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11:50  08 february  2018
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British Lords gear up for Brexit bill battle

  British Lords gear up for Brexit bill battle Britain's House of Lords begins scrutiny Tuesday of a key piece of Brexit legislation, as a leaked government report said Britain would be worse off whatever deal it strikes with the EU. Almost 200 peers have requested to speak during the two-day debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, many of them likely to be critical of its provisions to smooth Britain's exit from the European Union, threatening another headache for Prime Minister Theresa May as she battles criticism from her own party.

Croatia scores own goal after World Cup success. Full-scale trade war looms closer. Britain steps up doomsday planning for no-deal Brexit . The report says Brexit is forecast to mean less money for public services , including the NHS , because of lower economic growth.

He pointed out that Ms May had previously pledged that “ the NHS is not for sale and it never will be ”. Critics say this rising “privatisation” has opened the door to US health firms, who already view the NHS as a gold mine – even before talks on a trade deal after Brexit .

Will the NHS be ‘for sale’ after Brexit? © Chris J Radcliffe/AFP/Getty Images Will the NHS be ‘for sale’ after Brexit?

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Theresa May has stoked fears the NHS could be opened up for exploitation by US drug firms as part of a post-Brexit trade deal, refusing to say the health service would be excluded from future talks.

Responding to a question in the Commons from Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable, the Prime Minister said it was too early to judge what “requirements” the US would have for post-Brexit trade discussions.

The Brexit Identity: Why Facts Won't Win The Remain Argument

  The Brexit Identity: Why Facts Won't Win The Remain Argument Last weekend the Guardian published the results of a poll looking into how Brexit opinions may have changed since the referendum. They revealed that there is a majority across almost all demographic groups that want a second referendum. But what the Guardian poll reveals goes beyond the simple change in opinions, it goes a long way to confirming what some people have been saying for a long time, as to why the Leave campaign succeeded, and the actual motivations behind the Brexit voters. It was all about identity – and it is only on this basis that any Remain argument can have any hope of success.

Brexit has not happened yet but already it is doing deep damage to the NHS and the wider health Thanks to the collapse in the pound’s value after the Brexit referendum, the health service ’s bills a priority for drug companies when it comes to getting early approval on marketing and sales – to being

The softer the Brexit , the lower the harm – but as Theresa May’s speech in Florence made clear, the government still plans to leave the single market, customs union and other EU bodies after a transition ends in 2021, no matter the cost. Telling NHS workers they can help us, but forget about ever settling

“The Prime Minister knows that one of the key objectives of American trade negotiators in any future deal after Brexit is to secure access for American companies to business in the NHS,” Cable said.

“Can she give an absolute guarantee that in those negotiations the NHS will be excluded from their scope, and can she confirm that in her conversations with President Trump she’s made it absolutely clear to him that the NHS is not for sale?”

May’s critics warned that the US would use any future deal to demand the health service was opened up to private firms from across the Atlantic.

Her answer was seized on by Labour MP Peter Kyle, a supporter of the pro-EU Open Britain campaign, who said: “Theresa May just gave Donald Trump the green light to get his hands on our National Health Service.”

Labour’s shadow health secretary, Jon Ashworth, has previously warned a trade deal could lead to “stealth privatisation” of the NHS.

The proportion of health service contracts being won by non-NHS firms ballooned to almost 70% last year, says The Independent. “Critics say this rising ‘privatisation’ has opened the door to US health firms, who already view the NHS as a goldmine,” adds the paper.

Turning the question on its head, The Economist asks whether American companies actually want to invest in the NHS. Might they instead stick to the far more profitable private healthcare system in Britain, the magazine asks.

Brexit 'war cabinet' will try to end Conservative Party infighting as tensions spike

  Brexit 'war cabinet' will try to end Conservative Party infighting as tensions spike An 11-strong group will meet this week to iron out Brexit differences.It comes as the government ruled out for the first time Britain being involved in a customs union post-Brexit, despite the prime minister not committing to such a position as recently as Friday.

But Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, who was seen as a key advocate of the claim that Brexit would recoup £350m a week for the NHS , has been more resistant to the suggestion of paying large amounts.

"Extensive" planning is under way to prepare the health service for a no-deal Brexit scenario, the NHS England chief executive says. Prime Minister Theresa May has called for the UK to have a "close association" with Euratom after Brexit .

“Government spending on health as a share of GDP is lower in Britain than in most of western Europe and the gap is forecast to increase. Many NHS trusts are in deficit. And dealing with the NHS can be a messy and frustrating business, far removed from the cash-rich American health-care machine,” the magazine argues.

Under a recent EU directive which means health commissioners must tell the open market when any NHS contract is being tendered, there’s even an argument that “remaining within the EU will encourage more private healthcare providers into the NHS”, argues the anti-Brexit New European.

Speaking after Theresa May’s evasive Commons performance, an official spokesman later clarified that the prime minister had made clear that “the NHS is not for sale and it never will be” in February 2017.

The spokesman added: “Any trade deal ensures decisions about public services continue to be made by UK governments, not by our trade partners.

“The UK’s public health sector is protected by specific exceptions and reservations in all EU trade arrangements and, as we leave the EU, the UK will continue to ensure that rigorous protections for the NHS are included in all trade agreements it is party to.”

However, with the UK’s global standing and bargaining power greatly diminished outside the EU, and the Government desperate for a new trade deal with the US, access to the NHS may be a matter that comes up for discussion again.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump attacked the health service as “going broke and not working”.

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All the times Boris Johnson has contradicted his own arguments for Brexit .
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