dairy Milk bar will go on sale next year.It will have 30% less sugar than the current bar and Cadbury owner[...]

Clues Point to Occupant of Ancient 'Mystery' Sarcophagus

Friday  04:40,   20 july 2018

A sealed black stone coffin discovered in Egypt has sparked the imagination of the Internet. But who's the likely—or unlikely—owner?(Provided by: Geo[...]

Trump to invite Putin to White House for talks

Friday  00:05,   20 july 2018

Donald Trump has asked his national security adviser to invite the Russian president to the White House in the autumn. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Twitter that Mr Trump had "agreed to ongoing working level dialogue between the [...]